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Saturday, 24 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
2001 UK Releases"Delta and the Bannermen," originally scheduled for early March, is now due for release on March 26. Tenth Planethas arranged for a special pre-release on March 10; videos will be in stores on the regular date after that. A re-release of "City of Death"(Tom Baker) is planned for May 7, 2001. July 9, 2001 is the new confirmed release date for "The Sunmakers", the Tom Baker season 15 story. After that, the final unreleased Peter Davison story "Four to Doomsday" is on the schedule for September 3, 2001. The BBC's official website is now confirming our earlier report that "Colony in Space" and "The Time Monster," both Jon Pertwee serials, will be released in a package together on November 5, 2001 as "The Master Box Set". A possible Patrick Troughton clips tape and a compilation of episodes from missing stories remastered in better format is rumored to be planned for 2002. (Thanks to Doctor Who Magazine and the BBC Official Website for much of this info.)

North American Release Update"Time-Flight" starring Peter Davison was released on March 6 and is already being sighted in video stores across North America. May 8 sees the launch of "The Tenth Planet" (instead of being part of a twin release with "Attack of the Cybermen," it is being released separately here.) However, with the release of "Tenth Planet," BBC Worldwide Americas has officially put its VHS video releases for the remainder of 2001 on hold while they concentrate more fully on DVD (see section below), and so the planned releases of "The Daleks: Remastered" and "Attack of the Cybermen" have been held. They may be released in late 2001, but at this point are not on the 2001 schedule. (Thanks to our contact at BBC Worldwide Americas for the release information.)

Edge of Destruction - North America Re-release: The "Edge of Destruction, Original Pilot & Missing Years" tape has been re-released by BBC Worldwide in America; it is being spotted across North America at retail shops. Warner Home Video has reclassified this new release as E1578 (the older release # being E1497); to avoid the cost of printing new sleeves, the new catalog number is stickered on the back of the sleeves. The original version was released with substantial errors, including the broadcast version of "An Unearthly Child" and the syndicated master of "Edge of Destruction" rather than the home video master. (A good way to tell from the tape: the second episode of "Edge" on bad tapes is missing the lead-in to "Marco Polo".) (Thanks to Graeme Burk, Matt O'Grady, Steve Roberts, Steve Manfred and BBCWA.)

Australia Video Update: See "Doctor Who 1960's Films on DVD and Video" in the DVD section below.

US/Canada Video Purge: BBC Direct will be deleting a handful of Doctor Who titles from its North American release stocks in the near future, BBC Worldwide Americas told Outpost Gallifrey. The majority of Doctor Who videos in the US and Canada (96 current releases) will remain in production; however, 17 weaker-selling titles will be cut from the line. The titles being deleted are: Carnival of Monsters; The Claws of Axos; The Curse of Peladon; Dragonfire; The Five Doctors (the single, not enhanced version); Ghost Light; The Green Death; Kinda; The Mark of the Rani; The Monster of Peladon; Paradise Towers; The Rescue/The Romans; The Sea Devils; Snakedance; Time and the Rani; Vengeance on Varos; The Visitation/Black Orchid; and Warriors of the Deep. BBC Direct ( or 1-800-216-1BBC) will sell these soon-to-be-deleted tapes as supplies last.

K-9 Unleashed: Reeltime Pictures has announced a new video called "K-9 Unleashed," due out in the UK on November 6. The video reatures current and past interviews with Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Louise Jameson, Sophie Aldred and Elisabeth Sladen, as well as the voices of K-9, David Brierly and John Leeson, who discuss the popular robot dog and its influence on the series. Clips from the series along with animated footage (including a "K-9 Versus the Daleks" clip) are a part of the video.

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Saturday, 24 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
New Subscription Service: With the March 2001 BBC Doctor Who novels, BBC Books will begin offering a new subscription service for both ranges. Eleven books (there are no books printed in December) for the price of nine, both series will be available worldwide and UK subscribers are guaranteed to receive their books by the publication date. The deadline for subscription is February 20. The cost is Ј53.91 for one of the two series (either Past or Eighth Doctor series), or Ј107.82 for both series; additional prices for postage & handling are required. The telephone # in the UK is 01795 414737; foreign orders are requested to fill out the coupon in Doctor Who Magazine, though it is not likely that most overseas buyers of DWM will have the issue before February 20 so you should still call the number to place your order.

