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Saturday, 28 May 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Doctor Who takes a mid-summer break after next week - but not before A Good Man Goes To War! The mid-series finale is due to be broadcast at 6:40pm in a 50 minute time slot, and the BBC have now released the third in their online "prequel" episodes to set the scene for the episode, alongside its trailer:

Prequel: A Good Man Goes To War, BBC, via BBC Website

Trailer: A Good Man Goes To War, BBC, via BBC Website, also via YouTube

A Good Man Goes To War will premiere on BBC1/BBC1HD at 6:40pm, 4th June in the United Kingdom; it then follows a week later (11th June) on SPACE in Canada at 8:00pm ET, BBC America in the United States at 9:00pm ET, and on ABC1 in Australia at 7:30pm.

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and the Doctor is raising an army to rescue her as the drama continues. But as he and Rory race across galaxies, calling in long-held debts and solemnly given promises, his enemies are laying a carefully concealed trap.

In her cell in Stormcage, River Song sadly acknowledges that the time has come at last – today will mark the Battle of Demons Run and the Doctor's darkest hour. Both sides will make their sacrifices and River Song must finally reveal her most closely guarded secret to the Doctor.

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