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3/27/2015 09:00:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

A new programme guide is to be published in April, picking up from where the originals left off in 1989 ...

The New Who Programme Guide (Credit: Paul Smith/Wonderful Books)The New Who Programme Guide
Written by Paul Smith, with a foreword by Jean-Marc Lofficier

In 1981, the publication of Jean-Marc Lofficier's original Doctor Who Programme Guide was a seminal moment in the history of Doctor Who reference books (and in many young fans' enthralment by the series). This and the updated edition in 1989 -- which covered up to what turned out to be the end of the Classic era -- became the series bible for fans throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Now the legacy of that original guide continues. Picking up where the 1989 edition left off, The New Who Programme Guide covers the revived series from the debut of the Eighth Doctor to the passing of the Eleventh. Every television adventure, plus the many mini-episodes and prequels produced for broadcast and DVD, is detailed in the same clear and concise format.

Each has a full cast list featuring both credited and notable non-speaking roles; the names of the writer, director and producers; and a brand new synopsis of the storyline. There is also a rundown of in-character appearances by the regular cast outside the main programme, and indexes of every actor, writer, director and producer to have worked on the show.

Presented in the same compact and easy-to-use form as the original Doctor Who Programme Guide, the book is the perfect companion to Lofficier's original and a handy quick-reference guide to the New Series.

Paul Smith is the author of last year's Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium, designer of Time & Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations, and he produced the tongue-in-cheek Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965.

The New Who Programme Guide (comparison) (Credit: Paul Smith/Wonderful Books)

The New Who Programme Guide will be available on Amazon from 3rd April 2015.

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3/26/2015 11:15:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Ten years after the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) grabbed the arm of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and told her to "Run!", Doctor Who is still going strong, as one of the greatest TV success stories of the past decade. Doctor Who Magazine celebrates this milestone with a special commemorative issue that comes with four different covers, each one featuring one of the twenty-first century Doctors – Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi!

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 285 (Ninth Doctor cover) (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine) Doctor Who Magazine Issue 285 (Tenth Doctor cover) (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine) Doctor Who Magazine Issue 285 (Eleventh Doctor cover) (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine) Doctor Who Magazine Issue 285 (Twelfh Doctor cover) (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine)

Inside the issue, we look back on the show's success, with contributions from writers Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell, Toby Whithouse, Gareth Roberts, Chris Chibnall, Peter Harness and Jamie Mathieson, as well as from BBC Head of Drama Commissioning Ben Stephenson, who gives his view on the future of Doctor Who...

Also inside the new issue:
  • Russell T Davies, the writer of the landmark first episode, Rose, and many other episodes since, looks back on his first Doctor Who script, and shares brand new information about bringing the Doctor back to our screens.
  • DWM tracks down a guest star from each and every one of the ten Ninth Doctor adventures, including Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Yasmin Bannerman (Jabe the Tree), Alan David (Gabriel Sneed), Alan Ruscoe (the Slitheen and other creatures), Barnaby Edwards (the Dalek), Bruno Langley (Adam Mitchell), Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler), Florence Hoath (Nancy), Annette Badland (Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen) and Jo Joyner (Lynda 'with a Y' Moss).
  • Doctor Who's first director of the modern era, Keith Boak, is interviewed, looking back on the making of Rose, Aliens of London and World War Three.
  • Doctor Who's first ever director, Waris Hussein, concludes his look back over the epic lost adventure from 1964, Marco Polo.
  • DWM pays tribute to 1980s director Fiona Cumming, who passed away earlier in the year.
  • The Doctor and Clara visit Antarctica in Part One of Blood and Ice, a brand-new comic strip written by Jacqueline Rayner and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
  • Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions – and speculates about Osgood's family connections!
  • Jacqueline Rayner reflects on what life would have been like if Doctor Who had never returned in Relative Dimensions.
  • The DWM Review assesses the very latest Doctor Who audio and book releases.
  • The Watcher reveals the connection between Doctor Who and Dr Carl Sagan, in the latest Wotcha!
  • The DWM Crossword, prize-winning competitions, official news and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine 485 will be on general release from Thursday 2 April.

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3/26/2015 06:14:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Peter Capaldi presents a special birthday surprise to children at the Doctor Who Experience, celebrating ten years since the series' return.

