As we approach the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, revisit the story of Doctor Who, the occasional series written for the 50th Anniversary, explaining the origins of the programme.

Episode 3 - An Unearthly Series - The Origins of a TV Legend: First published 14 May 2012

Peter Capaldi Shooting Script for AuctionBookmark and Share

Friday, 9 December 2016 - Reported by Marcus
House of Illustration (Credit: Sotheby's London)
Peter Capaldi has donated a 72-page Doctor Who shooting script of his first Dalek story, Into the Dalek to a fund-raising auction taking place at Sotheby's next Tuesday 13th December.

The script, complete with a lavishly illustrated title page, is a complete one-off. The lot also includes two postcards inscribed ‘Best wishes from Peter Capaldi Doctor ?’.

It is part of over 40 original illustrations up for auction, by leading artists, designers, and musicians, including Quentin Blake, Brian Eno, Eric Clapton, Oliver Jeffers, Emma Chichester Clark, David Shrigley, Peter Brooks, Peter Blake, Paul Smith, and Margaret Howell.

The auction is to raise money for House of Illustration, the UK’s only public gallery devoted to illustration, based in King’s Cross in London. The registered charity receives no public funding, raising all the money from admissions, retail and fundraising. The gallery puts on exhibitions and events, promotes new illustration talent, commissions new art work and organises an illustrator led learning programme for schools, families, students and enthusiasts of all ages.

The auction starts at 2.30pm and you can bid in person, by phone or online. The works will be displayed to the public at Sotheby’s on Friday 9th – Monday 12th December.

The artworks can also be viewed online by going to Sotheby's Website and looking for lot number 287.

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Doctor Who AuctionBookmark and Share

Saturday, 24 September 2016 - Reported by Marcus
A number of props and costumes from Doctor Who are being sold as part of the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction taking place on September 27th.

Items for sale include a Resurrection of the Daleks Shooting Running Order signed by cast members Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Rodney Bewes, Rula Lenska, Terry Molloy and Royce Mills and a Vengeance On Varos Guard Costume.

Other lots include an Autographed Collectors Card Set, a Battlefield Special Effects Pistol and Holster and a Pyrotechnic Sterling Submachine Gun first used in Fury from the Deep.

The auction is being held at the Odeon Imax at Waterloo in London next Tuesday.

Full details on the Auction Website

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Want to buy a Dalek?Bookmark and Share

Monday, 18 July 2016 - Reported by Marcus
A New TV series is looking for people who might be interested in buying a Dalek.

Crook Productions are preparing a TV auction show called ‘Sell or Swap', where viewers can bid on a mix of items ranging from expensive antiques through to a second hand speed boat or some unique memorabilia.

One of the items being auctioned is a life size replica of a black Dalek. The production company are looking for potential buyers before the auction goes ahead on Tuesday 26th July in Bristol.

Potential buyers would have the opportunity to bid on the item in the auction or if they had an item they wanted to get rid of then there could be the possibility of a swap.

If you are not able to make it to the studio then it might be possible to submit a phone bid.

Anyone interested should contact

FOR SALE Life Size Replica of a Black Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec appeared in Series 2: The Army of Ghosts and Doomsday and Series 3: Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks.

A really good quality fan replica that breaks down into 3 parts Guide Price £2000

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Dalek sells for Record £38KBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 8 June 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Credit: Bamfords
A rare 1960's Dalek has been sold at auction for a record-breaking £38,000, equivalent to $55,000.

The Dalek was originally used in the 1966 feature film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.. It was one of 3 Daleks given away by Sugar Puffs in their promotional competition for the film. It was one of 67 items of Film and Television Memorabilia sold by a single collector, at an auction on Wednesday, organised by Bamfords in Derby.

The Dalek drew considerable attention, with around 30 bidders contesting the sale. The price of £38,000 is believed to be the highest price paid for such a prop and was much higher than the estimated sale price of £15,000. The successful bidder lives in London, defeating interest from America, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.

The seller's wife told the BBC the collection was being sold as the couple needed to downsize
There's no way that we can accommodate all of these things. The last thing I want is a Dalek in the bedroom. Everything has to go. We don't want any of it back. I'm locking my husband in a straitjacket in the garden shed so he can't bid on any of it again.
The entire collection sold for more than £90,000. It included a Cyberman from classic story Earthshock, that sold for £2,000, and a TARDIS from the Doctor Who stage show that fetched £1,000.

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Classic Series Costumes Up For SaleBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 1 June 2016 - Reported by Marcus
A number of costumes and props from the classic series of Doctor Who are up for auction in the Bamfords Film and Memorabilia Sale, taking place in Derby on Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Items include a Cyberman costume from the 1982 story Earthshock; a Thal space suit costume from the 1973 story Planet of the Daleks; a space pack worn by Peter Davison in the 1983 story Enlightenment; a Dalek Trooper costume from the 16984 story Resurrection of the Dalek; a Magma Beast costume from the 1984 story The Caves of Androzanii; a Soldeed costume from 1979 story The Horns of Nimon; an Ice Warrior costume from the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon; and a Mara Snake Effigy from the 1983 story Snakedance.

