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9/07/2011 12:03:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Series Six Part TwoThe BBFC have now certified various episodes and features that will form part of the Series 6: Part 2 boxed set:

Note: the titles of the DVD extras may constitute a spoiler

  8. Let's Kill Hitler       PG    48m  9s
  9. Night Terrors           PG    42m 33s
 10. The Girl Who Waited     PG    46m  2s
 11. The God Complex         12    48m  0s
 12. Closing Time            PG    45m 11s

     The Antibodies          U      9m  3s
     The Cybermats           PG    10m 13s

At the time of writing the finale of the series, The Wedding of River Song, has yet to be classified.

The boxed set is due for release on 10th October 2011, and is available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.