Story Arcs Continue: BBC editor Justin Richards revealed to DWM that "a shocking new series of twists and turns" is part of the current commission series of Eighth Doctor books for the latter half of 2001, leading up to the BBC's 100th DW novel released in January 2002.

Cover Redesign?: A redesign of the BBC books' covers in the near future is now inevitable. BBC Worldwide wants to revamp the covers to bring them more in line with the DVD covers (which, by reactions elsewhere on the web, are almost universally hated). This report is confirmed in Doctor Who Magazine #299, which states that the covers will be changing beginning with the April books, though we have received word that this is not the case, and instead will be featured later in the year. "Eater of Wasps" was supposed to feature the new book design, however, the regular artwork has been seen for it. It's now likely for June or July. We can also tell you that editor Justin Richards and associate editor Jacqueline Rayner have no input on this, so emails of complaint to BBC Books apparently will do nothing, sorry! Though other pages have stated that their sources claim that this is not happening, we have been informed by BBC Books that it is. Stay tuned.

The Five Missing Books: Five Doctor Who novels from BBC Books went unreleased in 2000 due to computer glitches at the North American distributors, London Bridge: "The Ancestor Cell," "The Burning," "Heart of TARDIS," "The Banquo Legacy" and "Prime Time". After repeated delays, London Bridge assured retailers that these books would be released in 2001. The impasse seems to be subsiding as "The Banquo Legacy" is now available to retailers and is being seen in shops across the US. Further rumors of delays -- including an error on that suggests that "The Quantum Archangel" is not available until December 2001 in the US and Canada -- are incorrect, as all BBC books to the February installments ("Escape Velocity" and "Archangel") have been released. 

     Meanwhile, author Dave Stone has taken the ball, so to speak. "Free the Fatal Five" T-shirts and other merchandise are now available via the CafePress website, with a logo created by Stone (the author of one of the five books in question, "Heart of TARDIS").

The Monthly Telepress: Jac Rayner of BBC Books has created The Monthly Telepress, a new email newsletter designed to keep readers updated with developments in the world of Doctor Who fiction. To subscribe, send a blank email to

New BBC Submissions Guidelines Online: BBC Books has shared with Outpost Gallifrey the latest version of the submission guidelines for prospective Doctor Who fiction. Check it out by clicking here. (Thanks to Jac Rayner.)

