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Friday, 30 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The filming this week at locations in Wales attracted not only Outpost Gallifrey's eagle-eyed fans (see set reports yesterday) but also reports in the press. The South Wales Echo on September 28 said "The Doctor Who team have been spotted out and about filming one of the latest episodes for the sci-fi series. A desolate spot on the mountainside at Gelligaer Common, in between Bargoed and Merthyr, was where the stars and the film crew starting setting up from dawn yesterday. New Doctor Who star David Tenant and actress Billie Piper were reported to have been on site - and the famous Tardis could be seen in the distance. A carriage and horses were also seen from the road which was blocked off by two police officers while the cameras rolled. Traffic was stopped while action was being filmed about quarter of a mile from the narrow winding road leading to Bedlinog. Curious passersby were being discouraged from going near the film set. BBC Wales have constantly kept their filming locations a closely guarded secret as well as the plot. A BBC spokesman said: 'The film set is a closed set and we always turn down requests for interview and pictures to ensure the story line is kept secret.' A passerby at the scene, who did not wish to be named, said the director had told him they tried to keep filming locations within 45 miles of Cardiff. He also got the impression from the crew that Gelligaer Common was the perfect setting for a werewolf theme. Local firms were also being used on site as part of the filming scene." On September 29, the South Wales Evening Post discussed the other filming location. "It may be a long way from Gallafray [sic] to Gower, but that clearly hasn't put off one time-travelling tourist. Proving that the reputation of Worm's Head now reaches beyond the stars, the renowned inhabitant of the fictitious planet turned up in Rhossili. And as his famous blue police-box Tardis slowly materialised, Dr Who's latest adventure began to unravel in front of a BBC film crew and the bemused stares of bewildered sheep. Makers of the popular show revealed earlier this year that Gower would be used as one of the locations for an episode in the latest series, which has once-again been penned by Swansea-born writer Russell T Davies. But the specific location remained top-secret, so that filming wouldn't be held up by unintentional interruptions from over-enthusiastic fans. David Tennant, who plays the latest incarnation of the Timelord from Gallafray, was joined by Billie Piper, who plays companion Rose, on the cliff-tops overlooking the stunning sweep of Rhossili - to the delight of passers-by. One visitor, Viv Richards of Port Eynon, was there with her grandchildren. She said: "They are great fans of Dr Who, so they were delighted to be able to see the filming. 'It was fun for the children to see it being filmed here in Swansea. We stayed there a couple of hours watching them. They seemed really nice people.' It's not the first time that Dr Who has visited Swansea. Last year part of the marina was transformed into a scene that re-created a Dickensian Cardiff street. And thanks to Mr Davies' fondness for his home country, numerous sites across South Wales have been used for filming, including Cardiff Bay

An article at ic Sefton and West Lancs profiles a Dalek casings builder in Ainsdale. "Hidden away in an incongruous-looking shed are two of the universe's dreaded tinpot dictators - the Daleks. There's no need to worry. The long-standing Doctor Who baddies are in fact casings, lovingly fashioned by engineering whizz Andy Shaw. And it's not just the Daleks you'll find around Andy's garden. Robots based on the film Forbidden Planet and US sci-fi show Lost in Space are also dotted about the rockery. The machines reflect an interest in robots that Andy, 41, has had since childhood. ... One of his creations now stands at Spaceport, the space-age attraction at Seacombe Ferry in Wirral, and there has been interest in his work from the USA. ... Even before the successful Doctor Who revival on BBC One this spring, it was Andy's Daleks which attracted the most interest. They appear at conventions organised by Indelible, the Merseyside arm of the series' fan club, and fundraisers for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Former Doctor Who Colin Baker, whose baby son Jack died suddenly, chaired the Foundation for eight years."

