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Friday, 29 June 2007 - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Mirror this morning reports on some changes in store for the TARDIS crew during the course of next year - if correct the article contains a number of spoilers!

The article also ends with a comment from "Beeb's drama supremo" Jane Tranter: "One thing is certain, Doctor Who will be around on BBC1 for years to come."

Details are below, and you can read the full article at the Mirror's website - do so at your peril!
According to the Mirror article, there will be a new companion in the TARDIS from next year: "A show insider reveals: 'Martha will still be in Doctor Who, but her relationship with the doctor will have changed. The truth is that she loves him but he doesn't feel the same way. She is going to have to share him because he'll be getting a different sidekick. And this is a major addition to the cast.'"

The article goes on to mention that Martha won't be in every episode next year, but will appear in the occasional episode for both Doctor Who andTorchwood. The item also repeats previous reports that singer Kylie Minoguewill be the (only) companion in this year's Christmas Special.

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