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Friday, 23 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
The Adventure GamesThe Windows versions of the first two episodes in The Doctor Who Adventure Games are now available to download internationally.

Both City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen, are now available globally from, IGN's digital retail game store.

The games are being launched to coincide with the North American season finale of The Big Bang, which airs July 24 on BBC America and SPACE, and with this year's Comic-Con festival. No Mac version has yet been made available internationally.

The games are still available to download free of charge for fans in the United Kingdom. Two more episodes are planned for release over the next couple of months.

Doctor Who tops June iPlayer figuresBookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: The Pandorica OpensFor the third month running Doctor Who has topped the monthly iPlayer request charts with the final four episodes of the series being the top four requested programmes for June.

Top of the list was The Pandorica Opens with over 1.3 million requests during the month, followed by The Lodger, Vincent and the Doctor and The Big Bang all with over a million requests. The highest programme, not related to Doctor Who, was Top Gear with 0.88 million requests. During the month Doctor Who had 6.35 million requests in total, shared between 13 episodes, just behind EastEnders which had 7 million requests for one of the 22 episodes available.

Figures for the year so far, give Doctor Who the top nine places in the download charts, and 14 of the top twenty places. The Eleventh Hour tops the list with over 2.1 million requests, by far the highest requested programme in the BBC iPlayer history. Because the whole series was on iPlayer from transmission date until July, the early episodes of the series were available for much longer and therefore had higher iPlayer figures. The final two episodes of the series will get a boost when the July figures are available.
Top IPlayer requests January - June 2010
    1 - Doctor Who 1 The Eleventh Hour - 2.16m
    2 - Doctor Who 2 The Beast Below - 1.63m
    3 - Doctor Who 4 The Time of Angels - 1.52m
    4 - Doctor Who 7 Amy's Choice - 1.51m
    5 - Doctor Who 3 Victory of the Daleks - 1.46m
    6 - Doctor Who 5 Flesh and Stone - 1.40m
    7 - Doctor Who 12 The Pandorica Opens - 1.33m
    8 - Doctor Who 6 The Vampires of Venice - 1.32m
    9 - Doctor Who 11 The Lodger - 1.29m
    10 - Top Gear Series 14 Episode 7 - 1.26m
    11 - Doctor Who 8 The Hungry Earth - 1.22m
    12 - Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 1 - 1.16m
    13 - Doctor Who 10 Vincent and the Doctor - 1.13m
    14 - Doctor Who 9 Cold Blood - 1.13m
    15 - EastEnders Live 19 Feb - 1.13m
    16 - Doctor Who 13 The Big Bang - 1.11m
    17 - Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 2 - 1.03m
    18 - Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 3 - 1.00m
    19 - Mock the Week Series 8 Episode 5 - 0.95m
    20 - Doctor Who The End of Time Part 2 - 0.94m
Full ratings for the series can be found in Gallifrey Base.

Doctor Who Magazine 424Bookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine 419Doctor Who Magazine issue 424 is published this week and thee magazine talks to Arthur Darvill, aka Rory Williams, about what the future might hold for the new Mr Pond. How does Arthur feel about potentially becoming a regular next series?
Fingers crossed! If that does happen, then I’m really interested to know what happens to Rory and Amy’s relationship, and also how the relationship between the three of them works. Because there’s obviously been a big change to Rory after waiting 2000 years...!

Also in the magazine Toby Haynes, director of The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, takes readers on a journey through the making of the epic season finale, with exclusive photos revealing how he brought the script to life. There is also a candid chat with the Doctor himself, actor Matt Smith, about his hopes for the next season, the forthcoming Christmas Special and Jo Grant’s mini-skirts and Steven Moffat, Doctor Who’s head writer and executive producer, names names and lets slip a secret or two about the next series, as he takes a rollercoaster ride in the latest Production Notes!

Also in his most candid interview ever, Matthew Waterhouse talks about what it was really like being Adric in Doctor Who in the 1980s – and the many challenges he faced both in front of and behind the camera. The Doctor and Amy find themselves slave to the rhythm in Planet Bollywood, a brand new comic strip by Jonathan Morris, with art by Roger Langridge.

