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Friday, 15 August 2014 - Reported by Marcus
With a new Doctor comes a new title sequence, but the latest incarnation is special in that the inspiration came from a fan made clip, posted on YouTube.

Billy Hanshaw is a motion graphics professional based in Leeds, mostly working on tv commercials and corporate presentations. However as an exercise he created a mock version of a new title sequence for the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi and posted it on his YouTube channel where it has recieved over 700,000 hits.

The sequence came to the attention of Doctor Who's show-runner Steven Moffat, who described it as absolutely stunning and commissioned Hanshaw to work with BBC Wales to create the new titles for the new series. Speaking in New York Moffat said
Hanshaw created this title sequence, put it up on YouTube. I happened to cross it, and it was the only new title idea I’d seen since 1963. We got in touch with him, and said, okay, we’re going to do that one.
The new title sequence will be revealed to the world on August 23rd. However the initial concept clip, which grabbed the attention of the production team, is still available to view on YouTube.

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