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9/15/2011 08:18:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The BBFC have now classfied several more features that will appear on the forthcoming Complete Series 6 DVD/Blu-ray boxed sets, currently expected to be released during November.

In our previous update, the series finale The Wedding of River Song had yet to be confirmed; this has now been classified with a PG certificate and a running time of 45m 22s.

Commentaries have also been classified for some of the episodes from the series, with The Impossible Astronaut, The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes To War, and The Wedding of River Song having been included (so far).

New features that weren't available on the earlier individual Part 1/Part 2 releases include the Comic Relief special, Time/Space, the preludes to the episodes that appeared on the BBC website, and other additional specially produced material:

Space & Time                U     6m 57s

The Impossible Astronaut    PG    1m 48s
Curse of the Black Spot     U     1m 23s
A Good Man Goes To War      U     1m 36s
Let's Kill Hitler           U     1m 55s
The Wedding of River Song   PG    1m 11s

Up All Night                PG    1m 55s (James Corden)
First Night/Last Night      PG    5m 45s (Matt Smith/Karen Gillan)
Bad Night                   U     8m 28s (Matt Smith/Karen Gillan)

As with previous releases, Doctor Who Confidential will be included in its "Cut-Down" form, though only the latter half have been passed at present:

 8. River Runs Wild        PG   12m 50s
 9. About A Boy            PG   13m 43s
10. What Dreams May Come   U    11m 10s
11. Heartbreak Hotel       PG    9m 15s
12. Open All Hours         PG   12m 47s
13. When Time Froze        PG    8m 59s

    The Night's Tale       U    15m 13s
The latter is an additional Confidential which has been listed for an as-yet unclassified item, A Night's Tale.