BBC Book Release Notes (Fiction) (Some information thanks to Justin Richards and Jac Rayner of BBC Books):
  • Mark Clapham (co-author of "Twilight of the Gods," the final Bernice Summerfield New Adventure from Virgin), authors his first solo BBC Doctor Who novel, Hope, an Eighth Doctor novel due out in February 2002 (his first being co-authoring "The Taking of Planet 5" two years ago)
  • The prolific Christopher Bulis, whose last BBC Doctor Who book was "Imperial Moon" last year, makes his return to the novel range in March 2002 with Palace of the Red Sun, reportedly a Fifth Doctor novel with Tegan and Turlough.(Yes yes, thank you diligent readers who pointed out the original inaccuracies in the above two comments... sorry, even I am allowed to make a few mistakes once in a while!)
  • Jonathan Morris ("Festival of Death") authors his first book in the Eighth Doctor series, Anachrophobia, set for March 2002.
  • Lance Parkin pens his second Eighth Doctor book, Trading Futures, in April 2002.
  • Paul Magrs returns for yet another BBC book with Mad Dogs and Englishmen, the January 2002 Eighth Doctor adventure. (We assume that this will be his first without his longrunning character Iris Wildthyme.) Says DWM, Magrs has made it a condition of his contract that a fluffy poodle with a pink collar should appear on the cover!
  • Two new authors have joined the BBC fold. Simon A. Forward (who wrote "One Bad Apple" in "More Short Trips") is the author of the February 2002 Past Doctor adventure, Drift, a Fourth Doctor story. And Mark Michalowski (author of "Digging Up the Past" in the short-story collection The Dead Men Diaries for Big Finish), has penned Relative Dementias, the BBC Past Doctor novel for January 2002. Michalowski told Outpost Gallifrey: "It's a 7th Doc/Ace story set in Scotland... The Doctor has to contend with mad aliens, something at the bottom of the sea, and some unpalateable truths about UNIT, whilst Ace takes things into her own hands and finds herself stalked by a shadowy figure."
  • Author Simon Bucher-Jones ("The Taking of Planet Five") returns once again with a co-author, first-time Who novelist Kelly Hale (an American), for Grimm Reality, the Eighth Doctor novel set for October 2001. The initial blurb is on our Forthcoming Releases page. The actual title of the book, which the authors hope will be on the interior front cover, is Grimm Reality, or The Marvellous Adventures Of Doctor Know-All
  • Jon de Burgh Miller, co-author of the final Virgin Benny Summerfield series novel "Twilight of the Gods," joins the BBC Books' contingent in October with his first solo sale, Dying In The Sun, a Second Doctor, Ben and Polly novel set in Hollywood in the 1940's (not 1930's as other press has stated), and featuring an "alien infiltration" plotline.
  • Steve Emmerson ("Casualties of War") has sold his second Eighth Doctor novel, Dark Progeny, set for release in August 2001.
  • Controversial author Lawrence Miles ("Interference") returns to the BBC Books fold (after a fairly publicized earlier departure) with an Eighth Doctor novel taking the November 2001 slot. The working title for this book was "The Napoleon of Beasts" but the actual title isThe Adventuress of Henrietta Street. (The official BBC site reports it as "Adventures" but BBC Books editor Justin Richards gave us the correct title.) In a statement posted on the Jade Pagoda list, Miles commented on the name: "Streets don't have adventures. That would be silly." Furthermore, Miles said jokingly that, contrary to the comment on the back cover about his story "Vrs" in the volume being the 'last ever Doctor Who fiction by Lawrence Miles,' "feel free to complain to BBC Books, who are in this case the culpable party." Meanwhile, Miles has solicited questions for another interview on his website,
  • April 2001 will see the release of the Past Doctor adventure The Shadow of the Glass by Justin Richards and Stephen Cole, a Sixth Doctor & Brigadier story set both in the present day and during World War II.
  • Gary Russell's Instruments of Darkness has been pushed back to November 2001 due to other commitments by the author (such as the hefty Big Finish schedule).
  • First time Who author Lloyd Rose (a female author) has penned the September 2001 Eighth Doctor novel The City of the Dead (note that the title does indeed include the first "The")
  • The Daleks will indeed return to the BBC book series, in Mike Tucker's Third Doctor, Jo & UNIT novel forthcoming in early 2002 (originally 2001, but delayed, possibly to serve as BBC Books' 100th novel)
  • Dave Stone ("Heart of TARDIS") pens his first Eighth Doctor book for July 2001, entitled The Slow Empire
  • Keith Topping ("The King of Terror") has sold Byzantium!, a First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki novel, to BBC Books. The novel takes place in the month-long gap between the TARDIS landing in "The Romans" and the remainder of the story, and is confirmed for release in July 2001
  • Peter Darvill-Evans pens his second BBC book in May 2001, entitled Asylum, a Fourth Doctor novel set in 13th Century Oxford. The book is a 'Name of the Rose' style mystery with a science fiction twist, and features the Fourth Doctor and Nyssa - albeit the post-'Terminus' Nyssa, who re-encounters the Doctor before he first meets her younger self in 'The Keeper of Traken'. It is believed to take place in the "Deadly Assassin"-"Hand of Fear" gap. "Oxford 1278, and the Doctor is keen to put a stop to the pioneering scientific experiments of Roger Bacon who has developed ideas for submarines, explosives, telescopes and aeroplanes - history will be cast into chaos if any of these ideas see the light of day."
  • Mike Tucker returns again with a Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT novel originally set for release in July 2001 but now delayed into 2002
