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Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Peter Jackson reflects on Steven Moffat's attempts to woo him into directing Doctor Who ...

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This was an interesting weekend...

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, 29 November 2015

The director is known to be a big fan of Doctor Who, and back in 2012 expressed an interest in directing the series following comments from then Doctor Matt Smith about filming in New Zealand. However, please note the above video does not confirm that Jackson will indeed be directing the series!

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Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
A roundup of publicity for the Doctor Who series finale for 2015, Hell Bent.

If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts...how far might the Doctor go?

Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor’s confession?

Writer / Steven Moffat
Director / Rachel Talalay
Producer / Peter Bennett

Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)Publicity: Hell Bent (Images: BBC/Simon Ridgway/Chris Lobina)

Hell Bent: Known Broadcast Details (note: many schedules don't currently reflect the 65 minute running time)
United KingdomBBC OneSat 5 Dec 20158:00pm
United States of AmericaBBC AmericaSat 5 Dec 20159:00pm EST(2:00am GMT)
CanadaSPACESat 5 Dec 20159:00pm EST(2:00am GMT)
Asia PacificBBC EntertainmentSun 6 Dec 201510:00am SGT(2:00am GMT)
New ZealandPRIMESun 6 Dec 20157:30pm NZDT(6:30am GMT)
AustraliaABCSun 6 Dec 20157:40pm AEDT(8:40am GMT)
Europe (Benelux)BBC FirstTue 8 Dec 20159:00pm CEST
United KingdomBBC TwoFri 11 Dec 20151:45am(British Signed Language)
South AfricaBBC FirstSat 12 Dec 20156:00pm SAST
IndiaFXSun 20 Dec 201511:00pm IST
FinlandYLE2Mon 21 Dec 20156:05pm EET
DenmarkDR3Fri 8 Jan 2016~8:00pm CET(unconfirmed broadcast)
GermanyFOXThu 21 Jan 2016~10:00pm CETcurrently billed at 9:45pm (dubbed into German)

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Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Sadie Miller (Credit: Candy Jar Books)Candy Jar Books have confirmed that the range of books featuring the eponymous character of Lethbridge-Stewart will continue into the new year, with the first book of 2016, Moon Blink to be penned by Sadie Miller (a preview of which can be read at the end of the latest book in the series, Mutually Assured Domination).

Series editor Andy Frankham-Allen said:
I almost worked with Sadie a good ten years ago on the second series of Sarah Jane Smith (produced by Big Finish), but alas that did not come to be. We’ve kept in touch since, and as soon as I learned she was switching careers I immediately asked if she wanted to write for the Lethbridge-Stewart range, feeling it may be the right time for her to reconnect with Doctor Who fandom. And bless her, she agreed without a second thought!

Candy Jar’s Publishing Co-ordinator Hayley Cox said:
It’s a great honour to be here at the start of Sadie’s writing career, working with her on her debut novel. She came to us with an amazing idea and it was a case of how could we not do it.

Author Gary Russell, former script editor of The Sarah Jane Adventures and long-time family friend of the Millers, said:
When I first heard that Sadie was writing a novel, my initial reaction was ‘ahh, a chip off the old block’– her delightful mum was one of the most creative, sharp and incisive individuals I ever knew. But then I realised I was doing Sadie a disservice, because from the first day I met her, Sadie Miller has always been her own person, utterly talented and rapaciously gifted which, other than encouragement and support, owes nothing to either of her parents and everything to Sadie's own determination to be brilliant. And with this novel, she's proven that she is.

Sadie Miller is known to Doctor Who fans as the daughter of fondly remembered Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen and actor Brian Miller. The brief biography of her career and previous connections with Doctor Who below has been provided courtesy of Candy Jar Books:

Sadie enjoyed a career as a child actress through many voice-over parts, making her screen debut when she was eight, playing Penny in the BBC film, Royal Celebration. She is best-known to Doctor Who fans for her role in both series of Sarah Jane Smith audio dramas produced by Big Finish in 2002 and 2006. She won much critical acclaim for the role of the wheelchair-bound Planet 3 researcher, Natalie Redfern, particularly in the story Test of Nerve.

She completed courses with the National Youth Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre's Young Writer's Programme, and RADA's Shakespeare Course. She earned a BA in English and Related Literature, and graduated with honours.

Sadie turned from acting in 2011. “After University, I went to drama school and was actually in my final term when mum died. This obviously impacted how I looked at my future and I decided to switch to writing instead so that I could have a little more control and flexibility to be around for my dad.” She is currently working on an original Young Adult novel, having already contributed to anthologies. In 2014 she was a finalist for the Glass Woman prize with Mirandolina.
Sadie is no stranger to Doctor Who, of course. Her father is actor Brian Miller, who has appeared in both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, and her mother is Doctor Who legend Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who won the hearts of millions of Doctor Who fans in the 1970s as Sarah Jane Smith, and once again in 2005 when she brought Sarah back to the modern era of Doctor Who. Elisabeth Sladen sadly passed away in 2011, which led to Sadie distancing herself for some time from Doctor Who fandom.

