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Wednesday, 28 February 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive
The BBC's Doctor Who website reports that Billie Piper will be on Top Gear this coming Sunday.

As mentioned earlier this month on Outpost Gallifrey, she will be taking to the test track in the "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car" feature.

The show is on BBC Two at 8pm and is repeated on Wednesday, March 7 on BBC Two at 7pm and on Saturday, March 10 at 7pm on BBC Three.

The Doctor Who site and the Top Gear website both carry a picture of Piper on the show, although it may not stay on the Top Gear site for long.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson

The Australian Associated Press are reporting that Network Ten have purchased Torchwood and are also committed to series two of the spin-off.

Update March 5 2007: The Sydney Morning Herald today in its weekly TV guide reports on Channel Ten's "surprise move" to buy Torchwood (with a full-length photo of Captain Jack).

The SMH reports that "[m]any had assumed the ABC would land the show because of its link to the long-running Doctor Who franchise . . . Ten will launch Torchwood later this year. It remains unclear how Ten and the ABC will handle crossover storylines between the two shows."

The Age (March 8 2007) has also reported on the "keenly awaited" Torchwood being purchased by Channel Ten.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive
The David Tennant/Sarah Parish drama Recovery attracted five million viewers, losing out to ITV1's detective series Lewis, which drew 7.3 million.

Recovery, which aired on BBC1 on Sunday night, had a 20 per cent audience share. It scored an Appreciation Index figure of 86 and was the most enjoyed programme on Sunday night.

Over on Channel 4, Bridget Jones's Diary was watched by three million people, while Five netted more than one million for the film Point Break and 2.3m for the second instalment of The Conspiracy Files, focusing on the death of government scientist Dr David Kelly.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson
According to Dreamwatch SciFi, the BBC have confirmed that season three of Doctor Who will commence on 31st March.

In addition, we can reveal that the series had originally been planned to launch on 24th March, indeed this is stated in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, but the schedule was changed earlier this week when it was decided that BBC One would be screening England's European Championship match against Israel on that Saturday.

The start time is likely to be the traditional 7pm slot.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson
Issue 380 of Doctor Who Magazine is due out on 1st March; the following is a preview including the cover. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.
(Thanks to Tom Spilsbury/DWM)
Countdown to the launch of Series Three with the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

This issue, producers Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson are given a grilling - not by DWM, but by their own colleagues! Find out whether Michael Sheen is going to be the Eleventh Doctor, why Julie Gardner's windows have been nailed shut, and what the bathrooms are like in the TARDIS. Meanwhile David Tennant asks Phil and Julie... "Are the Zarbi coming back?"

"Phil, you'd better take that one!" laughs Julie.
"Well, we have agonised, actually, whether or not to bring back the Zarbi," Phil replies.
"Which ones were the Zarbi?" asks Julie.
"The Zarbi were in a story [The Web Planet] in like 1965 or something," Phil explains. "They were great big giant ants, which were actually ballet dancers in black tights, with a fibreglass ant on top of them. They would look rather marvellous in colour, it's true to say, but I can exclusively reveal that we are not going to be bringing back the Zarbi, I'm sorry David. He's lobbied hard for them, but we just think they're going to be too frightening for young children."
Perhaps they could feature in Torchwood?
"Yes, I'll take them!" pipes up Julie. "Phil, hand me your Zarbi!"

Also this issue, there's a full preview of Episode 1, Smith and Jones, with brand new photographs and information on the Doctor's first meeting with medical student Martha Jones. Meanwhile, their alter egos David Tennant and Freema Agyeman record vocals for the new Doctor Who cartoon, and have a go at drawing themselves exclusively for DWM. The Infinite Quest is given a full preview, with design drawings and exclusive backstage photos and interviews.

Plus: Doctor Who's longest-serving crewmember, director Graeme Harper, tells DWM about bringing back the Cybermen, working with six different Doctors, and what's in store for his two latest episodes, 42 andUtopia; former series script editor Terrance Dicks chats about his new novel Made of Steel and gives his views on the return of Doctor Who; writer Stephen Greenhorn gives a few hints about his new episode The Lazarus Experiment; and the Black Guardian and Turlough answer questions in the Matrix Data Bank.

Meanwhile the end of the world approaches, as the Doctor and the Brigadier try to stop the invasion of Upper Wardleswick in the devastating final part of the new comic strip, The Warkeeper's Crown. Who will survive the final battle?