(Thanks to Paul Engelberg)

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Friday, 30 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The Doctor Who Appreciation Society, the world's largest Doctor Who organization, has a new web address... or, rather, will have very shortly as it's about to open. is the new web address, according to the Society, and the site will relaunch soon for members. Also, all enquiries can now be sent (Thanks to Karen Davies)

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Friday, 30 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
In addition to our report yesterday, Outpost Gallifrey has received the cover illustration for the wide-release version of Singularity starring Peter Davison and Mark Strickson, due in November. The cover illustration, by Lee Binding, will be seen on the release distributed widely including through subscriptions; Tenth Planet has a special version of the cover, by Stuart Manning, that is limited to 800 copies for sale through their store (cover seen in yesterday's update). Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.
In addition, Outpost Gallifrey has learned that the cast of next year's January release, "Pier Pressure" by Robert Ross, features a guest appearance by Roy Hudd, the British comedian and actor best known for his very long-running radio series "The News Huddlines," appearances in "Purely Belter," "The Roy Hudd Show," "Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life" and "Up Pompeii" and for his role as the undertaker Archie Shuttleworth in the popular ITV soap opera Coronation Street. Hudd recently reprised his role as Max Quordlepleen in the radio adaptation of the final book of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Hudd plays the role of Max Miller, the legendary comedian enshrined by a statue in Brighton, where "Pier Pressure" is set in the early 20th century. (Thanks to Gary Russell)

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Friday, 30 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The official website today confirmed our story from yesterday that Series One Volume Two would be released on the UMD disc format used by Sony in their Playstation console system. The disc will be released on 17 October, featuring "Aliens of London," "World War Three" and "Dalek". The site notes, however, that "Volumes One, Three and Four will follow in December, although a specific date has yet to be announced. Discs will cost 17.99 each." At right is the illustration for the cover of the UMD format release; click on it for a larger version.

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
At right is a scan of a forthcoming Harry Potter calendar which shows a photo of David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jnr. in the new film "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the image (which was originally revealed on the MuggleNet website). (Thanks to James Bagnall)

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
According to, the first series of Doctor Who from this year is not only available on DVD, plus will also be released on the new UMD format for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). The release will occur in mid-October and it will start with the second disc, apparently, as there's no word on the first disc being made available. (Thanks to Sean Parnell)

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has learned that Ronald Leigh-Hunt, who played Radnor in "The Seeds of Death" and Stevenson in "Revenge of the Cybermen," and was also CA One in the Blake's 7 episode "Children of Auron," died on 12 September at age 88, and Roger Brierley, who played Trevor in "The Daleks' Master Plan" and much later returned as Drathro in "The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet" died on 23 September at age 70. The obituary for Leigh-Hunt can be found at The Times and one for Brierley at The Stage Online. (Thanks to Andrew Green, Ben Jolly)

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The following is a ratings chart for BBC Three Summer 2005 repeats, as known:
Sunday 17 July7.00pmRose165,3001.5%
Sunday 17 July7.45pmConfidential Cut Down 1141,5001.2%
Friday 22 July9.00pmRose139,9001.0%
Friday 22 July9.45pmConfidential Cut Down 1132,3000.9%
Sunday 24 July7.00pmThe End of the World162,0001.2%
Friday 29 July9.00pmThe End of the World151,5001.0%
Sunday 31 July7.00pmThe Unquiet Dead227,0001.8%
Friday 5 August9.00pmThe Unquiet Dead89,5000.6%
Sunday 7 August7.00pmAliens of London215,2001.8%
Friday 12 August9.00pmAliens of London101,3000.7%
Sunday 14 August7.00pmWorld War Three226,3001.7%
Friday 19 August9.00pmWorld War Three200,2001.4%
Sunday 21 August7.00pmDalek201,5001.7%
Friday 26 August9.00pmDalek132,6000.9%
Sunday 28 August7.00pmThe Long Game129,2001.1%
Friday 2 September9.00pmThe Long Game150,6001.0%
Sunday 4 September7.00pmFatherÆs Day190,6001.4%
Friday 9 September9.00pmFatherÆs Day263,8001.8%
Sunday 11 September7.30pmThe Empty Child196,5001.3%
Sunday 11 September8.15pmThe Doctor Dances284,9001.7%
Friday 16 September9.00pmThe Empty Child132,9000.9%
Sunday 18 September7.30pmBoom Town252,6001.6%
Sunday 18 September8.15pmBad Wolf275,0001.7%
Friday 23 September9.00pmThe Doctor Dances211,5001.4%
Sunday 25 September7.00pmThe Parting of the Ways216,9001.5%

