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Friday, 23 October 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Nothing At The End Of The Lane - Issue 4 (Credit: Nothing At The End Of The Lane)The fourth issue of the magazine of Doctor Who research and restoration, Nothing At The End Of The Lane, will be published on Sunday 25th October.

In this edition:
  • Are We The Daleks? In a Nothing at the End of the Lane exclusive, we present a set of production design sketches unseen for over 50 years from the production of the first Dalek story in 1963. Drawn by Ray Cusick’s design assistant, Jeremy Davies, they reveal some of the early abandoned concepts for the famous creatures as well as how the end design gradually developed.
  • An Unearthly Studio: With the aid of existing archival material, Philip Newman examines in detail Peter Brachacki’s production design for the very first episode, An Unearthly Child and how things were subtly changed between the original pilot and the final recording several weeks later. The article is illustrated with CG recreations of the original studio layout by Rob Semenoff.
  • A Narrative of the Life of Peter Brachacki: To accompany the article on An Unearthly Child Philip Newman, with the aid of the Brachacki family, looks at the life of Doctor Who’s first production designer and how a man who had found himself imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp during the Second World War came to work at the BBC
  • Going on the Record – The History of Doctor Who Drama on Vinyl: In the 14 years between 1965 and 1979, several attempts were made to convert Doctor Who into a commercially available audio format. These ranged from the adaptation of existing television soundtracks to the creation of brand new adventures and whilst some ideas made it to the record shelves, others faded into obscurity. What was Dr. Who’s Diary and the Kinster project? What changes were made to The Pescatons prior to recording? How did the BBC scupper Argo’s plans to release a second Doctor Who LP in March 1977? We reveal all...
  • Regeneration? What Regeneration?: In August 2013, an early draft of Episode 4 of The Tenth Planet was discovered in Kit Pedler’s personal archive – one that was written before the concept of regeneration was introduced to the programme. What were the differences? We find out?
  • My Dad...Mervyn Pinfield: For many years, little was known about the programme’s first-ever associate producer. We talk to Mervyn’s son, Mike, about his father’s life and work.
  • Bob’s Fantasy Factory: Richard Molesworth looks at The Fantasy Factory, the script that Robert Holmes originally wrote for Episode 13 of The Trial of a Time Lord, completed shortly before his death and featuring a matrix inhabited by Jack the Ripper, the Duke of Clarence and the Doctor plunging to his death in the Thames... Illustrated by Lee Sullivan.
  • Are You My Mummy? Creature supervisor Dave Bonneywell takes us through his photographic record of the work done creating The Foretold from Mummy on the Orient Express.
  • The Repository of Incredible Things: Our ten-page feature provides a pictorial showcase of some of the many props, models and storyboards from the series that have made their way into private collections – from The Keys of Marinus through to Evolution of the Daleks.
  • Trouble in Store: For the first time, we present the full outline to the unused Second Doctor story, The Big Store, as Andrew Pixley looks at how the idea ultimately metamorphosed into The Faceless Ones. Illustrated by Lee Sullivan.
  • We look at what is known about a First Doctor story that would have featured a new alien race, the Daggits.
  • What survives from the original abandoned recording of The Dead Planet?
  • We speak to Barry Letts’ secretary, Sarah Newman who tells us how Spike Milligan came to submit a script entitled Captain Scarlet’s Left Sock...
  • We talk to the programme’s first costume designer, Maureen Heneghan-Tripp as to what her inspirations where when working on the pilot episode.
  • How the lost TARDIS scene from Terror of the Zygons came to be recovered – twice!
  • Fantastic Facts and Memory Lane return!
  • And lots of other interesting stuff!

The full colour, 118 page magazine will be available to buy from the Nothing at the End of the Lane website from Sunday.

(with thanks to Richard Bignell)

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