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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
2|Entertain have now confirmed that the Complete Series Six boxed set will be released in the United Kingdom on the 21st November 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD:

The Doctor, Amy and Rory return to face monsters, mysteries and adventures all across time and space in the the action-packed sixth series.

Together they find themselves in Sixties America, battling the invasion the world forgot, then journey on the high seas of 1696 aboard a pirate ship, to solve the mystery of the Siren. In a bubble universe at the very edge of reality, the Doctor meets an old friend with a new face, and in a monastery on a remote island in the near future, an industrial accident takes on a terrible human shape. They also venture across centuries and galaxies, where they encounter the greatest war criminal in all of history - and Hitler. They'll also discover there's no scarier place in the universe than a child's bedroom and a visit to an alien quarantine facility will reveal to Rory a very different side to his wife. In a hotel where walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish, death lies waiting. But the Doctor's time has yet to come. He has one last stop to make on his final journey - an old friend needs his help and an old foe must be defeated. But time catches up with us all and the Doctor can delay no more.
As previously revealed by the BBFC earlier in the month, only four episodes will be accompanied by a commentary this year, covering The Impossible Astronaut, The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes To War, and The Wedding of River Song. However, as usual all thirteen episodes of the series have their accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down.

Also included with the release are last year's festive treat, A Christmas Carol, the Comic Relief mini-episode Space & Time, and the five series preludes released online through the BBC's Doctor Who site; though not listed in the press release, the Script to Screen mini-episode Death is the Only Answer is also expected to be included. The set also sees the addition of five new mini-episodes, themed "Night and the Doctor", which have been written exclusively for the release by Steven Moffat, plus a special Confidential to accompany them, The Night's Tale.

The boxed set will also contain the four Monster Files released with the previous, individual Part 1 and Part 2 series sets.

The DVD boxed set will also be released as a limited edition "Silence" version, which will also include four lenticular prints.

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