These figures continue to put the repeats outside the BBC Three top 10 for each week, but are probably high enough to keep Doctor Who in the channelÆs top 20. (BBC ThreeÆs Top 10, dominated by EastEnders, Little Britain and Nighty Night at the moment, is getting between 300,000 and 700,000 viewers.) No figures are available for the various Confidential repeats, aside from the first one. (Thanks to Steve Tribe)

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
While there is currently no official word from BBC Worldwide, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has cleared the six episodes of The Scream of the Shalka for DVD release, reportedly at some time in the spring of 2006. "Shalka," the animated webcast serial created for BBCi prior to the announcement of the new series, stars Richard E. Grant, Sophie Okonedo and Derek Jacobi and was written by Paul Cornell. We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The official Doctor Who website has made available the brief clips recovered after fans spotted them being broadcast several weeks ago on a BBC2 series called "Sunday Past times". The clips show a Dalek production line and Daleks outside a space capsule. The footage will reportedly be included on a DVD release next year.

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Big Finish have made some announcements about future releases, including some long-term plans. Full story and cast details for James Swallow's Singularity starring Peter Davison and Mark Strickson, due in November, have been released and are on our releases page; also announced are two new audios due out next year, The Settling by Simon Guerrier, with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Philip Olivier, and The Cube by Trevor Baxendale, with Paul McGann, Conrad Westmaas and India Fisher. Meanwhile, Big Finish has created a new "micro-site" for their Cyberman limited audio serieshere.
As done last year with the release "Caerdroia," the Tenth Planet shop in Barking will have a special edition ofSingularity with a special cover on audios sold through the store. Click on the thumbnail at right for a larger version of the special cover (the regular cover has not yet been released.
Finally, posted at the Big Finish website is a list of future releases with working titles; these are stories that have been approved by the BBC for release over the next several years, which include the following stories:
Fifth Doctor
Summer in the City by Joseph Lidster
Circular Time by Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox
Friends and Enemies by Adrian Rigelsford
Son of the Dragon by Steve Lyons

Sixth Doctor
The Nowhere Place by Nicholas Briggs
Dead Men Walking by Joseph Lidster
Year of the Pig by Matthew Sweet
The Clutches of Kali by Manjit Singh
Spiders by Alison Lawson

Seventh Doctor
We are the Dead by Martin Day
Alone Again by Marc Platt
Deadman's Hand by John Ostrander

Eighth Doctor
Memory Lane by Eddie Robson
Best of All Possible Worlds by Alex Fitch and Kim Morgan
Absolution by Scott Alan Woodard

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Actress Sophia Myles has accepted a new role, according to her fan site she'll be playing Madame Du Pompadour in a forthcoming episode of the second series, likely "The Girl in the Fireplace". At the moment we've received no official confirmation of the casting, but we expect this is correct. (Thanks to Maria at

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The first of two set reports today (after a conspicuous absence) from Outpost Gallifrey correspondent Ruth Gunstone features details of location work done in Rhossili, the western edge of the Gower Peninsula, over the weekend, including photographs which could be considered spoilers. The text is included in the spoiler tag; click on the images for larger versions.
Travelling to Swansea from Sheffield is a grueling 5-hour drive, so at the time of booking my place at "Regenerations 2005" I had decided to spend an extra day in Swansea so I could see something of the area.

Chatting to a fellow fan during Saturday's lunch-break, I mentioned that I was intending to do some sightseeing, and was recommended by the chap (so sorry, I didn't get his name), to visit the bay and headland of Rhossili, about one hour west of Swansea.

So, on Monday morning, after refuelling myself with a "Full English", I duly headed west, found Rhossili, parked my car, and walked out toward the "Worm's Head" - a spectacular outcrop of land joined to the headland by a causeway which can be walked at low-tide. Unfortunately, it wasn't low-tide, so after taking some photo's of the breathtaking scenery and fairly wild sea, I started back toward the car-park, intending to to get a quick cup of tea, and then drive on to somewhere else.