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3/26/2015 10:00:00 am - Reported by Marcus

To mark the 10th anniversary of the transmission of Rose, Doctor Who: Legacy, has launched a new 8-bit pixelated adventure, Bigger on the Inside.

Thanks to Tiny Rebel Press, we can offer readers of Doctor Who News a special code for the 3rd Doctor's pixel costume. The code expires at the end of the weekend or after 10,000 claims.

Offer Code: 6662-6495-2655-3937

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3/26/2015 07:30:00 am - Reported by Marcus

It was ten years ago today, on the 26th March 2005, that Doctor Who was reborn, in a new century, with a new Doctor, for a new generation.

In 2005 the series had been absent from British television screens for most of the previous fifteen years. "Rested" in 1989, the series was a nostalgic memory to a generation who grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's. To some it was remembered with derision, talk of shaky sets and implausible monsters was apparent when the series was mentioned. But to others it was remembered with great affection, engendering warm feelings of affection with memories of winter evenings spent in the company of childhood friends.

When the series was dropped from the schedules it had very few friends at the top of the BBC. The series was considered past it, had run its course, and was yesterday's news. Very few thought it would ever return. In 1996 an attempt was made to relaunch the series in America. The 90 minute TV movie made by Fox was reasonably well received, but not successful enough for the producers to commission further episodes. To many this was the final nail in the coffin. The series was dead, it would not return.

But things change and the TV landscape in 2003 was now a very different beast. The team at the top had changed and a new generation had taken over. TV was now being run by the people who had grown up with the first few Doctors. Those who remembered how exciting Saturday evening could be, when the good Doctor would battle enemies on a weekly basis, sandwiched between episodes of Basil Brush and The Generation Game. BBC One was now being run by Lorraine Heggessey, a self confessed fan of the series who had stated publically that she wanted the show back on her network. Many doubted it would happen, but on Friday 26th September 2003 it was confirmed. Doctor Who would return.

The man entrusted with the regeneration was Russell T Davies, whose was previously best known for the seminal Channel 4 series Queer as Folk, about gay life in Manchester. He was joined as Executive producer by Julie Gardner, who had just returned to the BBC to produce the David Tennant series Casanova, following a spell working with Davies at London Weekend Television. Also on the team was Mal Young, who was best known for producing the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside. Meanwhile Linda Green producer Phil Collinson was recruited to produce the series.

Once it was known the series was returning, speculation began on just who would play the enigmatic Time Lord. Paul McGann was a tipped contender, having played the Doctor in the 1996 TV Movie, while William Hill made Alan Davies the 8-to-1 favourite to win the role. Richard E. Grant was an option as was Sean Pertwee, son of the late third Doctor. The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker announced to BBC London News that Eddie Izzard had won the role. According to the Telegraph Bill Nighy was the choice of Davies and had been offered the role, while the Daily Mirror said it was EastEnders actor Shane Richie. Colin Baker weighed in to recommend a female Doctor in the form of Dawn French.

On Friday 19 March 2004 it was announced that acclaimed actor Christopher Eccleston would take on the role, with Davies telling the press:
We considered many great actors for this wonderful part, but Christopher was our first choice. This man can give the Doctor a wisdom, wit and emotional range as far-reaching as the Doctor's travels in time and space. His casting raises the bar for all of us. It's going to be a magnificent, epic, entertaining journey, and I can't wait to start.
Two months later Eccleston was joined by Billie Piper who was cast as Rose Tyler. Piper was best known as the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart. Over the next few months more respected actors joined the cast, Noel Clark would play Micky, Camille Coduri would play Rose's mother while even song and dance man John Barrowman was rumoured to have signed up.

Old monsters would also be returning, with a very public battle taking place over the use of the Daleks in the new series. An agreement was finally reached in August with the Terry Nation estate to allow the infamous pepper pots to meet the new Doctor.

The series launched on BBC One, in ablaze of publicity, on Saturday 26th March. Viewers were warmed up with a preview at 5.25pm when Doctor Who: A New Dimension gave a taste of the series. After Strictly Dance Fever with Graham Norton, the British public finally got to meet the new Doctor at 7pm, when Doctor Who: Rose was screened. A technical error a few minutes into the programme caused audio of Norton to be overlaid on the episode, much to the distress of the production team.

