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Friday, 17 February 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster

Filming kicks off next week

Rehearsals have been taking place over the last week in the lead-up to filming commencing on Monday 20th February. It now seems likely that the first block is to include further European filming, with Spain cited as a destination (see "Cast", below) - the series previously filmed in the country back in August 1984, in and around Seville for the following year's adventure The Two Doctors.


Karen Gillan discusses her decision to leave the series this year: Actually, I called Steven Moffat and basically told him roughly when I wanted to go. He told me where the story was at and where it was going and then we kind of together came up with it. So it was really pleasant, actually. That was ages ago, so I've known for ages! I wanted to go on a high. Also, Steven Moffat comes up with endless, amazing ideas anyway, but I wanted to make sure that I went on a high when the character was at her prime. There's just something quite nice and appealing about that to me. I don't know… It just felt right! I like to go on instinct." And on the finality of her departure: " I want to see her go with everything that she wants, because initially, when we met her, she was just seeking what she wants, you know what I mean? And she was kind of in this lost, transitional period, where she didn't have a stable life. So I just want to see her get what she wants. I really, really want to have a final exit and then be able to look back on that as a final exit. I don't know... I just don't want to take away from that exit by making cameos in the future. I'd quite like it to be final and for people just to remember it fondly. [IGN, 16 Feb 2012]

Rob CavazosAccording to CastingCallPro, actor Rob Cavazos will have a role in the series, with his entry stating: "currently filming a role in 'Rush', a new feature written by Peter Morgan and directed by Ron Howard, followed by an episode of 'Doctor Who'.. Further to this, his agent Shepperd-Fox Theatrical Agents report in their latest news that he "shortly flies to Spain to play Walter in the new series of 'DOCTOR WHO' (BBC)." The Mexican actor is relatively new to television, having studied at the East 15 Acting School in Essex and worked primarily in the theatre; as one might expect, his CV indicates that he is fluent in Spanish! [Ruther2 via Twitter, 17 Feb 2012]


Toby Whithouse (doesn't) speak about his new script: "I can't tell you anything about it because if I did Steven Moffat would come round here and kick me in the shin. It's very exciting, it’s not like any episode I’ve written before and I really enjoyed writing it. But I love writing Doctor Who. Even after all these years there's still a very special thrill that comes from writing 'INTERIOR: TARDIS' at the top of the scene." On the new series: I'm not allowed to say. They would absolutely kill me but it's very, very exciting and I'm really honoured and excited to be part of it." [Independent, 15 Feb 2012]

Stephan Pehrsson has also confirmed that he will be working on the first block of new series; the Director of Photography worked on a number of episodes from the last series, most recently on the Christmas Special The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe. [Twitter, 17 Feb 2012]

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