Walking around the cliff path, I noticed a group of people on the skyline, one of whom was holding a boom-mic. As I approached, I spoke to a lady who was sitting watching the proceedings. "What are they recording?" I asked, expecting something along the lines of a current affairs insert on the erosion of the coastline or somesuch. To my absolute astonishment, she replied "Doctor Who!", with a grin as wide as the Gower peninsular itself! I looked closer, and saw a lighting crew wrestling with a large fixture, and several other techy people wearing headsets and speaking into walkie-talkies. "Look" said my new acquaintance, pointing, "There's Billie - and there's David Tennant". "Haven't you seen the TARDIS?" she added, pointing back along the path. And there it was! Just on the horizon - I could make out the top half of the oh-so-familiar blue box!

"Give me a day like this!" I exclaimed, trying hard not to be too loud and disturb the shooting.

It was amazing! What were the chances of stumbling into this, the day after attending my first 'Who' convention? And even better - I had my new camera in my kit-bag, together with extra rechargeable batteries and a half-gig memory card. Bingo!!

I approached the filming area quietly, and managed to catch the eye of one of the crew. I mouthed and gestured a sort of "Am I o.k. to sit here?". He winked and smiled, so I took that as a "yes", sat down on the grass (being careful to avoid rabbit and sheep poo!), and got my camera ready.

The day was windy - /really/ windy, and Billie and David were having trouble with their costumes. Billie's hair was being blown about, as was David's long brown coat. The shot seemed to consist of the two of them lying on the ground (almost as if sunbathing!), and after some conversation, getting up, David putting on his coat, and the two of them walking off toward the TARDIS. David seemed to have real problems putting on his coat as the wind kept threatening to take it (and David!) over the cliff edge!

I was there for a good half-hour or so, and got some really good shots of Billie and David, as they rehearsed and recorded a scene.

A break for lunch was called. I took the opportunity to do the same, pausing on my way back to the car-park only to take a snap of the TARDIS, which looked surreal, sat there on this cliff-top.

After a very welcome pot of tea, and even more welcome steak-pie, peas and chips, I walked back along the cliff path. By this time, shooting had recommenced, but now the action was immediately outside the TARDIS, and involved a scene with Rose and the Doctor emerging from the TARDIS, and the Doctor telling Rose where and when they had landed.

*** Spoiler alert! *** As I mentioned earlier, it was a /very/ windy day (the sound guys were having problems with the noise), but I did manage to overhear something along the lines of "This is the year five billion and twenty-five, and it's the galaxy...".

The Doctor and Rose then laughed, and ran along the cliff-top, hair and clothes being pummeled by the wind.

The crew were obviously battling with the light - it was very overcast, and getting darker by the minute. The "Big Bertha" lantern was brought into play as they then set for another scene. This involved another actor, whom I didn't recognise. His make-up and costume were - "interesting"! Somehow I couldn't help but be reminded of Leo Sayer!

By this time, the weather was really starting to hamper the proceedings. The light was very low, and crew members dashed in with umbrellas and coats to try to protect the actors from the rain, which was now starting to fall. Electronic equipment was hurriedly covered in plastic sheets while the last few shots were recorded. Eventually a 'wrap' was called - much to the delight of one or two of the tech's who were starting to get thoroughly soaked!

I saw Billie dash for cover (with a good-humered scream!), and the crew started to dismantle the equipment. To my amazement, the roof of the TARDIS was carried to the truck, and I got a great view of its internal lighting arrangements!

As I walked away, back up the cliff-path, I looked back and saw the TARDIS lying horizontal on the ground, its roof absent. Now there's something you don't see very often!
Set Report and Photos 2: Gelligaer Common
September 29, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The second of our set reports is from location work done at Gelligaer Common, about an hour north of Cardiff in central Wales, courtesy our correspondent Steve Gerrard; the photos were taken during the filming of the second episode. Also included is a brief spoiler about episode one, "New Earth"; both are included in the spoiler tags. Click on each image for a larger version.
OUT ON THE WINDING WINDY MOOR . . . Blimey, I had a day yesterday. First of all I was late for my job centre appointment and then, after having it re-booked I was told to wait an extra half hour after I should have been seen. Anyway, not in the best of moods, I went home and heard a rumour that the new series of Doctor Who MAY be filming just five miles away from me. Not one to shirk responsibility, I put on my anorak - come on, we all have one - and went, along with my dad and the dog, to Gelligaer Common, approximately five miles from the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil, and about one mile from where the old Doctor Who series, The Green Death was filmed. You know, THE ONE WITH THE GIANT MAGGOTS....