No one knew if it would succeed. There were many who thought it would fail. But succeed it did. Rose achieved 10.81 million viewers, the seventh most watched programme of the week. A new generation took the Doctor to their hearts and in the intervening years the series has grown into one of the BBC's most valuable assets.

Over the past ten years we have travelled with five new Doctors and enjoyed 97 stories across 117 episodes. The series is now made in specially built studios on Cardiff Bay. We have been to concerts, read books, enjoyed quiz shows and visited exhibitions based on the series. The reborn series celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2013, with a massive convention in London, and a record breaking simultaneous transmission of the special anniversary episode was watched by millions around the world.

Series 9 is currently being filmed in Cardiff, the 35th since the series began.

The trip is not over, the adventure goes on...

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3/25/2015 10:57:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Horror Channel has won the Design – General Image Programme Design Package award for their Doctor Who image campaign at the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2015, which took place in Germany Thursday evening.

The iconic images and animations have been used to promote the show on Horror since it started broadcasting the series in April last year.

Horror Channel - Classic Doctors Logo (Credit: Horror Channel)

Doctor Who is shown daily on Horror Channel, and is available to watch on television in the United Kingdom via both Freeview (channel 70) and Freesat (channel 138), and on other subscription services. Episode details can be found via This Week in Doctor Who.

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3/25/2015 10:25:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Ten years ago tonight, Christopher Eccleston undertook his only major inteview to promote the forthcoming new series of Doctor Who on The Jonathan Ross Show. The programme saw him reflect on being a fan of the original run, and how he came to be involved in this new, fresh production under the helm of Russell T Davies, and included an extensive trailer highlighting what was to come over the next few weeks.

However, our Moment in Time recalls Eccleston's surprise as, when discussing forthcoming merchandise to tie in with the show, Ross produces the prototype of a toy expected out for Christmas, and he comes comes face-to-face with a 10" version of himself as the Doctor ...

Christopher Eccleston on the Jonathan Ross Show, 25th March 2005 (Credit: BBC) Christopher Eccleston on the Jonathan Ross Show, 25th March 2005 (Credit: BBC) Christopher Eccleston on the Jonathan Ross Show, 25th March 2005 (Credit: BBC)

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3/25/2015 12:58:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Milk VFX, Real SFX and BBC Wales VFX have been nominated for a 2015 BAFTA Craft Award for their work on Doctor Who.

The teams are nominated in the category Television Craft | Special, Visual & Graphic Effects in 2015. Other nominees are the teams from Atlantis, David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies 3D and Ripper Street.

Danny Hargreaves of RealSFX tweeted "Very proud of my team today"

Doctor Who won the award last year for the work on the fiftieth anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

The winners will be announced on Sunday 26 April at the Brewery in East London.

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3/23/2015 10:02:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Brighton and Hove Council are asking members of the public to decide if one of the city's new buses should be named after former Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner.

The south coast resort is to acquire 24 new Coaster Buses and has been asking for nominations for names for the new vehicles. Over 100 suggestions have been made so far and the council has selected 15 names to be revealed at a future date. The names for the remaining 9 buses will be selected by public vote, with former resident Nathan-Turner making one of the the short lists. Eight names are on the list and the most popular two will be given to one of the new buses.

Nathan Turner was producer of Doctor Who from 1980 until the show was cancelled in 1989. He is competing against a number of local dignitaries for the honour.

John Nathan-Turner - (1947-2002) "JNT" is best known for producing BBC’s Doctor Who during the 1980s. During this time he was a very high profile and well known to audiences around the world. Under his control, he cast Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Doctor Who was filmed in Sussex and the coast featured several times. JNT also put on a number of shows at the Theatre Royal including pantos and fundraising concerts
Voting can be done online. The closing date is Wednesday 25th at 12pm.

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3/23/2015 01:54:00 am - Reported by Marcus

To mark the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of Doctor Who on March 26th, the hit mobile game, Doctor Who: Legacy, will be releasing a new adventure Bigger on the Inside.

