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Saturday, 13 July 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Elvington Maize Maze 2013 (Credit: BBC)The annual Maize Maze from YorkMazes Ltd has been unveiled this weekend, with sixth Doctor Colin Baker on hand to open the special Doctor Who-themed maze, which this year celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the series. The maze, shaped in the form of a Dalek and featuring the likenesses of William Hartnell and Matt Smith is over 1,000 feet long, and contains some 6 miles of pathways.

Baker, who had just encountered the Daleks in the field upon his 'arrival', wrly observed:
If we had to walk through a maize maze with a Dalek it would take two hours to film, because the wretched Dalek would fall over every second inch of the journey. Now, stick it on digitally afterwards - a twelve year old with a computer does it for them - and it looks brilliant - very envious!

There will also be a special sci-fi day at the site on the 27th July - see the website for more details.

Elvington Maize Maze - Colin Baker (Credit: BBC) Elvington Maize Maze - Daleks (Credit: BBC) Elvington Maize Maze - Chase! (Credit: BBC)

A report and video of the opening with Colin can be found on the BBC News website.