Well, we parked the car and walked up to where we thought the Beeb may be filming. Couldn't mistake it really, not with those bloomin' great vans everywhere. We walked right up to where the cameras were, taking our time and care not to slip over any of the copious amounts of electrical leads strewn around the site. And there it was... The one constant thing about the entire programme... Standing proud, but dejected, atop one of the most bleak places in Wales - and let's be fair, Wales is pretty bleak at the best of times - the TARDIS! FANTABULOSA!!! There it was... In the flesh... Not quite in the flesh, but you get my drift. Any road out, I asked a production chappie if I could stand and watch, and as the site is a public area he said it should be okay. But I WASN'T TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS!!!! As if... Ahem, anyway... So, for the next ten minutes I saw a part of Series Two being made. What happened....? If you want to know the bits about the Doctor, skip the next few paragraphs as I ramble on and on about the minutae of what happened on that fateful day... Don't worry, I'll let you know in plenty of time... Oh, to hell with it - hoist up your skirts and let's go...

First of all, there was a black carriage - originally my dad thought it was a hearse - with some horses reined to it. There were some officious, and rather gallant looking foot soldiers with rifles pointing them at the Doctor and Rose. The sargeant atop the lead horse asked the Doctor who he was and this is what was said:

Soldier: (Thick Scottish accent) Who are you? And who is that half-naked strumpet? (At least that's what it sounded like to me)
Doctor: (Thick Scottish Mockney accent) I am Doctor Jamie McCrimmon. I studied under Doctor Bell. (The Doctor shows him his psychic paper)

As the wind was really blowing, I couldn't quite make out what they said next. Rose looked cold. Then all of a sudden there was a booming voice saying "Cut! Lunch!" and they were gone. I do remember an assistant saying "All the soldiers go in the van!"

So there I was, with the TARDIS. Of course, I had photos taken. Sad, but strangely wonderful. Then, thinking that the day was over, we took the dog for a walk around where they filmed THE ONE WITH THE GIANT MAGGOTS. Well, flap me sideways... The production crew were there, along with the extras, scoffing their faces outside the food van. I saw Ms Piper and, being brave, I asked her if I could have a photo, it "Being a fan thing...". Wow! She obliged, and it looks lovely. Thank you Ms Piper!

Anyway, I thought that was enough for the day, and so went home, only to be told by my mum that she wanted to see David Tennant, as she's a big fan of his other work. So, off we traipsed again...

Basically, we saw the same set up, only this time a lot more filming seemed to take place. This time there were more soldiers, given directions to look as if they "meant business", and they all stood pointing their guns at the Doctor and Rose. Those two intrepid travellers walk up to the coach and a coachman opened the door. Blow me down with a feather!! Inside was Queen Victoria. Again the Doctor shows his psychic paper. Queen Victoria leans forward and takes it from him and says:

Queen Vic (not the pub in EastEnders): I see, Doctor. But you failed to mention that it says that you are to be my protector.
The Doctor: Mumbles something I couldn't quite make out
Queen Vic: Very well, Doctor... You shall accompany me... Drive on.

There were numerous takes of this scene - first of all was the rehearsals, then the filmed rehearsals and finally the filming itself. Most ran very smoothly apart from when one of the horses decided he'd had enough and almost fell asleep, causing the carriage to judder violently, and shaking ol' Queen Vic and the camera crew up considerably. There were multiple takes of close-ups, medium close-ups, wide shots, etc. The actor playing the Sargeant had to walk behind the camera crew and then step up a ladder so that his voice - offscreen - could be heard, to give the other actors a reaction to act against. All through this set up, the extras stood around, looking rather stoical, including earlier some as Buddhist monks looking rather cold with their shaven heads nicely catching the suns rays. Mr Tennant and Ms Piper also stood around in the cold, but were immediately given warm anoraks - see, we all have them - to wear. Poor Ms Piper, her outfit as you can see was not practical for time travel in bleakest Wales, and I did feel sorry for her. A break was called and me and my mum had our photos taken with Mr Tennant - see photo.