“I needed time to mourn, to be there for my dad. The constant reminders of my mum, obviously very hard to avoid, were just too painful. But now I feel that the time is right to reconnect with Doctor Who, and the fans,” said Sadie. “My dad did so last year with an appearance in Peter Capaldi’s first episode, and so now it’s my turn. It’s exciting to be writing my first novel, and that it features the Brig adds another layer of importance. He, in the form of Nicholas Courtney, was there when mum debuted as Sarah in 1973, and she was there for his very last on screen appearance as the character in 2008. So in many ways this is important.”

The titles announced for 2016 so far are as follows, with another three due to be announced for release next Autumn:
  • Moon Blink, by Sadie Miller
    A new drug is on the streets, and it appears to have come from the moon. Only, Apollo 11 has only just landed on the moon! Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers are all set to investigate, when Anne receives a very unexpected visitor.
  • The Showstoppers, by Jonathan Cooper
    A new TV show is about to hit the airwaves, one connected to a notorious Nazi war criminal. Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers investigate. (Jonathan Cooper is the author of two novels in the Space: 1889 steampunk series, and Doctor Who correspondent for The Independent.)
  • The Grandfather Infestation, by John Peel
    Something strange is happening in the North Sea, bringing Pirate Radio to its knees. The Fifth Operational Corps is called in to investigate. (John Peel is the author of countless novels, including several for Star Trek and Doctor Who. But he’s not a DJ.)

Details on how to purchase both the new and current books, plus subscription offers can be found via the Candy Jar Books website.

(with thanks to Shaun Russell and Andy Frankham-Allen)


In celebration of the success of the Lethbridge-Stewart series of books, we are delighted to be able to offer the set of four books published this year (The Forgotten Son, The Schizoid Earth, Beast of Fang Rock, and Mutually Assured Domination) plus associated short stories, courtesy of Candy Jar Books. To be in with a chance to win, simply answer the following question:
In relation to this series of books, what is the significance of the closing date of this competition?
Please send your answers along with your name, address and where you heard about the competition (news site, news app, other website, etc.) to comp-ls15@doctorwhonews.net with the subject "what happened next?". The competition is open worldwide, closing date: 16th December 2015. Only one entry per household will be accepted.

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Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: Face the Raven had an official consolidated rating of 6.05 million viewers.

The rating issued by the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, or BARB, includes all those who watched the programme within one week of transmission. It does not include those watching online via iPlayer

Doctor Who was the 11th most watched programme on BBC Television, and 4th overall on Saturday. The episode finished at 30th in the chart.

Strictly Come Dancing topped the ratings for the week with 11.77 million viewers. The top ten was dominated by the latest series of I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here taking six of the top ten places.

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Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Heaven Sent: The Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)Doctor Who: Heaven Sent had an Audience Appreciation or AI score of 80.

The score is lower than average for the series, reflecting the unusual nature of the story, which saw Peter Capaldi alone for most of the story.

The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially selected panel of around 5,000 people who go online and rate and comment on programmes.

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Australian overnight ratings for Heaven Sent & final ratings for Sleep No MoreBookmark and Share

Monday, 30 November 2015 - Reported by Adam Kirk
Heaven Sent has debuted in Australia, averaging 455,000 viewers in the five major capital cities. The story was the second highest rating ABC drama of the day and the twelfth highest rating program of the day overallThese ratings do not include iview, regional or time-shifted viewers.

Meanwhile, including time-shifted viewers, Sleep No More averaged 564,000 consolidated viewers in the five major capital cities. With 148,000 extra viewers it was the second highest time-shifted program of the day and the twelfth highest rating program of the day overallThese ratings do not include iview or regional viewers.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Heaven Sent: The Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)This item Contains Plot Spoilers

Press reaction to the latest Doctor Who episode, Heaven Sent mainly highlights the solo aspect of the story and the acting ability of the show's main star. An instant classic was the verdict of Radio Times. "This is Peter Capaldi’s hour and he has earned it. OK, the running time is five minutes shy of one hour, but this brilliant, bold, extended episode is a one-man show – a tour de force from the magnificent Capaldi."

