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Saturday, 17 December 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

United Kingdom

A Dalek lent its aid towards 'exterminating' prejudice and inequalities at Sunderland College. Joe Leggett, director of learning support, said: "We were trying to think of a creative way of explaining diversity and engaging with the students. In Dr Who, the Daleks have a very hierarchical society, with prejudices within their ranks based on their colour." [Sunderland Echo, 13 Dec 2011]

Meanwhile, another Dalek has been immortalised in Lego by the Addis family in Huntingdon. The seven foot Christmas-themed creation was constructed from over 100,000 bricks as part of a eighteen year personalised Christmas card tradition. Catherine Addis said: "'We thought we'd have a bit of fun this year and build something a bit out of the ordinary - but obviously, we want to keep it quite festive. You get a great feeling of satisfaction once the model it complete - all our friends are so complimentary of it, it really makes all the hard work worthwhile." [Daily Mail, BBC News, 15/16 Dec 2011]

A Cyberman went on patrol at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, as part of a promotion for the forthcoming Big Blue Box convention being held there on 14th January. The event is raising money for the local charity which helps disabled people, Compaid, and will see a number of Doctor Who names appearing including Louise Jameson (Leela), Paul Magrs and Jonathan Morris (writers). Compaid's chief executive Stephen Elsden said: "Big Blue Box marks the first ever fan convention for Doctor Who in Tunbridge Wells, which has a long history of associations with the show. From a screening of a classic Peter Cushing Dalek movie to more recent fan films, we will be taking full advantage of Trinity’s superb theatre." [Stephen Elsden/Compaid, Kent News, 14 Dec 2011]

Basil Brush is appearing at the Royal & Derngate, Northampton in Aladdin, and imparted a joke from his co-star: "I like Bobby Davro. I collect jokes and he told me a good one. What is Dr Who’s favourite food? Dalek bread. He is my friend for life now." [Northampton Chronicle, 16 Dec 2011]

United States

Rory Williams aka Arthur Darvill has made it through the first round of Chicago Redeye's Best TV Character Tournament. The Doctor Who character was up against True Blood's Eric Northman and won the face-off with 50%/49%. Round two has started with Rory facing Breaking Bad's Walter White and continues until the end of the week. [Chicago Redeye, 14 Dec 2011]

Update: Rory made it through round two, easily beating Walter White with 63% to 36%. The quarter final sees him against Sons of Anarchy's Clay Morrow, which at the time of writing sees the Doctor's travelling companion way ahead with 71% to 28%. Voting ends on Tuesday.

Skokie resident Allegra Rosenburg is a local Doctor Who fan celebrity thanks to her love of "Trock Rock" aka "Time Lord Rock", a sub-genre of pop that celebrates the show. The teenager is popular at conventions, and has even been praised by writer Neil Gaiman who said: "Took me 3 years of scribbling and rewrites to make 45 minutes of Dr. Who, summed up in 2:29 by a smart girl with a ukulele." [Chicago Tribune, 14 Dec 2011]


Cultureshock Events have announced two special evenings with sci-fi actor Mark Sheppard (Canton, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon), taking place in February. The actor will be the guest for Q&As in Sydney (7th) and Brisbane (8th), following on from hosting the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Melbourne on the 4th February. [Dallas Jones/Cultureshock Events, 17 Dec 2011]