When with Mr Tennant, I asked him two questions, his answers are as follows:

Me: Mr Tennant, are you enjoying yourself, playing the Doctor?
Mr T: I'm having A WHALE OF A TIME!!!

Me: Aren't you cold?
Mr T: My ears are freezing... I've never experienced anything like this before!

And then time was called, and he had to return to the shoot. As you can see, the photos also show various set ups including Queen Victoria's carriage, and if you look carefully enough, Her Maj 'erself.

All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a bunch of old pros at work, and above all else, I thought that Mr Tennant and Ms Piper were kind and considerate enough to take time from their busy schedule to talk to a sad anorak like me. Thanks.


Contrary to popular belief, the Catwomen are in Episode One and are 'Nuns' - The Matron, the Sister and the Novice, in charge of a 'Plague Farm' where humans are experimented on, several of whom break out. The Duke of Manhattan is an obese character similar to Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movies, or perhaps Baron Harkennon from Dune.
Recent Locations
September 29, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Filming has occurred recently at Tredegar House in Newport... says an Outpost Gallifrey Forum correspondent, "My brother in law visited Tredegar House in Newport yesterday. This is a large house open to the public and only a short distance from the Newport studio. He says BBC Wales were building the Tardis in the basement but no one was allowed to see it." According to BBC Wales Southeast, "Ancestral home of the Morgan family and later the Lord Tredegars, this seventeenth century house is nestled just off the M4 near Newport. The Victorians re-modelled the original seventeenth century house so that they wouldn't have to receive guests straight into the Great Hall. They abandoned the main entrance, and turned the house on its side, building this new entrance in around 1850." Also, filming at the hotel building of the Headlands School in Penarth has taken place on September 29/30, with service vehicles located at the barrage car park ("Apparently, we will hear blank shots being fired!" says another of our Forum correspondents).

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Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Getting caught up on some of the press clippings to have appeared in the past two weeks while I was on vacation...

The Stage has a short piece about John Barrowman's concurrent theatre appearances in December. "West End star John Barrowman looks as if he is going to be a busy boy this Christmas.... After all, the Simply Musical star made a recent TV appearance as time-travelling Captain Jack Harness in the new series of Doctor Who and it seems that he will be employing some sort of Tardis-like device (perhaps draped in tinsel?) to travel between Wimbledon and the West End on a daily basis for the beginning part of the festive period. Either that, or some unfortunate punters are going to be watching an understudy somewhere along the line. But no, that would never happen. I refuse to believe it."

Sylvester McCoy is profiled in an article at The Western Mail which discusses his new role at the Grand Theatre in Swansea. "The man who played the seventh Doctorr Who - he of the panama hat, question mark umbrella, pullover and braces - takes the part of Inspector Rough in Gaslight which opens tomorrow. At 62, McCoy is a veteran of the stage but he's still best known for his stint as the Doctor from 1987-89. And while in Swansea he popped into a Doctor Who convention at the weekend, in the city's Marriott Hotel, to meet fans of the series. ... 'Most of us Doctors will always be remembered best for the role,' he admits. 'But we've all had very busy careers after it. It's a great part to have played and I look back at it very positively.'"

Colin Baker turned up for an autograph signing this past Saturday in Darwen after his car got a flat, according to This Is Lancashire. "Fans were eagerly awaiting Colin Baker who played the cult BBC1 character between 1984 and 1986 at Darwen Library Theatre where he was due to speak at Doctor Who Day 2 organised by super fan Graham Groom. But the atmosphere amongst the conference visitors became even more tense than an episode involving the Daleks when his arrival time came and went. Graham 40 of Meadow Street Darwen paced nervously by the door waiting for his star guest to arrive. He said more than 100 tickets had been sold for the event -- the second Doctor Who convention he has held in his hometown -- and that people had travelled from all over the country. But just as panic started to set in his mobile phone rang -- it was the sixth incarnation of the Doctor to tell him his tyre had blown but he was on his way. Good job too...the Cybermen were getting restless. By the time he finally made his entrance Mr Baker recieved a rapturous welcome from the excited crowd. Colin who grew up in Rochdale said: 'I always feel at home coming up here and seeing the Pennines. We used to cycle to Blackpool and would go through places like Ramsbottom and Haslingden on the way.'"

