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Sunday, 22 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Face the Raven: Clara, as played by Jenna Coleman (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)This item Contains Plot Spoilers

Press reaction to the latest Doctor Who episode, Face the Raven dwells mainly on the tragic demise of Clara Oswald. The most dramatic for over 30 years is how The Telegraph described the event, praising the performance of the actors. "The final farewell between the Doctor and Clara may have teetered onto the wrong side of overwrought, but the story was beautifully played out with yet another stand-out performance from Capaldi."

The Independent thinks the episode will leave the fans reeling. "While writer Sarah Dollard’s influences are clearly on show, this feels like an episode of television you could only ever see on Doctor Who. A heady mixture of science fiction, Gothic whodunnit and emotional rollercoaster, it doesn’t just leave you breathless – it leaves you wanting more."

The Guardian thought the ending was fitting for Clara. "It was a canny move to bring back Rigsy for her exit; remember that the cheeky graffiti artist served as her proxy-companion when she turned proxy-Doctor in last year’s Flatline. In taking on his quantum shade, it was the combination of schoolteachery pastoral instinct and reckless abandon that finally did for her."

Supurb is how Digital Spy classifies the episode. "The execution is fast-paced and energetic without losing any coherence. The dialogue is sparkling and Justin Molotnikov directs with a great deal of verve, drawing animated and emotional performances from the entire cast."

While many will mourn the departure of Clara, Radio Times thinks it was time for a change. "Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi perform her farewell with conviction, all the more effective for their restraint. Several young viewers I know will be inconsolable. I didn’t shed one tear. I will miss Clara/Jenna but am ready for a shake-up; it’s time for a gear change in what Steven Moffat terms the co-leads."

IGN felt the end was missing something. "Did Clara’s death feel lacking in some way? I love the character; I really do. But I wasn’t quite as moved by the events of this episode as I was when, say, the Eleventh Doctor regenerated, or when Rose left."

However Games Radar disagreed. "Doctor Who was back on blistering, series-best, form with “Face The Raven”. Even more impressive: it’s writer Sarah Dollard’s first script for the show."

Finally Den of Geek had no doubt about the triumph of the episode suggesting you go back and rewatch the ending. "With superb audio accompaniment from Murray Gold (and it really was something special), as the episode clocked past the 35 minute mark, both Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi earnt every penny of their fee. Look how they act this sequence out, with Capaldi’s eyes instantly filled with sorrow as he sees what Clara's done, and Coleman’s gradually changing as the realisation hits her. Never mind the excellent dialogue for a second: just watch them."

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