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Saturday, 3 October 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Series 9 on FX India (Credit: BBC/FX India)FX in India have announced that the latest series of Doctor Who reaches the country this Sunday evening!

FX took up the mantle of Doctor Who in India since May this year, after BBC Entertainment ceased transmission in the country in 2012. Shown daily, viewers have been able to experience the latest adventures of the Doctor over the last few months, leading to the debut of Peter Capaldi this weekend as the channel shows the whole of the eighth series over two afternoons - leading to the premiere of The Magician's Apprentice on Sunday 4th October 2015 at 11:00pm.

The announcement means that India is now the ninth region in the world to see the new adventures of the Doctor, currently being enjoyed by the UK (BBC One), USA (BBC America), Canada (SPACE), Asia (BBC Entertainment), New Zealand (PRIME), Australia (ABC), Benelux (BBC First), and Finland (YLE2). Denmark (DR3), South Africa (BBC First) and Germany (FOX) are due to air the series in the coming weeks.

You can keep up with the latest broadcasts of Doctor Who around the world via This Week in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Series 8 & 9 Promo

#Whovians, get ready for a weekend with Doctor Who. First catch all the episode of Series 8 back-to-back with #DoctorWhoOnFXTopRated today at 12 PM and then prepare yourself for the premiere of Series 9 #DoctorWhoOnFXTorrents tomorrow at 11 PM.

Posted by FX India on Friday, 2 October 2015

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 - Reported by Marcus
BBC Worldwide have signed a deal to bring Doctor Who to the Indian channel FX.

All eight post 2005 series of the show will be screened starting 15th May 2015. The deal marks largest volume sale of the BBC series in the country. FX is owned by Star India Private Limited and is available in a million homes in the country.

Myleeta Aga, SVP and GM of BBC Worldwide in India said
This partnership marks a milestone for us. It will be the first time Whovians in India will be able to participate in the global Doctor Who phenomenon. And it is also the first time we’ve concluded a major deal with Star India.

We’ve seen an increasing interest in British drama from our partners in the last 12 months or so. Viewers now recognise the originality of British drama, and this has caused a surge in interest in our drama series like Doctor Who. We are very glad to be working with Star India to bring this very iconic series (including series 9 which is currently being filmed) to viewers in India.
A Star India spokesperson commented:
We are very excited to be bringing Doctor Who to our viewers in India. Doctor Who is distributed to over 200 territories across the world. We are very happy India will now be part of this global sensation and we’re sure that the series will resonate with our viewers.
Brian Minchin, Executive Producer, Doctor Who says:
We are delighted that Doctor Who is going to hit the screens of FX. We’re hugely proud of the show and the Doctor’s adventures in time and space. Hold on tight - there are thrills and wonders ahead! 51 years ago, the very first episode of Doctor Who was directed by Waris Hussein, born in Lucknow. I like to think we’ve finally come full circle with the new modern series launching in India on FX.

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