David Tennant can be heard reading the book "Mac B" by Neil Arksey on BBC Radio 7's Big Toe show; click here for details.

BBC News has a few photos from the Regenerations convention in Swansea last weekend. The convention was also covered briefly at IcWales.

Bruno Langley (Adam) is starring in "Right Up Your Street," a cabaret evening, along with his former colleagues from Coronation Street at the Oldham Coliseum on Friday 7 October in aid of North West health charities, according to thiswebsite. Langley was also said to be appearing in the play Night Sky (by Rachel Wagstaff) to be shown at the Old Vic on Sunday 30 October (one night only) in aid of Index on Censorship (along with Simon Russell-Beale and Saffron Burrows) according to Index Online; however, according to a later report from Index of Censorship, "Due to a series of unfortunate events, we shall be postponing the performance of Night Sky that was due to take place on the 30th October."

September 22's edition of "The Sentinel" noted that "Pupils invited a special time traveller - an actor who has appeared in BBC 1's Doctor Who - to see their school's Tardis. Year six children from Belgrave Primary, in Longton, were treated to a drama workshop with Alan Ruscoe, who played a mannequin-like Auton in the last series of the cult BBC TV show. Alan has also appeared in two of the Star Wars films. John Collier, an advanced skills teacher at Belgrave Primary, contacted many past and present stars, inviting them to see the school's time machine. He said: 'I wrote to Alan originally because of his connection with the programme. I was surprised to learn that he actually comes from Longton. When he offered to spend a day in school, I couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true, for me as well as the children.' Belgrave's Tardis - which comes complete with a Dalek and computer equipment - is aimed at helping to inspire learning."

"How ITV changed the BBC" is an article on BBC News; there's a brief mention of Doctor Who.

The Daily Mail quotes Russell T Davies on "Scream of the Shalka" actor Richard E. Grant on September 21: "Despite being an early favourite to play Dr Who, Richard E Grant never really had a chance -- writer-producer Russell T Davies loathes the Withnail And I star. He says: 'I'm not a fan. He was never on our list to play the Doctor. Never.'"

The September 21 edition of "Third Sector" says that "Robert Cork, a 49-year-old man with chronic lymphatic leukaemia, has built a replica Dalek in just eight weeks in an attempt to raise money for the Bournemouth Leukeamia Fund. Cork, who spent up to eight hours a day building his version of the legendary Doctor Who race, has already raised pounds 400 for the cancer charity. He is set to make more by displaying it at local events, where people will be able to have their photo taken with the 'Charity Dalek'. The machine will also patrol local shopping centres, where donations can be put into a bucket attached to the remote-controlled, life-size robot."

Tom Baker's quest to become a voice over legend continues as he narrates the UK version of the forthcoming "Wallace and Gromit" film trailer, "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". Baker's voice over trailer can be found on MSN and follows successful voiceovers on "Little Britain", numerous TV adverts and the forthcoming "Magic Roundabout" film.

Channel 5 broadcast "The Most Shameful TV Moments Ever" on September 19, "a veritable feast of the most tacky, twee, and tasteless shows to have graced, or disgraced, or our screens" according to the DWAS. Amongst the many gems was an examination of Doctor Who's entry, The Happiness Patrol, and included the views of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's Antony Wainer.

September 17's Express and Star discussed the release of new Dalek toys. "Midlands parents should brace themselves for the latest must-have toy - an ageing, all exterminating villain which is still standing the test of time. Daleks have been Doctor Who's arch-enemies for four decades now but the infernal pepperpots from the planet Skaro are showing no signs of giving up on their evil plans for world domination. Remote controlled versions of the metal meanies are flying off the shelves in Kidderminster's Classic Collectables shop in the Horsefair and staff there predict it will soon be the same story across the region. Toy specialists are predicting that the evil creatures will be the number one selling gift this Christmas and, if Kidderminster is anything to go by, they could be right."

(Thanks to Paul Engelberg, Steve Tribe, Scott Matthewman, Darren Pickles, Peter Weaver, Faiz Rehman, Derek Hall)