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Episode 31 - An Unearthly Series - The Origins of a TV Legend: First published 23 Nov 2013

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Doctor Who: New Generation (Credit: BBC Worldwide/ Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd.)Though the modern series of Doctor Who has yet to be established as essential viewing on television in Japan, fans in the country will now be able to enjoy the series in their native language thanks to an initiative announced by production company Kadokawa for this Autumn.

Doctor Who: New Generation will see the Matt Smith era released in the country starting with his debut series on 3rd October 2014, with the sixth and seventh series following over the next few months. The episodes will be fully dubbed into Japanese, with the voice of the eleventh Doctor portrayed by Tokuyoshi Kawashima, Amy by Kana Uetake, Rory by Yoshiki Nakajima, and River Song by Kozue Harashima.

The Series 5 Boxed set will be presented with Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo soundtracks in Japanese and the original English, plus Japanese subtitles; as well as the thirteen episodes of the series, the seven disc set will also include the 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol:

  • Disc 1: 11番目の時間 (The Eleventh Hour); 眼下の獣 (The Beast Below)
  • Disc 2: ダーレクの勝利 (Victory of the Daleks); 天使の時間 (The Time of Angels)
  • Disc 3: 肉体と石 (Flesh and Stone); ヴェネチアの吸血鬼 (The Vampires of Venice)
  • Disc 4: エイミーの選択 (Amy's Choice); ハングリー・アース (The Hungry Earth)
  • Disc 5: 冷血 (Cold Blood); ゴッホとドクター (Vincent and the Doctor)
  • Disc 6: 下宿人 (The Lodger); パンドリカが開く (The Pandorica Opens)
  • Disc 7: ビッグバン (The Big Bang); クリスマス・キャロル (A Christmas Carol)
The DVD is available to pre-order via Amazon.

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