Bigger on the Inside is a new 8-bit pixelated adventure with art work by Nathan Skreslet of PixelWho and a wholly original story line by Lee Cummings.

The storyline is the first story arc for the series, which kicks off with all incarnations of the Doctor present. It sees the TARDIS, and her guests, thrown into danger as a virus invades her systems. The story will see individual arcs for the 10th, 1st, 4th, 9th and War doctors, but they all will have their own chance to face up against the mastermind behind the plot which they’re trapped in.

Doctor Who Legacy is the mobile game, based on Doctor Who, which is now approaching 2 million downloads. The new adventure will be released on the eve of the 10th Anniversary of the screening of Rose.

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3/20/2015 01:10:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who has won two awards at the Cardiff Life awards.

The Cardiff Life Awards celebrate the very best businesses in the Welsh capital, as chosen by a panel of independent Judges. Any company in Cardiff can nominate its business for free, and the entrants are judged by an independent panel of Cardiff experts.

The Doctor Who Experience has been awarded Best in Leisure & Tourism at the event, beating the other nominees St David’s Hotel & Spa, Celtic Manor Resort, Radisson Blu Hotel and The Cardiff Story. The Doctor Who Experience opened in the city in 2012 and was updated last Autumn in include the Twelfth Doctor.

Meanwhile Real SFX has been awarded the prize as best Creative in the city. Real SFX is the company set up Danny Hargreaves, who has been providing Special Effects for Doctor Who since 2006. The company beat Ongl Design+Make, Hello Starling, Antti Karppinen, Design Management Partnership, Little Cake Cupboard, S3 Advertising and InspireMe, to take the award.

Twelfth Doctor in Five TARDIS Console Rooms. - The Doctor Who Experience - Doctor Who - BBC:
TARDIS ALERT! Check out the Twelfth Doctor in five TARDIS console rooms in the brand new adventure at the Doctor Who Experience, this Easter.

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3/19/2015 06:23:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Essential Doctor Who - The Master (Credit: Panini)
The latest issue of Panini’s The Essential Doctor Who is devoted to the Doctor’s most dangerous opponent: the Master.

Over 116 pages of all-new material, the latest issue of The Essential Doctor Who examines every Master story – from Terror of the Autons to Death in Heaven – and profiles the actors who have brought the villainous Time Lord to life.

Writer and co-creator Terrance Dicks, Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Richard Franklin (Captain Yates) and Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) discuss their special links to the character, and there is an exclusive new interview with Michelle Gomez, who reveals what it was like to take on one of the most famous roles in Doctor Who.

Elsewhere in this issue, Andrew Pixley applies his scrutiny to The Pandora Machine and Time Inc, early drafts of better known stories that cast the Master in a new light.

“The Master has been an essential part of Doctor Who for 45 years and is central to the current episodes,” says editor Marcus Hearn. “This issue compiles his/her complete story for the first time.”

The Essential Doctor Who: The Master is on sale now, price £9.99.

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3/18/2015 07:55:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

March 25 sees the release of the latest issue of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by Rob Williams (200​0​AD) and Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante).

The Doctor has lost himself in a hostile takeover of SERVEYOUinc, and it's up to Alice, Jones and ARC to bring him back to his senses. And if that takes a little judicious cosplay, well, Alice is all for it!
The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan) The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan) The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan) The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan) The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan) The Eleventh Doctor #10 (Credit: Titan)

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3/17/2015 07:42:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

This month sees the release of Space Helmet for a Cow: The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who (1963-1989), and Doctor Who News, in association with Mad Norwegian Press is pleased to offer our readers an exclusive preview of the first section of the book, dealing with the Hartnell era of the show.

In Space Helmet for a Cow, Paul Kirkley provides a sweeping, wry and warm look at the behind-the-scenes story of Doctor Who – not just the greatest TV show ever made, but frequently the most insane TV show ever made. Which other programme, for example, would attempt to sink Atlantis, wage inter-planetary war and crash Concorde – all in BBC Television Centre, on a budget that would barely cover a sitcom?

This is the story of how, over 50 years, a bunch of very clever, very dedicated and sometimes plain crazy people made Doctor Who happen, often against seemingly insuperable odds; a story of triumph and tragedy, tears and tantrums, and an awful lot of men called Donald.

