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Thursday, 25 January 2024 - Reported by Marcus
DWM Special - The 2024 Yearbook (Credit: Panini)

The latest special from Doctor Who Magazine, the 2024 Yearbook is released today.

Included in the issue

  • A year in the life of the stars of Doctor Who.

  • A look back at the 2023 Specials.

  • The producer of Tales of the TARDIS discusses this nostalgic series.

  • A summary of various instalments of the Doom’s Day multi-media event!

  • Wrarth Warrior actor Robert Strange speaks to the magazine about his role in The Star Beast.

  • A special feature on Goblin celebrity Janis!

  • A report from the Doctor Who at 60 musical celebration at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre.

  • We talk to BBC Audio, Big Finish, Silva Screen and AUK Studios about the various audio offerings over the past year.

  • Doctor Who writers discuss the last 12 months of books and comics.

  • Follow the journey of young fan Piper as she is crowned The Ultimate Whovian by Blue Peter!

  • Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan discuss their epic Fourteenth Doctor strip, Liberation of the Daleks.

  • We visit a new exhibition of Who props and memorabilia at Gunnersbury Park Museum.

  • A look at the new version of the Daleks… in colour!

  • Archivist Helen Randle on making the BBC’s vast catalogue of information available to the public.

  • A tribute to the Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2023.

  • Coming soon… A look ahead to 2024!

Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook 2024 is on sale Thursday 25 January from panini.co.uk and WH Smith priced £8.99 (UK). 

Also available as a digital edition from pocketmags.com priced £7.99.



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Sunday, 21 January 2024 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Vaughn Identity (Credit: Candy Jar Books)

2024 will see the launch of Candy Jar’s UNIT range with a series of original novels.This new series of books now squarely focuses on UNIT and explores the fall-out from The Invasion, both on a personal and national level, and how the story would have been spun by the government and the press.

As the title suggests, the first book, The Vaughn Identity, looks into the background of Tobias Vaughn, picks up where the TV story The Invasion left off. It is written by the range editor, Tim Gambrell, who said:

There’s a lot left open at the end of The Invasion. Tobias Vaughn’s story – and the whole International Electromatics set-up – is very layered and detailed. We see repeatedly in Doctor Who that once the main threat is dealt with the Doctor is quick to leave.

As a character, he was in a class of his own – due very much to Kevin Stoney’s bravura performance, but also because of Derrick Sherwin’s script and Douglas Camfield’s direction. We know Vaughn was killed at the end of The Invasion, and left hanging over the railings. I wanted to find a way to get more from the character without pretending that he hadn’t really died on screen, which would have felt like a cop-out. I also wanted to work purely within the situations and concepts that Derrick Sherwin had created, to give my story the sense that it was finishing off, or tidying up any strands left hanging loose after the TV story had concluded.

But as well as looking back to The Invasion, The Vaughn Identity also looks forward to the series of books that will follow. Tim continued:

We’ve got a wider cast of UNIT regulars to take our books forward. Readers have already been introduced to many of them in the two UNIT Files short story collections (Operation Wildcat, 2022, and Operation Fall-Out, 2023) but The Vaughn Identity allows us to see how they were impacted by the events of The Invasion, making it more of a shared experience. As the first novel of the range, it’s important to introduce and involve new regular characters in the action and the storyline and not simply as an info-dump roll call.

There are a few minor nods to the Lethbridge-Stewart range, but nothing that would faze new readers. We want this to be a jumping-on point, a fresh start whilst also quietly acknowledging the achievement of the previous range.


There will be another short Benton Files book, free with the hardback of The Vaughn Identity. More details of that will be available nearer the time.

The Vaughn Identity can be pre-ordered from the Candy Jar website.

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Thursday, 11 January 2024 - Reported by Marcus
The Collection: Season Fifteen (Credit: BBC Studios)

The BBC has announced that the next season of Doctor Who to be released on Blu-ray is Season Fifteen first broadcast in 1977. 

The seven-disc box set stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor alongside Louise Jameson as Leela.  

This limited-edition set contains six classic stories packed with hours of new and exclusive material.