  • Author David McIntee will indeed return in August 2001 with Bullet Time, a Seventh Doctor story, "a quasi-contemporary thriller set in Hong Kong and the Far East in which the Seventh Doctor, travelling alone prior to the TV Movie, shares the limelight with investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith." (Actually, says McIntee, the book is more a Sarah novel with the Doctor rather than the reverse).
  • Martin Day pens the February 2001 Past Doctor adventure Bunker Soldiers. It's a First Doctor, Steven & Dodo pseudo-historical adventure. Day has confirmed that the book has been moved to the February slot, replacing "Psience Fiction" which was delayed until later in the year.
  • Kate Orman returns to the Doctor Who fold with June 2001's The Year of Intelligent Tigers, an Eighth Doctor book set on an Earth colony and featuring, as the title suggests, talking alien tigers. Meanwhile, Trevor Baxendale, as previously reported, pens Eater of Wasps, an Eighth Doctor book due for release in May 2001 and set in a quiet English village with mayhem, murder and wasps. "On 49th-century Earth, mankind has developed time-travel technology, and a government security force controls illegal time jumps. But a devastating weapon is accidentally sent back through time to Wiltshire 1934, if unrecovered, the consequences are unthinkable."
  • Former BBC Books editor Stephen Cole returns in April 2001 with Vanishing Point, an Eighth Doctor book with Fitz and Anji. "Nathaniel Dark is a Destinist on the planet Khnemu where everyone carries a hereditary "Godswitch" within their genes. When increasing numbers of people start dying prematurely, Nathaniel looks for an answer - helped by a mysterious man known only as the Doctor."
  • BBC assistant editor Jacqueline Rayner recently confirmed that there would be no fourth "Short Trips" volume for 2001 from BBC Books.
  • Novelist Nick Walters will write his third Doctor Who novel for BBC Books, Superior Beings (formerly "The Gardens of Rocosia"), a Fifth Doctor & Peri novel set for release in June 2001. The book "introduces a new race of aliens, the vulpine Valethske, and is set on the "garden planet" of Verde Alturas" according to Walters, who told Outpost Gallifrey: "The novel features some human characters - the story has changed a great deal from the initial synopsis. The main stars are, however, the Valethske - a race of vulpine, bipedal aliens on a quest to track down an ancient enemy of legend."
  • Gary Russell returns in November 2001 for "Instruments of Darkness", the 'third and final' part of the loose 'trilogy' of his books from the Sixth Doctor era (including "The Scales of Injustice" and "Business Unusual"), featuring Melanie and a special guest appearance by Evelyn Smythe, the new companion character created for the Big Finish Doctor Who audio line.
Author Updates: Some of the more interesting things happening with some of your favorite Doctor Who authors nowadays (some courtesy Henry Potts and other correspondents):
  • David McIntee was recently married to Lesley McIntee in a ceremony at the Redemption 2001 convention; actor Michael Sheard (many Who roles) was the best man. McIntee's first original novel "Knight Sky" will be out around Easter 2002. McIntee is also currently penning a BBV audio and a novel trilogy using the character Guy de Carnac from his Virgin Dr. Who novel "Sanctuary".
  • Peter Anghelides has just opened up his new website at, which features a section for each of his published books, the illustrated story of the Frontier Worlds cover, "How I Wrote My First Novel, Kursaal" and much more.
  • David J Howe has just finished putting the finishing touches to a new horror anthology based on the acclaimed Channel 5 series Urban Gothic which is due to be published in April. The book includes original stories by Graham Masterton, Simon Clark, Christopher Fowler and others as well as an introduction by Richard O'Brien. More info at David is also commissioning for the second volume of the Dark Fantasy anthology F20, due for publication in September. Authors this time include Storm Constantine, Jane Welch, Freda Warrington, Juliet E McKenna and Louise Cooper.
  • Keith Topping's revised section edition of "Slayer," the unofficial (but wonderful) guide to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is now hitting bookstores.
  • Rebecca Levene is currently working as a freelance TV script editor on various projects
  • Mark Gatiss is performing in the stage version of "The League of Gentlemen", which is touring the UK in March.
  • Terrance Dicks' latest children's book is "The Nazi Dagger Incident", published in Jan by Piccadilly Press.
  • Lance Parkin's second "Emmerdale" book, "Emmerdale: Their Finest Hour" (Granada Media), is due 4 Jun in the UK and set in WWII.
  • A revised and updated edition of Keith Topping's unofficial "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" guitde, "Slayer" (Virgin), is due 8 Mar in the UK.
  • Jac Rayner's "Pet Rescue: Horses Like Blaze" (Ladybird Books, edited by Steve Cole), due 31 May in the UK, is a children's book for the under-nines about keeping horses, a tie-in with the Channel 4 series "Pet Rescue". Justin Richards' "Knock! Knock! Joke Book: Blue Door" (Ladybird Books, edited by Steve Cole), due 1 Mar in the UK, is a children's joke book.
  • "Something More" (Victor Gollancz) is Paul Cornell's standalone science fiction book due later this year.
  • Martin Day continues to write for the Channel 5 (UK) soap "Family Affairs". Episodes so far this year are #1002 (broadcast 30 Jan) and #1018 (21 Feb).
  • Keith DeCandido ("Decalog 3") has written the third "Farscape" novel, "Farscape 3: House of Cards" (Boxtree), due 23 Mar in the UK and in May in the US. The previous "Farscape" novel, "Farscape 2: Dark Side of the Sun" (which has yet to be released in the US) was written by Jim Mortimore (under the pseudonym Andrew Dymond).