A number of small props and collectables are also available.

Full deails on the Bamfords website.

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Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia AuctionBookmark and Share

Friday, 4 December 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The traditional December Entertainment Memorabilia auction at Bonhams takes place on Thursday 10th December this year, and amidst the usual array of props, scripts, etc. from film and television are a number from Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Some of the highlights to bankrupt you this Christmas(!) include:

Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Dec 2015: Yeti homing device from The Web of Fear (Credit: Bonhams)Lot 69: Web of Fear: an original prop yeti homing device

Doctor Who/Patrick Troughton, BBC, 1968

A hollow figure of stained mixed media resin, mounted on a base, accompanied by a black and white still [printed later] from the film showing the vendor in costume as a yeti, height - 11.5cm (4¾in)

Footnotes: The vendor acted on Doctor Who for many years in different roles, including as a yeti in the Web of Fear and was given this prop after filming had ended.

Estimated at £2000-3000 (US$3000-4500)
Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Dec 15 - Eggshell Proton Drive from The Creature From The Pit (Credit: Bonhams)Lot 70: The Creature From The Pit: an original prop 'eggshell' photon drive

Doctor Who/Tom Baker, BBC, 1979

A hollow 'eggshell' of mixed media resin painted in mottled grey paint, with part of a computer mother board glued to the underneath, the underneath with grey paint to the edge signed and dated by Tom Baker in blue pen, an identical prop can be seen when the Doctor finds the fragment of 'eggshell' which is the 'creature's' space vehicle's photon drive; together with two dyeline copies of construction drawings for the set, the photon drive, 23 x 20 x 4cm (9 x 8 x 1½in) (3)

Footnotes: The vendor was the studio design assistant for these episodes.

Estimated at £1000-1500 (US$1500-2200)
Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Dec 15 - poster from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Credit: Bonhams)Lot 73: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: two screen used prop circus posters

BBC, 1988

A mixed media of acrylic paint and pen on paper, the posters can be seen in the ticket booking area of the Psychic Circus, approximately 76 x 102cm (30 x 40in)

Footnotes: The vendor was the set designer for these episodes and commissioned the posters to be made.

Estimated at £500-700 (US$750-1000)
Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Dec 15 - Costumes worn by John Barrowman (Credit: Bonhams)Lot 77: A collection of costumes for John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness

BBC, 2008-2009

Various single items including shirts (some soiled), trousers and accessories, with some duplicates, for episodes including Fragments, Exit Wounds, Day Four

Estimated at £500-700 (US$750-1000)
Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Dec 15 - Costumes worn by Elisabeth Sladen (Credit: Bonhams)Lot 87: A large collection of costumes for Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

BBC, 2007-2011,

Mostly part costumes, including several duplicates and five costumes for stunt doubles for episodes including Pilot, School Reunion, The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, Prisoner of the Judoon, Death of the Doctor; together with various single costume pieces including tops, t-shirts and blouses, full list available on request

Estimated at £500-700 (US$750-1000)

Full list of related auction items

Doctor Who:
69An original Yeti homing device from The Web of Fear£2000-3000
70Prop Eggshell Proton Drive from The Creature From The Pit£1000-1500
71Collection of scripts/construction drawings from Resurrection of the Daleks£500-700
72Camera script from Mysterious Planet and rehearsal script from The Five Doctors£500-700
73Circus posters from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy£500-700
74Scripts and production drawings from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy£500-700
75Scripts, designs and production paperwork from The Curse of Fenric£500-700
76Chemical bomb and construction paperwork from The Curse of Fenric£500-700
77Collection of costumes as worn by John Barrowman (Jack)£500-700
78Collection of costumes as worn by Kai Owen (Rhys)£300-500
79Collection of costumes including as worn by Indira Varma (Suzie)£400-600
80Collection of costumes as worn by Eve Myles (Gwen)£500-700
81Collection of costumes including as worn by Nerys Hughes (Brenda)£400-600
82Collection of costumes as worn by Burn Gorman (Owen)£400-600
83Collection of costumes as worn by Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto)£400-600
The Sarah Jane Adventures:
84Collection of costumes as worn by Anjli Mohindra (Rani)£500-700
85Collection of costumes as worn by Daniel Anthony (Clyde)£400-600
86Collection of costumes as worn by Sinead Michael (Sky)£400-600
87Collection of costumes as worn by Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah)£500-700
88Collection of costumes including as worn by Julie Graham (Ruby)£400-600
89Collection of costumes as worn by Tommy Knight (Luke)£300-500
90Collection of Bubbleshock Factory costumes from Invasion of the Bane£200-300

The full catalogue can be downloaded from the Bonhams website.

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Dr Whoot up for AuctionBookmark and Share

Monday, 12 October 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Dr Whoot and 89 other giant owls came together for one last time at a special Farewell Weekend at Birmingham's Millennium Point on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October before being auctioned to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Artist Stephen Mckay is a long time Doctor Who fan, his Police Box/Owl design was inspired by the conventions he attended in Birmingham in the early 1980s. Mckay has fond memories of meeting passed Doctors Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton in the city.

