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Friday, 22 August 2014 - Reported by Pascal Salzmann and Chuck Foster
In a followup to yesterday's report on the status of Doctor Who in Germany, broadcaster FOX have received an update from BBC Worldwide on how the series will be presented in the country, at least for the present:

We are happy to announce that we found a preliminary solution for the German speaking DOCTOR WHO fans. We guarantee to deliver episodes with German subtitles on time for their weekly repetition Saturday evenings on FOX. We are still working on a timeline for the delivery of German dubbed episodes.
Wir freuen uns eine vorläufige Lösung für deutschsprachige DOCTOR WHO Fans bekanntgeben zu können. Wir garantieren, Episoden mit deutschen Untertiteln rechtzeitig für die Wiederholung am Samstag abends auf FOX zu liefern. Wir arbeiten aktuell noch an einem Zeitplan für die Lieferung der Folgen auf Deutsch.

In previous years, FOX has presented Doctor Who fully dubbed into German; however, the leak of several episodes online last month via a BBC Worldwide server in Miami has led to more stringent controls being put into place over how the series is distributed internationally.