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Monday, 12 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Forthcoming Who Audio Releases: BBC Audio has released "The Myth Makers," the audio track of the lost William Hartnell Season 3 story narrated by Peter Purves; and a CD rerelease of "Slipback," the Eric Saward-penned BBC Radio play from the 1980's starring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Valentine Dyall and Jane Carr. "The Celestial Toymaker" starring William Hartnell and narrated by Peter Purves (linking narration written by Michael Stevens), and "The Moonbase" starring Patrick Troughton and narrated by Frazer Hines (linking narration written by Sue Cowley) are slated for release in April 2001. Then in July 2001, "The Abominable Snowmen" starring Patrick Troughton, narrated by Frazer Hines from linking narration by Michael Stevens, will be released, as will a double set, "Genesis of the Daleks/Exploration Earth: The Time Machine", containing both the 1979 abridged version narrated by Tom Baker as well as the 1976 radio documentary about the origins of Earth starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen. Neither were expected to be released on CD. Then, the big one: October 2001 will see the release of "The Daleks' Master Plan" a five-CD box set including all 12 episodes of the William Hartnell classic as well as the one-episode story "Mission to the Unknown," fully remastered with linking narration by Sue Cowley and read by Peter Purves. Finally, January 2002 will see the release of "The Savages" starring William Hartnell, likely narrated by Peter Purves, and "The Faceless Ones" starring Patrick Troughton, likely narrated by Frazer Hines. (Thanks to Michael Stevens, Stephen James Walker, Doctor Who Magazine, David Brunt and Mark Ayres)