Doctor Who – The Collection: Season 15


These stories include the character of trusty robot dog K9, voiced by John Leeson and builds to an epic showdown on the Time Lords’ home planet Gallifrey with the Doctor pitted against his old adversaries the Sontarans.

All episodes have been newly remastered from the best available sources – these classic adventures have never looked or sounded so good on home media.

The Collection: Season 15 Blu-ray box set also includes extensive Special Features including:


    Exclusive to Blu-ray, on Horror Of Fang Rock.
    New episodes with Louise Jameson (Leela), Colin Baker (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Katy Manning (Jo Grant),  Betsan Roberts (wife of director Pennant Roberts) and comedian and presenter Toby Hadoke.
    A brand-new scripted trailer to announce the Season 15 Boxset of Doctor Who.
    A look at the life and career of producer Graham Williams.
    Interviewer Matthew Sweet chats to Louise Jameson.
    Making Horror Of Fang Rock.
    Tom Baker muses on life, the universe and everything.
    Exclusive new Audio Commentaries from Tom Baker.
    On Horror Of Fang Rock.


This seven-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including Documentaries, Updated Special Effects, Featurettes, Audio Commentaries and more.

The set is available to preorder on Amazon. 


Leela vs the Time War | The Collection: Season 15 Announcement Trailer
Even a warrior as brave as Leela knows when it's time to leave the battlefield... 💥 #DoctorWho: The Collection returns with Season 15, the Fourth Doctor's fourth season, as the next Blu-ray release

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Tuesday, 9 January 2024 - Reported by Marcus
The Church on Ruby Road: Picture Shows: Goblin King (Credit: BBC Studios (James Pardon))

Doctor Who: The Church On Ruby Road.had an official 7-day rating of 7.49 million viewers. 

The episode was the third most-watched programme on British television for the week ending 31st December 2023.

The only programmes to beat Doctor Who was the New Year's Eve Fireworks and the Christmas Day edition of the drama Call the Midwife. 

ITV's highest-rated programme was the drama Vera with 5.71 million watching. The BBC had all 10 places in the weekly Top Ten. 

Doctor Who was watched by 41.4% of the total viewing public. It had an Audience appreciation figure of 82. 

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Thursday, 4 January 2024 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 599 (Credit: Panini)

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 599 is out today.

In this issue:

  • An exclusive double interview with Ncuti Gatwa and David Tennant – talking about bi-generation.

  • An access-all-areas look at the making of the Anniversary Specials finale The Giggle.

  • Production designer Phil Sims takes us on a guided tour of the new TARDIS.

  • Sonic disruptors! The making of the Fifteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

  • A profile of new companion Ruby Sunday.

  • Join Blue Peter competition winner Verity on a tour of Doctor Who’s Wolf Studios.

  • We talk to the people who worked on post-production on the latest episodes.

  • Script editor Scott Handcock relives the anniversary month in his Production Diary.

  • Crowd Sourcing – the concluding part of our feature on the life of extras on 60s Doctor Who.

  • Letter from the Showrunner – Russell T Davies explains how the Gallifrey of the Fugutive Doctor was foreshadowed in 70s episode The Hand of Fear – now available on iPlayer.

  • Sophie Aldred – aka 80s companion Ace – remembers her time on the show.

  • The Fact of Fiction – we scrutinise Eleventh Doctor mid-series finale A Good Man Goes To War.

  • A brand-new comic strip featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday!


  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest official news.

  • A new-look reviews section – covering radio, books, soundtracks, and audio dramas.

  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.

  • Win a copy of the Anniversary Specials Blu-ray, the new Target adaptations and the latest audio releases.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 599 is on sale Thursday 4 January from panini.co.uk and WH Smith priced £7.99 (UK). 

Also available as a digital edition from pocketmags.com priced £6.99

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Monday, 1 January 2024 - Reported by Marcus

Toby Hadoke has published his annual memoriam of those who have delighted us both in front of and behind the scenes of Doctor Who and its extended worlds, who sadly passed away in 2023.


Doctor Who In Memoriam 2023
Remembering those whom we lost from the worlds of Doctor Who this year. Includes a small number from before 2023 whose deaths only came to light this year.

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