The Police Box owl with its working lamp, hand made by Mckay, has attracted a lot of interest in the UK and America and with a starting price of £5000 is hoped will raise substantially more for the Children's Hospital. The top price previously paid for a work by Stephen Mckay was £25,000 in aid of Bristol Children s' Hospital in 2013.

The Big Hoot Auction takes place on Thursday the 15th of October. If you are interested in bidding for Dr Whoot or any other of the Big Hoot owls or owlets , details are available on the Big Hoot website

Who Fan and Artist Stephen Mckay (Credit: Stephen Mckay)Bonnie Langford Patrick Troughton outside Birmingham Central Library 1985 (Credit: Stephen Mckay)Farewell to Owls (Credit: Stephen Mckay)Dr Whoot in Birmingham (Credit: Stephen Mckay)

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TARDIS sign for AuctionBookmark and Share

Monday, 7 September 2015 - Reported by Marcus
TARDIS Sign A genuine TARDIS door sign, used during the filming of Series 5 of Doctor Who, is being auctioned for charity.

The sign, having been used for filming was damaged en route to a filming location and was then replaced. The damage is apparent. One corner has broken off altogether (although is present and has been reattached by plastic film applied to the rear of the sign). Some of the letters have also come adrift and are missing.

The discarded sign was rescued by Tristan Peatfield, who worked as Stand-by Art Director and then Production Designer on Doctor Who.

The sign in now being sold on ebay, in order to raise money for the charity Peatfield, and his partner Kim, established in the name of their daughter Isabella, who was the youngest British victim of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster.

The Isabella Peatfield fund raises money to support children's projects in Sri Lanka, where Isabella died.

The auction closes on 11th Spetmeber.

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Dalek 'Dave' Up for AuctionBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who An Adventure in Space and Time /  Dalek DaveDoctor Who An Adventure in Space and Time /  Dalek DaveOne of the Dalek props, used in the 2013 drama based on the creation of Doctor Who, An Adventure In Space And Time, it to go up for auction next month.

The Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia live auction, will be held on the 23rd of September at the BFI IMAX in London. A free preview exhibition will also take place in the run up to the auction, opening on the 9th September to the public and showcasing over 250 pieces of the collection on offer.

The Dalek, which has a guide price of £4,000 - £6,000, was based on the original Dalek design by Raymond Cusick, first seen in 1963. Also up for auction is a shooting script from the docu-drama.

Other sci-fi items in the auction include Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Costume from Star Trek, a Stormtrooper Helmet from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back and Christopher Reeve’s Superman Tunic. Two of the least expensive lots in the sale are a helmet worn by the Knights of the Round Table from Monty Python and the Holy Grail estimated at £200 - £300, and a lot of Quad Posters from Blade Runner’s original 1982 release, estimated to sell for £200.

Prospective bidders can register for the auction now by visiting the auction website.

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The Big Care Sign-Up 2015Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 - Reported by Harry Ward
This Sunday (19 April) will see The Big Care Sign-Up host an event to raise money for The Carers Centre, a charity based in LeicesterShire. As part of events there will be an auction of celebrity and entertainment memorabilia, including autographs from all 13 actors to have played the Doctor. Guests from Doctor Who will be John Levene (Sergeant Benton) and Matthew Dale (Big John, Robot Of Sherwood).

  • Album page signed by William Hartnell (First Doctor) and dedicated to Sylvia. Actress Wanda Hendrix has signed on the reverse.
  • Album page, signed by Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor), “Best wishes, Patrick Troughton”.
  • Vintage programme for the show "Lets Make a Night of It" at the Pier Pavilion in Worthing, signed on the first page by Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor). Good condition.
  • 10” x 8” full colour photo of the Fourth Doctor and Daleks signed by Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor). Good condition.
  • Full colour photo of signed by Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor) and dedicated to Brenda, “To Brenda, With best wishes, Peter Davison”.
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary First Day Cover, signed by Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott) and Katy Manning (Jo Grant)
  • Poster of The Witch Prime from The Minister of Chance, signed by Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor and The Witch Prime)
  • Poster artwork signed by Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor)
  • British Legion Poppy Appeal Cover, signed by Sir John Hurt (War Doctor).
  • Full colour signed photo of Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor).
  • Full colour signed photo of the Tenth Doctor, signed by David Tennant (Tenth Doctor). This autograph was signed in person at London BFI Doctor Who at 50 Season on Sunday 29th September 2013.
  • London Art programme signed by Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (as Jenna-Louise Coleman) (Clara Oswald) during the filming of The Day of The Doctor in Trafalgar Square. Unique sketches and doodles by Pete Worrall.
  • Full colour photo taken at time of Peter Capaldi’s reveal as the Twelfth Doctor, signed and dated with the words “All the Best from Peter Capaldi, 23 Nov 2013 50 Years of Dr. Who!!”, the day of its 50th Anniversary. The celebratory episode, The Day of The Doctor, also marked Capaldi’s brief first appearance in the role.
The full list of items up for auction and how to submit a bid can be found on The Big Care Sign-Up website.

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