Space Helmet for a Cow also answers the burning questions few have dared tackle before. Questions like: How does a talking cabbage get an Equity card? What would have been in William Hartnell’s Glastonbury set? And if you meet a Yeti coming out of a loo in Tooting Bec, how long should you give it?

Doctor Who News is able to offer a free download of the first 40 pages of the book, dealing with the creation of Doctor Who, from the first discussions led by Sydney Newman, through the production of the first three years, to the departure of the show's star William Hartnell.

The full version of Space Helmet for a Cow: The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who is published on March 24 by Mad Norwegian Press.

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3/17/2015 10:36:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

The new edition of the Radio Times is out today, and features a Top 10 of episodes over the last 10 years, as voted by website readers.

Radio Times (21-27 March 2015) (Credit: Radio Times)Radiotimes.COM readers vote blink the best episode of THE MODERN DOCTOR WHO ERA
Top 10 revealed to mark 10th anniversary of the iconic show’s relaunch

Radio Times readers have voted Blink as the best episode of Doctor Who in the modern era, in a poll conducted by RadioTimes.com to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of Doctor Who.

The poll by RadioTimes.com, which received 280,859 votes, asked fans for their favourite episode of Doctor Who since it was relaunched by Russell T Davies on 26 March 2005, 16 years since the last full series. Blink topped the poll beating 2010’s Vincent and The Doctor to second place and The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (2008) in third position.

Blink was first shown in June 2007 and was the tenth episode of the third series of the relaunched show. Starring David Tennant as the Doctor, alongside Freema Agyeman, as his companion Martha Jones, the episode also featured Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow, who thwarted the Weeping Angels in their terrifying, Bafta-winning debut. The episode was written by the current series showrunner Steven Moffat, directed by Hettie MacDonald, with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner exec producers.

Speaking in the new issue of Radio Times, Steven Moffat says:
You know, when I wrote it, I thought Blink was a perfectly serviceable script. Nothing special, did the job – which, back then, was to have a Doctor Who story needing only two days’ shooting from David Tennant. I haven’t read the script in a long time, but I’m pretty sure I’d think the same now. What made it a little bit magical was, of course, the work of others…Some days everything just works. Sometimes you just stand in the right spot, all the windows align and the sunshine reaches you. I don’t think I can take a lot of the credit, but I’m very glad I was there when it happened.

Over the next ten days RadioTimes.com will be marking the 10th anniversary of the modern Doctor Who with a special mini-site celebrating the Doctors and companions from the last ten years, starting with the 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston and his companion Billie Piper. There will also be rarely seen Doctor Who content from the Radio Times archive, quizzes and a very special surprise for Doctor Who fans on the actual anniversary, Thursday 26 March.

Tim Glanfield, Editor RadioTimes.com & Digital Products, says:
Doctor Who is unique in the world of television in its ability to regenerate and continually produce fresh and exciting adventures in space and time that appeal to old and young alike. But no such regeneration was as significant as the 2005 revival which has seen the show under the stewardship of first Russell T Davies and now Steven Moffat grow into a world beating powerhouse of quality British drama with an army of fans who will surely be celebrating many significant birthdays with the Doctor for (re)generations to come.

Top 10 Doctor Who Reboot episodes (2005-2015) as voted by readers of Radio Times.com
  1. BLINK (2007)
    DOCTOR: David Tennant / WRITER: Steven Moffat
  2. VINCENT & THE DOCTOR (2010)
    DOCTOR: Matt Smith / WRITER: Richard Curtis
    DOCTOR: David Tennant / WRITER: Russell T Davies
    DOCTORS: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt / WRITER: Steven Moffat
    DOCTOR: Christopher Eccleston / WRITER: Steven Moffat
    DOCTOR: David Tennant / WRITER: Russell T Davies
    DOCTOR: David Tennant / WRITER: Steven Moffat
    DOCTOR: Christopher Eccleston / WRITER: Russell T Davies
    DOCTOR: David Tennant / WRITER: Steven Moffat
  10. THE END OF TIME (2009/10)
    DOCTOR: David Tennant WRITER: Russell T Davies

Read Steven Moffat’s full comments on Blink in the latest issue of Radio Times, on sale now.