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Saturday, 10 March 2001 - Reported by Marcus
Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Cyberon: BBV has returned to the video fold with "Cyberon". As noted on BBV's website: "We’ve made contact with something better than us. They are stronger, they don’t die. They’ll cast off their human bodies and spread to the stars, nothing will stop them." Doctor Lauren Anderson is understandably sceptical when research scientist Tom Mordley arrives to perform clinical trials of a new wonder drug. But not only does the drug work... it works miracles. It is only when the side effects begin to manifest themselves that Doctor Anderson must take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind a drug called... CYBERON." Principal photography on this new production has been completed. The video stars Jo Castleton as Dr. Lauren Anderson and P.J. Ochlan ("Space: Above and Beyond - Toy Soldiers") as Tom Mordley, and is wrtitten by Lance Parkin. "Cyberon" was released in November 2000 (bumped from October due to special effects requirements) and is now available in the UK, with other release planned shortly.
BBV Production Calendar: Details on current and forthcoming BBV productions are as follows:
  • The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind (new title) - Written by Pip & Jane Baker (the authors who originally created the character). Enslaved by her former servants, the Rani is forced to use her formidable scientific knowledge to satisfy the Tetraps thirst... for blood. Stars Kate O'Mara, who reprises her role from the series; also stars Anthony Keetch, Edward Cory, Patricia Merrick and Brian Knight. Now in release. Originally "Resurrection of the Rani."
  • Wirrn: Race Memory - Written by Paul Ebbs. An all new adventure featuring the alien Wirrn from Doctor Who, featuring special guest star Sarah Sutton (Nyssa in Doctor Who) as "Sarah", as well as Nigel Fairs, Mark Donovan and Keith Drinkel (who played Scobie in the TV episode "Time Flight"). The story takes place during the time of restoration on Planet Earth after the sleepers from the Ark known once as the Nerva Beacon have awoken to rebuild there world, but an unexpected menace is waiting to be released... Now in release.
  • The I Job - Written by Jonathan Blum. They're mad, they're bad and they're dangerous to know and they're going to pull off the heist of the century in an attempt to learn the secrets of the mysterious alien "I". This is definitely no "self-preservation society..." Featuring the "I" from his novel "Seeing I" and the follow up BBV audio "I Scream" from 2000. Release date unknown.
  • Do You Have a Licence to Save this Planet? - A new half-hour film from BBV written by Paul Ebbs & Gareth Preston. "Starring in the film is Sylvester McCoy in a role that has absolutely no relationship to anything else he may have played in the past. Yes, he's the intrepid traveller in time and space, The Foot Doctor, and this time he'll be battling the massed forces of Autons, Krynoids, Sontarans and Cyberons. With sparkling dialogue and physical comedy from a master at work "Do you have a Licence..." is not to be missed... or we'll set the Licensed Reality Corporation on you! "Do you have a Licence..." is already deep in post-production." The finished portion video debuted in America at the Gallifrey convention. The video is due to be finished by April and will make its final full debut at the DWAS@25 Convention. An extended video release (including extra scenes and out-takes) will follow in the UK.
  • Faction Paradox: The Eleven Day Empire - Written by Lawrence Miles. Based on Miles' Faction Paradox storylines about renegade Time Lords who worship the creation of time paradoxes from the BBC Eighth Doctor books. The first of a series called "The Faction Paradox Protocols".
  • Zygons: The Barnacled Baby - Written by Anthony Keetch. Says BBV: "a blackly comic victorian melodrama from the pen of Anthony Keetch (recently heard in THE RANI REAPS THE WHIRLWIND and currently appearing in Selfridge's London as Father Christmas)"
Additional scripts are in the pipeline from Pip and Jane Baker, Jon Blum, Paul Ebbs, Lance Parkin, David A. McIntee and Dave Stone.
Video on the Web: BBV has put several video clips on the web. Says the BBV press release: "With the imminent release of the latest Audio Adventure in Time and Space, the latest Sontaran epic, Conduct Unbecoming, BBV Online presents "For Battle and Glory" an exclusive download in VQF format featuring writer Gareth Preston and actors John Wadmore and Anthony Keetch. Also now available is BBV Online's first ever video download (in RealMedia format) with a look back to the recording of Ghosts, a Season 2 adventure featuring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as The Dominie and Alice."
BBV has moved its website location! They can now be found at

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