The Express agreed. "As a concept it actually worked surprisingly well and Peter Capaldi managed to carry off the whole thing without it feeling too weird. He led us through this adventure, which was an exploration of grief and the fear of death"

The Metro calls the episode an epic one man show. "Capaldi delivers 100%, carrying every scene and showing every facet of his Doctor: anger, terror, playfulness, intensity, resignation and, finally, a fierce refusal to do anything other than do what he has always done: find a way to win."

A mind bending masterpiece is how Digital Spy sums up the story. "One thing's for certain - even after 5 years in the job, showrunner Moffat is refusing to rest on his laurels, switching up not just the show's style but its substance. He's out to prove that you can still do something new with a character that's been around for half a century."

The writing was picked up by AV Club who thought it a perfect episode. "It’s a tour de force for writer Steven Moffat, director Rachel Talalay, and star Peter Capaldi, who is by himself for a good 95 percent of the episode’s running time."

Den of Geek also praised the writer "This is Steven Moffat on very good form. He's being confident and clever with time, without zipping backwards and forwards and asking us to hold on. There’s an inherent trust that the audience is on board with what he’s doing, and – in a recurring theme this series – there's a genuine gamble with format and story.". The Register agreed "It's a terrific episode penned by showrunner Steven Moffat. Season 9 has veered off course once or twice, but over all it's been thoroughly entertaining. And I say this even though those damn sonic sunnies are still being worn by the Doctor."

IGN thought the episode showed the Doctor needed Clara. "It’s telling how empty he is now without her. He’s lost without her, and I’m sure this notion will play into next week’s season finale as well where it looks like the Doctor is out for blood.". While TV.com thought the return to Gallifrey had been underplayed. "The fact that the BBC carelessly revealed in the logline for "Heaven Sent" that the Doctor would be returning to Gallifrey tells me that the folks involved with the show don't think the Time Lords' return was particularly noteworthy. But to me as a fan, it feels a bit like we've been cheated out of a really great story"

Indewire praised the production values "This is a "bottle episode," an episode that takes place entirely in one small space the characters -- or in this case, character - can't get out of. Normally slotted into a series for budget constraints, that's probably not the case here, with a glorious CGI'd castle straight out of "Game of Thrones" and some incredible special effects, but it's deeply claustrophobic and unsettling."

Gamesradar thought it showed the 52 year old series could still have fresh ideas. "Heaven Sent” proves there’s still virgin territory to be explored. It’s refreshingly unlike any episode we’ve seen before."

You can read the Doctor Who News review in our reviews section.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus
4.51 million viewers watched Doctor Who: Heaven Sent, according to unofficial overni ght viewing figures.

The episode had a 20.7% share of the total Television audience.

Strictly Come Dancing was top for the day with 10.23 million watching. ITV managed 7.59 million for I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! which was ahead of The X Factor which had 6.6 million viewers.

On the overnight figures, Doctor Who was 6th for the day, behind Pointless Celebrities and BBC News, but this will be reversed when final figures are released next week.

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Saturday, 28 November 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Radio Times (5-11 Dec 2015) (Credit: Radio Times)As mentioned earlier this week, the latest edition of the Radio Times to be published, 5-11 Dec 2015, features a festive Doctor Who front cover, an annual tradition from since the series returned in 2005!

This edition covers both the finale of the current series, Hell Bent, and looks forward to the
forthcoming Christmas Special, featuring a three page interview with Steven Moffat, during which he discusses his shyness, how to replace Jenna Coleman and also on taking inspiration from other writers:
Some things you see on TV are so bad, you think you shouldn’t write for a week in case you’re contaminated. In case it’s got into your head. The sheer rubbishness of the dialogue and story construction. You have to detox. But you read a script by Russell [T Davies] and suddenly everything makes sense in an immaculate, clean way.

Talking about his own eventual departure and on finding on a worthy succesor to run the show, Moffat said:
That's an issue I'm actively engaged in. Everything is difficult in Doctor Who, including leaving. I'd never leave it in the lurch because it means too much to me. Let's not pretend it's not a big problem. But there will be a solution.

The 'legendary' Christmas double edition of the Radio Times (19th Dec - 1 Jan), featuring the 'legendary' Doctor Who Christmas Special, is due to be published in London/Midlands on 5th December, and on general sale from 9th December.

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Thursday, 26 November 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Face The Raven: The Doctor and Clara, as played by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Colman (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)The BBC have made the script of last week's episode, Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard, available to read online via their BBC Writers Room. The "purple script" from 26th June 2015, under the episode's original title Trap Street, includes a number of additional passages of dialogue/scenes that were lost prior to its ultimate filming and transmission, examples of which include Rigsy's full name and the appearance of his fiancée Jen, the mystery of Derren Brown, plus dialogue from the original ending scene that appeared post-credits.

Other scripts available from the site include the opening stories of this series and for series three.

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