The Fact of Fiction takes a trip back to the swinging sixties, and discovers that there’s more than just megalomaniac computers and massive metal monsters in the groundbreaking First Doctor adventure, The War Machines. And what were the very best Doctor Who DVD, audio and book releases of 2009? And which story has been voted the favourite Tenth Doctor Specials? Discover all the winners as the magazine announces the results of the DWM Awards.

The Man Who Invented The DaleksBookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Terry nation"The Man Who Invented The Daleks: The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation" is a new biography on the life of writer Terry Nation by Alwyn W. Turner, and is due to be published by Aurum Books during the spring of next year.

The book will focus on Nation's work during the 1960s and 1970s, covering series such as Survivors, Blake's Seven, The Avengers, The Saint, The Persuaders! and of course Doctor Who, plus his involvement with comedian Tony Hancock and Associated London Scripts.

Says Sam Harrison from Aurum:
In his acclaimed histories Crisis? What Crisis? and Rejoice! Rejoice! Alwyn has proven himself one of the most stylish and authoritative writers on British popular culture working today. By drawing together the various strands of Terry Nation's life and career, this book will offer a captivating window onto the creative melting pot without which British television today would look very different.

The author Alywn Turner is interested to hear from anyone who knew and wishes to share their memories of Terry Nation, and may be contacted by email.

Doctor Who Prom ProgrammeBookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who PromAn full 44 page programme for Saturday's Doctor Who Prom is now available on the BBC Proms Website.

The programme lists all the music due to be played at the concert and well as containing information on each piece and interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The programme contains a credit for additional filmed material starring Matt Smith and directed by Toby Haynes, who directed The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang.

The Doctor Who prom can be heard worldwide via the BBC iPlayer on Saturday.

NB: The programme lists the monsters due to appear at the concert which may be regarded as a spoiler.

Revisitations ExtrasBookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
More details are available in this months DWM on the extras to be included in the forthcoming Revisitations Box set, due for release in the UK in October.

The set will consist of three previously released stories taken from remastered and restored prints and with updated extras.
Doctor Who: Talons of Weng ChiangThe Talons of Weng-Chiang
3 Discs
  • The Last Hurrah a new documentary where producer Philip Hinchliffe visits Tom Baker at his home to discuss their final story together
  • Moving On where Hinchliffe talks about what he envisaged for the series had he stayed as producer
  • The Foe from the Future, a look at the original story which eventually became The Talons of Weng Chiang
  • Now and Then, a tour of the locations used in the story
  • Look East with Tom Baker interviewed.
  • Whose Doctor Who, presented by Melvyn Bragg - As included on the original release
Doctor Who: The Caves of AndrozaniThe Caves of Androzani
2 Discs
  • Chain Reaction, a look back at the making of the story
  • Directing Who: Then and Now - Graeme Harper talks about the changes in TV Production since he made this story
  • Archive footage from The Russell Harty Show featuring an interview with Peter Davison and Colin Baker.
Doctor Who: The TV MovieThe Television Movie
2 Discs
  • An new commentary featuring Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann
  • The Seven Year Hitch, looking at the seven year quest to get this story made
  • The Wilderness Years, looking at how the show was kept alive during the hiatus between the end of Series 26 and the TV Movie
  • Who Peter 1989-2009, the final part of the documentary looking at the special link between the two programmes Doctor Who and Blue Peter
  • Stripped for Action, the eighth Doctor in Comic Strip
  • Tomorrows Times, how the short reign of the Eighth Doctor was reported by the press at the time.

2011 Series Production TeamBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Steven MoffatWriting in Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat has confirmed the key members of the production team for Series 32 of Doctor Who, the sixth series since the programme returned in 2005.

The team at the top will remain the same with Piers Wenger and Beth Willis continuing their role as Executive Producers on the series. As previously reported, Sanne Wohlenberg will take over as producer on the first two filming blocks of the series, following the departure of Tracie Simpson who has left to work on The Fabulous Baker Boys.