On top of all this, there's a FREE Doctor Who CD from Big Finish Productions, all the latest reviews in Off the Shelf, a Space Cake in Production Notes, and more exclusive news in Gallifrey Guardian - including three new episode titles, and one very important piece of information which was all true and correct when we went to press, but is, um, not actually true and correct anymore. And it's printed on four different pages. See if you can spot it...

DWM 380 is on sale from Thursday 1 March 2007.

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2007 UK DVD schedule updatedBookmark and Share

Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The official BBC Doctor Who website has released information on the UK DVD schedule for the first half of this year.

For the classic series: 16th April will be the delayed classic series story Survival28th May will see the release of Tom Baker's premiere, Robot; and 25th June will be the Colin Baker story Timelash.

For the new series, 2nd April will see the release of last year's Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride - in a change to last year's release form, the DVD will just consist of the special (ie. without Smith and Jones). The first 3rd season release is to be expected in June.

With the exception of Survival, extras for the forthcoming releases are yet to be revealed, though Tom Baker mentioned in the recent New Beginnings boxed set that he had recorded a commentary for Robot.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine announces three new Series Three titles. Confirming earlier speculation, the first installment of Paul Cornell's two-part story is entitled Human Nature and is based upon the earlier novel published by Virgin. Steven Moffat's episode is entitled Blink, while part one of Russell T Davies' two-part season ender is entitledThe Sound of Drums

The following is a recap of the Series Three episodes known so far:

1. Smith and Jones by Russell T. Davies, directed by Charles Palmer
2. The Shakespeare Code by Gareth Roberts, directed by Charles Palmer
3. Episode 3 by Russell T. Davies, directed by Richard Clarke
4. Daleks in Manhattan (part one) by Helen Raynor, directed by James Strong
5. Episode 5 (part two) by Helen Raynor, directed by James Strong
6. The Lazarus Experiment by Stephen Greenhorn, directed by Richard Clarke
7. 42 by Chris Chibnall, directed by Graeme Harper
8. Human Nature (part one) by Paul Cornell, directed by Charles Palmer
9. The Family of Blood by Paul Cornell, directed by Charles Palmer
10. Blink by Steven Moffat, directed by Hettie MacDonald
11. Utopia by Russell T. Davies, directed by Graeme Harper
12. The Sound of Drums (part one) by Russell T. Davies, directed by Colin Teague
13. Episode 13 (part two) by Russell T. Davies, directed by Colin Teague

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has received the cover illustration for the forthcoming UK DVD release of The Runaway Bride, the no-extras DVD release featuring this past December's Doctor Who special. Also included on the disc is the special installment of Doctor Who Confidential, "Music and Monsters," which was not previously announced. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover.

POSTSCRIPT (6 MAR): The official Doctor Who website has put on a story about the release.

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Piper recovers for debutBookmark and Share

Monday, 26 February 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive
Digital Spy reports that Billie Piper made her West End debut in Treats on Saturday after a 24-hour delay caused by an illness.

It says her agent told the Sunday Express: "Billie felt pretty unwell yesterday and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure. She was not kept in and was quickly out of bed and up and around."

Responding to speculation that Piper was pregnant, she added: "I am not prepared to discuss any other rumours about her health as she is now purely concentrating on her role in the show."

The Sunday Mirror said Piper - pictured above with Treats co-stars Kris Marshall and Laurence Fox, who is also her boyfriend - was rushed to hospital on Friday night after she collapsed in agony.

Digital Spy said the first show was due to take place on Friday but had been called off amid speculation that Piper was ill or stressed out. However, according to postings on the Outpost Gallifrey Forum, the show went ahead with an understudy taking her place.

Treats, which had been in previews, is on at the Garrick Theatre until May 26.

Outpost Gallifrey reported on Friday that Piper's official debut had been delayed, although conflicting dates were circulating. 

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Torchwood Vol. 3 CoverBookmark and Share

Monday, 26 February 2007 - Reported by Jarrod Cooper
The cover and information for the third Torchwood DVD has now been released. Due to be released in the UK on March 26, this volume will include the final four episodes from the first season. Deleted scenes, Episode Guides, a Video Diary, and featurette will also be included.
(Thanks to 2Entertain)

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