Possible 2002 Audio Releases: According to the BBC's official website, the following stories are under consideration for possible release in 2002: "The Smugglers," "The Underwater Menace," "The Space Pirates," "Enemy of the World," "The Evil of the Daleks," "The Wheel in Space" and "Marco Polo" (which may be on the schedule for later in 2002; no official confirmation has been forthcoming).

A History of the Doctor Who Theme: Ayres has also presented a hefty research article on his website devoted to the history of the theme music. You can visit it at

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Saturday, 10 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Cyberon: BBV has returned to the video fold with "Cyberon". As noted on BBV's website: "We’ve made contact with something better than us. They are stronger, they don’t die. They’ll cast off their human bodies and spread to the stars, nothing will stop them." Doctor Lauren Anderson is understandably sceptical when research scientist Tom Mordley arrives to perform clinical trials of a new wonder drug. But not only does the drug work... it works miracles. It is only when the side effects begin to manifest themselves that Doctor Anderson must take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind a drug called... CYBERON." Principal photography on this new production has been completed. The video stars Jo Castleton as Dr. Lauren Anderson and P.J. Ochlan ("Space: Above and Beyond - Toy Soldiers") as Tom Mordley, and is wrtitten by Lance Parkin. "Cyberon" was released in November 2000 (bumped from October due to special effects requirements) and is now available in the UK, with other release planned shortly.
BBV Production Calendar: Details on current and forthcoming BBV productions are as follows:
  • The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind (new title) - Written by Pip & Jane Baker (the authors who originally created the character). Enslaved by her former servants, the Rani is forced to use her formidable scientific knowledge to satisfy the Tetraps thirst... for blood. Stars Kate O'Mara, who reprises her role from the series; also stars Anthony Keetch, Edward Cory, Patricia Merrick and Brian Knight. Now in release. Originally "Resurrection of the Rani."
  • Wirrn: Race Memory - Written by Paul Ebbs. An all new adventure featuring the alien Wirrn from Doctor Who, featuring special guest star Sarah Sutton (Nyssa in Doctor Who) as "Sarah", as well as Nigel Fairs, Mark Donovan and Keith Drinkel (who played Scobie in the TV episode "Time Flight"). The story takes place during the time of restoration on Planet Earth after the sleepers from the Ark known once as the Nerva Beacon have awoken to rebuild there world, but an unexpected menace is waiting to be released... Now in release.
  • The I Job - Written by Jonathan Blum. They're mad, they're bad and they're dangerous to know and they're going to pull off the heist of the century in an attempt to learn the secrets of the mysterious alien "I". This is definitely no "self-preservation society..." Featuring the "I" from his novel "Seeing I" and the follow up BBV audio "I Scream" from 2000. Release date unknown.
  • Do You Have a Licence to Save this Planet? - A new half-hour film from BBV written by Paul Ebbs & Gareth Preston. "Starring in the film is Sylvester McCoy in a role that has absolutely no relationship to anything else he may have played in the past. Yes, he's the intrepid traveller in time and space, The Foot Doctor, and this time he'll be battling the massed forces of Autons, Krynoids, Sontarans and Cyberons. With sparkling dialogue and physical comedy from a master at work "Do you have a Licence..." is not to be missed... or we'll set the Licensed Reality Corporation on you! "Do you have a Licence..." is already deep in post-production." The finished portion video debuted in America at the Gallifrey convention. The video is due to be finished by April and will make its final full debut at the DWAS@25 Convention. An extended video release (including extra scenes and out-takes) will follow in the UK.
  • Faction Paradox: The Eleven Day Empire - Written by Lawrence Miles. Based on Miles' Faction Paradox storylines about renegade Time Lords who worship the creation of time paradoxes from the BBC Eighth Doctor books. The first of a series called "The Faction Paradox Protocols".
  • Zygons: The Barnacled Baby - Written by Anthony Keetch. Says BBV: "a blackly comic victorian melodrama from the pen of Anthony Keetch (recently heard in THE RANI REAPS THE WHIRLWIND and currently appearing in Selfridge's London as Father Christmas)"
Additional scripts are in the pipeline from Pip and Jane Baker, Jon Blum, Paul Ebbs, Lance Parkin, David A. McIntee and Dave Stone.
Video on the Web: BBV has put several video clips on the web. Says the BBV press release: "With the imminent release of the latest Audio Adventure in Time and Space, the latest Sontaran epic, Conduct Unbecoming, BBV Online presents "For Battle and Glory" an exclusive download in VQF format featuring writer Gareth Preston and actors John Wadmore and Anthony Keetch. Also now available is BBV Online's first ever video download (in RealMedia format) with a look back to the recording of Ghosts, a Season 2 adventure featuring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as The Dominie and Alice."
BBV has moved its website location! They can now be found at