The new Production Designer is Michael Pickwoad who takes over from Edward Thomas who is now working on Outcasts. Pickwoad has recently been working on the ITV production of The Prisoner, for which he was nominated for an Art Directors Guild Award. Other series he has worked on include Miss Marple, Sweeney Todd, David Copperfield, Kavanagh QC and Murder Most Horrid. He designed the 1987 film Withnail & I, which starred Paul McGann.

Daily Telegraph Offer was MisleadingBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld two complaints against The Telegraph Media Group over its free audio book offer which took place in April and which was promoted in the The Sunday Telegraph as a Free Doctor Who Audio Book read by David Tennant.

One complaint said the offer was misleading as it did not make clear that the audiobook came in two parts and that part two would be included in Monday's paper. A second complainant said the claim that the audiobooks were "free" was misleading, as under the terms and conditions customers who did not live near a WH Smith store would have to pay £12.99 to receive the audiobooks by post.

Both complaints were upheld with the paper instructed not to repeat the offence.

Sylvester McCoy appointed Chieftain at Highland GatheringBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Sylvester McCoySeventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, has been appointed this year’s Chieftain at Cowal Highland Gathering in Dunoon taking place in August.

The gathering is Scotland’s biggest highland games and attracts up to 23,000 spectators and over 3500 competitors from all round the world with more than 500 highland dancers and 3000 pipers competeing to win championship titles.

The role of the Chieftain is a ceremonial one whose main duties include presenting prizes to the winners of the Cowal Pipe Band Championships & the World Highland Dancing Championship. The event comes to a climax when the Chieftain takes salute during the pipe band march past when the massed bands, which make up 3000 pipers & drummers, form and play the salute to the Chieftain.

Sylvester McCoy, who was born in Dunoon, said:
I am absolutely delighted to be attending Cowal Highland Gathering at the end of August especially considering that as a child I grew up for 18 years watching the pipers marching up Argyll Street. I so look forward to revisiting the location and the happy memories. I am thrilled and honoured to have been asked.

Malcolm Barclay, Event Manager for Cowal Highland Gathering said:
I would like to thank Mr McCoy for accepting our invitation to be our honorary Chieftain at this year’s event. It is a privilege and honour to welcome Mr McCoy into this role and both myself and the team at Cowal Highland Gathering look forward to bringing him home to Dunoon this year.

McCoy played the Doctor from 1987 - 1989. He has recently been rumoured to be playing a major role in feature film The Hobbit.

Radio Times InterviewsBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
Radio TimesBoth Matt Smith and Steven Moffat are interviewed in the new edition of Radio Times.

In a "School Holidays" special issue of the magazine, Smith is interviewed by Jack, 13:
What makes you different from previous Doctors?
- I’m younger, so my skin is a bit smoother. What would you say makes me different? Bigger ears?
You’re crazier.
- There you go, I’m crazier.
How many marks out of ten would you give yourself so far?
- That’s a tough one. Let’s say eight. I’ve two episodes left, so I can still get to ten. I don’t want to undersell myself.
We don’t often see the Doctor eating anything. My favourite food is sausage and mash. What’s yours?
- Spaghetti bolognese, banana sandwiches. I love biscuits with tea and am partial to a chocolate muffin or two.
And also in the magazine, Doctor Who Executive Producer and Lead writer Steven Moffat writes about his new project Sherlock:
When I was a little Beano-reading Doctor Who fan – about nine or ten – I was desperate to know more about Sherlock Holmes. It was a name I’d heard. I knew he was some kind of policeman, I knew he had a funny hat, and I knew he was in a film called The Hound of the Baskervilles, which once came on the telly and got me sent to bed because it was too frightening. I remember lying upstairs that night, too excited to sleep – because I could hear the baying of a terrible hound, and the rapid-fire voice of a policeman who fought monsters. I needed to find out more, because I knew already this was my kind of hero: if Doctor Who had been a detective, clearly he’d have been Sherlock Holmes.