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Saturday, 28 January 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster

United Kingdom

The Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra is presenting Best Of British: A New Year Family Concert on the 28th January at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall. One of the pieces to be performed is the Doctor Who theme tune, with Daleks expected to turn up for the event! [Belper News, 23 Jan 2012]

Peterlee resident Paul Bianco appeared on the ITV1 show Dickinson's Real Deal (broadcast 24th January), bringing along two original pieces of artwork from the 1964 (Lair of the Zarbi Supremo) and 1975 (The House That Jack Built) Doctor Who annuals. Originally bought for £18 some thirty years before, the model maker was persuaded to sell the items to auctioneer Janice Kehoe for £360, having been informed the evaluation had estimated them at £300. However, the items were eventually sold at auction by Janice herself for £500!

United States

A new sci-fi exhibition for the Experience Music Project's 2012 season in Seattle opens in June; Icons of Science Fiction will include items like Captain Kirk's command chair from Star Trek and an Imperial Dalek! EMP spokeswoman Anita Woo said: "I've been learning about this Dalek, everyone is so excited that Dr. Who is now on my Netflix queue." [Seattle Times, 19 Jan 2012]

Reporting from the Arisia sci-fi/gaming convention in Boston, Bob Chipman observed that some confusion existed amongst the 'civilians' at the hotel: "Yeah, Harry? I'll have those figures over in just a sec. Hey, while I've got you here, do you have any idea what a 'Dalek' is? Cause there's one here and I'm not sure how I should react to that." [The Escapist, 20 Jan 2012]

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