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Thursday, 8 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Radio 4 Refuses Doctor Who Drama: Despite a finished pilot starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, Radio 4 have turned down the pilot for "Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time," including both an initial broadcast and the option to create a full series. Dan Freedman, the producer, contacted Outpost Gallifrey, letting us know that "True to form Radio 4 have turned down the pilot, despite it being called 'terrific' by Stephen Fry and 'brilliant' and 'Epic' by Sylvester McCoy... We tried everything to get it on the air, but Radio 4 have turned it down flat. You can guess how disappointed we all are. Everyone who heard it loved it, but there we are. Luckily, BBC Worldwide like it a lot and may give us enough to make the series, and online too." Freedman told us he is negotiating a release with BBC Worldwide (expected to be released under their BBC Radio Collection label, the same group that releases the Doctor Who episode soundtracks) and other radio avenues. Radio 2 is considered to be the likeliest option. Freedman confirmed that negotiations had been taking place in January which would see the six episodes being co-funded by BBC Online and BBC Worldwide, with first run of the episodes coming via the BBC's own Dr Who website. "It's going well," said Freedman. "We've got to see how things go now with (Worldwide) but it's looking promising... Right at the start I offered to show them the script, before we had started, but they turned that down," he revealed. "There was never any feeling that we were anything other than a disease (to them). There was nobody there saying 'Yay, let's go and make some new stuff here.'" Freedman also told the official BBC Doctor Who website, in response to whether it will likely be released on CD: "Very likely .... and I think it will probably be webcast too, as a series. I'm having loads of meetings to finalize it at the mo." Doctor Who Magazine recently said, however, that BBC Spoken Word have no intention of releasing the story as a BBC Radio Collection release alongside the missing stories.

A few details about the plot, courtesy SFX Online: The Doctor and his companion (now played by Kevin Eldon) arrive on an alien planet under siege from warmongering, bloodthirsty aliens (led by John Sessions) and set about stopping them. Meanwhile, Ace is having difficulties of her own... When asked to give an idea of a 'great moment' in the story that fans are missing out on: "There's a bit in a garden on Gallifrey where an old Timelord is explaining how the Universe works, which is actually quite moving, and when the Doc first appears it's a real back of the neck tingle!"

Originally reported by DWM and several British newspapers, the radio pilot featured Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred reprising their roles as the Seventh Doctor and Ace. The script was written by Dan Freedman and Colin Meake of Radio 4's Loose Ends comedy show. Freedman told Doctor Who Magazine that "This will not be a comedy. I'm keen to develop a new take, to bring forward darker aspects of the character... We don't want to build up fans' hopes." The drama bore the provisional title "Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time" and also stars Stephen Fry, Leonard Fenton, Huw Thomas, Kevin Eldon, John Sessions and Jacqueline Pearce ("Blake's 7"). It was taped in October 2000. Rumors that David Bowie was involved are untrue, but it was confirmed by Freedman that he was interested in an appearance if the pilot had gone to series (as a character called the Duke of White). However, William Hartnell does appear in the pilot (after all, this is a series about time travel...) (With thanks to Dan Freedman, Iain Hepburn at SFX, Peter Anghelides, David Whitten, Gareth Fenton)

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Sunday, 4 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
And Yet... It May Happen: Our best information suggests that the Doctor Who film may indeed be announced as early as this summer. A major Hollywood studio has indeed optioned a script in conjunction with BBC Films, as has been confirmed to us through our sources. While any casting or other information is jumping the gun at best, Outpost Gallifrey can indeed confirm that a film project is now closer than it has ever been to fruition. We'll keep you posted.

Even More Film Rumors... Shot Down: Britain's Sunday Telegraph paper on January 21 leads off with an article "Dr Who spearheads BBC's Ј50m bid for film success" by writer Oliver Poole. Says the article: "A LAVISH dramatisation of the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a feature-length updated version of Dr Who will be among the highlights of the BBC's multi-million bid to become a big player in the film industry, The Telegraph can reveal... David Thompson, the head of BBC films, confirmed rumours that there would be a Dr Who film, with a budget expected to be Ј40 million, and said that filming would start next year. He said: 'We are talking to a famous American director and hope to announce his name in the next few months. A British actor will definitely play the Doctor but we have not decided who yet.'" However, on January 25, SFX Magazine reports that a spokesperson for the BBC's "fledgling" film department says that these reports were "optimistic at best.... The Sunday Telegraph got it wrong." The spokesperson told SFX that plans for a film version have indeed been in development, but that there has been no further progress with them. We have also been told by a correspondent who works for BBC Worldwide that there is considerable belief within the BBC that the film project has stalled beyond hope of repair, and that it is seen as the sole obstacle to reestablishment of discussions over a possible return to television. We'll keep you posted with more details soon!

