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Friday, 2 March 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster

United Kindom

This coming weekend (3rd/4th March) sees Coalville play host to Robots Live at the Hermitage Centre, and a Dalek took to the streets of Loughborough last weekend to promote the event. Organiser Alan Young said: "It was really good. We had lots of people coming up to the robots and having their photos taken with them. We were trying to encourage people to come to our event next Saturday, we've got the best robots coming from all over the country to battle it out and it should be a really entertaining day." [Leicester Mercury, 28 Feb 2012]

Crosscombe village panto Sleeping Beauty had a surprise twist: "While the Princess slept, some cast members were projected 300 years forward, by a very convincing Tardis. What else? When the bad fairy finally met her demise, the Prince was ably assisted by the intervention of a conveniently placed Dalek." [Shepton Mallet Journal, 1 Mar 2012]

United States

Actor Travis Richey has been attempting to raise money to continue a Doctor Who spoof called Inspector Spacetime that appeared on NBC's Community in which he starred as a web-based series. However, having been told by NBC that he couldn't use the name, which is copyrighted to them, he has now renamed the project as Untitled Webseries About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time! [Topless Robot, 29 Feb 2012]

The student economics blog Centives at LeHigh University, Pennsylvania have been working out the cost of hiring a TARDIS for year: "We think that the market value of hiring the TARDIS would be £15,140,064 or $23,930,385 or 504,668,800 jelly babies." Find out how they came to that conclusion from their blog! [Centives blog, 27 Feb 2012]

Snowtime in New Hampshire and out comes the snow-Daleks - this one from Maddy! [MerrimackPatch, 1 Mar 2012]

The annual Megacon took place in Orlando, Florida over 19/20th February; the Southeast's largest comic-book/sci-fi convention saw a number of activities and of course the chance for costumes and models to be on display. [GeekSugar, 21 Feb 2012]


Aaron Climas from Mitchell Park in Adelaide has spent a year building his own Dalek. The visual effects artist completed it this week, just in time for Robert Shearman to arrive for the Adelaide Writers' Week. [Adelaide Now, 2 Mar 2012]

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