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Sunday, 4 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Lynda Bellingham (The Inquisitor of "The Trial of a Time Lord") was featured on the explicit UK adult comedy show "So Graham Norton" on its Friday 23 March edition. The show's researcher contacted Mark Campbell the day before recording after seeing an interview with her on his website ( Norton displayed a photo of her as the Inquisitor and she talked briefly about her experiences on 'Trial of a Time Lord'. The show will be repeated in the UK on Wednesday 28 March on C4 at 11.05pm.

Caroline John (Liz Shaw) is currently appearing in a TV commercial for Swedish furniture retailer Ikea in the UK. She plays a housewife who comes home to find that three Ikea 'hitmen' have kidnapped her husband because she hasn't bought any of their products.

Colin Baker & Katy Manning were featured on the February 9 edition of 3 News on TV3 in New Zealand, while guests in Auckland for the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo. The TV story contained comments from both Colin & Katy, together with several clips from the show including the Daleks. Our friends at Gallifrey 5 are hosting the clip (337k in length); it can be downloaded here. A video is also available at; scroll down to "Exterminate" and click "more". (Thanks to Gallifrey 5)

Paul McGann is having a street named after him... well, him and his three acting brothers. The Liverpool City Council have approved the name "McGann Street" for use in the city, in honour of the acting family. The street to bear the name has yet to be chosen. (Thanks to Mike Hall)

John Levene ("Benton") will be seen in a new film, "CanniBallistic!" directed by James Felix McKenney, also starring Don Wood and Laura Sweeney. Information on the film can be found at

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Sunday, 4 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Doctor Who Novellas: As announced at the Gallifrey 2001 convention, Telos Publishing, owned by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker ("The Handbooks") is launching a new range of Doctor Who hardcover novellas officially sanctioned by the BBC. Autumn 2001 is the touted approximate date for the launch of the range. "This is the first time that original Doctor Who fiction has ever been published in this well-recognised and popular literary format," says the press release, "tales of between 20 and 40 thousand words in length, part-way between short stories and novels, with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of those two more familiar forms." Each novella in the range will be available both as a standard hardback and as a limited edition collectors' item featuring a leather-effect (balacron) hardback binding, foil stamped on both cover and spine, matching endpapers, a foreword, a full color art plate frontispiece and a numbered sheet signed by the author, foreword author and artist. The authors and artists contributing to the range will all be familiar and highly-regarded names, says Telos, some from the mainstream horror, fantasy and science-fiction world, some from Doctor Who publishing. No unsolicited submissions are being considered at this time. The books will be released quarterly. The deluxe editions are said to be potentially retailed at 25 to Ј30 (the regular price being substantially cheaper); Telos will offer a subscription service; and dealers worldwide will carry them including in the US, Canada and Australia. The novellas will be published under BBC Worldwide license, and edited by David Howe (general editor and publisher) and Stephen James Walker (line editor). More information can be gathered at the official website at or by mail to Telos Publishing Ltd, 61 Elgar Avenue, Tolworth, Surrey, KT5 9JP, England.

Howe's Transcendental Toybox - The Unofficial Guide to Who Merchandise: Co-authors David J. Howe and Arnold T. Blumberg have edited this "complete collector's guide to everything that has ever been produced to tie in with the series. From hardback books, trading cards and chocolate Christmas tree decorations, to stained glass windows, underpants and metal models, this book is a fascinating and enthralling look at the world wide history, development and collectability of Doctor Who merchandise. This is the first and only reference and price guide to the entire history of Doctor Who memorabilia from 1963 to 1999. It will catalogue every kind of merchandise produced in that period, provide photos for many of the items listed, and discuss many aspects of the show's long history in light of the vast amount of collectible material produced about it. The book will document the history of the world's longest-running science fiction television show from the perspective of the marketing and merchandising juggernaut that the series spawned. Anyone who is a Doctor Who fan, science fiction enthusiast, armchair television historian, or collector of pop culture memorabilia will be fascinated by this book and the story it has to tell." The book will also feature articles on collecting, dealers, retailers and a variety of other directories. Demand for the book has been far higher than anticipated; the first edition is now sold out. There is a reprinted version now available from Telos Publishing. For more info, visit the new website

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