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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

A quieter fortnight in terms of news filtering out from the ongoing production of Miracle Day - at this point, principle photography was taking place on episode five, with production meetings taking place for episodes seven and eight. However, public announcements over the course of the two weeks more than made up for quieter set reporting!

Last week saw the first official poster released by Starz for Miracle Day, announcing the launch date in the United States for Friday 8th July 2011, with a press release indicating the time as 10pm ET/PT. The United Kingdom broadcast date is yet to be confirmed, but is widely expected to be close to the the same date.

However, publicity photos have yet to be released for the series, though shoots for these took place in Swansea (28th January) and in Los Angeles (5th March). It seems likely that the publicity engine will kick into full gear at the MIPTV Media Market in Cannes on Monday 4th April; as previously reported, the show is one of several being showcased at the event, with principle stars John Barrowman and Bill Pullman there to help with promotion, alongside executive producer Julie Gardner.

The press release for this event also indicates that the series will consist of ten 50 minute episodes.

The principle cast have all been busy this fortnight, with John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer and Alexa Havins seen on location, and Kai Owen tweeting prominently from the sets! As production has progressed, of course, more of the supporting cast and extras have come to light. The following is a list of those previously unreported, compiled from various casting agencies, resumes, and IMDB listings: Cris D'Annunzio; Richard Augustine (George Sayer); Brad Bell; Amy Benedict (Bridget Howe); Marina Benedict (Charlotte Willis); Candace Brown (Sarah Drummond); Ron Butler; Antonio D. Charity (Airport Security Guard); Tug Coker (Geoff Reed); Ewan Chung (Yu-King So); Jonathan Dane ("handsome man"); Joseph Eid (Man #1); Chrissie Fit (Assistant); Andrew Fowler (immortal patient); Laura Gardner; Brittnee Garza; Lauri Hendler (Angry Nurse); Paul James (Noah Vickers); Liz Jenkins ("Recurring"); Ronobir Lahiri (Simran Baidwan); Shaun Lucas ("patient"); Don Luce (Gate Guard); Jessica Matthews (News Anchor); Nick Salter; Jeffery Self (James Percey); Jonathan Spencer (Tony); A.J. Tannen (Government Clerk); Brian Treitler (Dr. Murphy); Randa Walker (Candace Perlmutter); Maurice Webster (Cop); Luke White (Emt); David Youse (Dr. Rosenbloom).

Another name associated with the new series is Olivia Hallinan; listed on IMDB as playing "Emma / Kate Dysart", the actress has appeared in Torchwood before in the Series One episode Out of Time, where she played Emma-Louise Cowell, the only time traveller from that story to continue her life in the present day. However, there has been no official confirmation of the actress's casting, or if "Emma" is indeed the same character.

Production-wise, the BBC Production Office reported that special effects and makeup supervisor Greg Nicotero had joined the production team; previous television projects include The Walking Dead, The Pacific and Deadwood, and films like Predators, Surrogates, Sin City and Kill Bill Vols 1+2.

Times cited within reports below are in Los Angeles local time.

Monday 14th March

Back to the beach! The production returned to Venice Beach for further filming during the day, this time along Westminster Avenue; scenes involved John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer and Alexa Havins, with action including Rex being taken away in the back of an ambulance.

Jeremy Burleson was visiting the beach that day and saw some of the activity, even ending up in the background for a shot!
14:56 At this movie shoot on Venice Beach!!!!!!!! Wow 
14:57 Literally at a Movie shoot right now.
15:01 They bout to start filmin.
15:11 Mann!! We get to be In the Background of this movie..
15:16 Torch 1..
16:31 Naww its a Tv Show
17:16 haha naww it was some white actors.. We was in the background tho
21:21 I still can't believe we got to be in the Background of this TV show
they was filming in LA today.

At this TV shoot in Los Angeles (via TwitVid)
(note: some browsers may need to right-click, "reload frame" to see video)

Other filming-related tweets include:
14:11 CF  Walking down Venice and ran into the #Torchwood team filming
a scene there! So random and cool :)
15:18 SBA I just went to get coffee on westminster in venicebeach venice beach
#losangeles and walking into the torchwood Scifi set filming today lol
16:55 BBC We're having our first spotting session for Episode #1 RIGHT NOW!
While the crew films at the beach. Here's to great Mondays.
17:09 AS Life's a beach.
Photos from the shoot were also published of the cast members by the Visual Press Agency, and may be seen via Padabee.

Tuesday 15th March - Friday 18th March

Documentation reported that filming would be taking place at Angels Gate Park at San Pedro for the rest of the week, though little was to be heard of the crew whilst there, Kai Owen also indicated further work at Venice Beach on Wednesday, though of course he could just have visited as a tourist!

Jane Espenson revealed on Tuesday that Brad Bell, aka "Cheeks", would be guesting on the show; an artist who experiments in the world of music, art and the media, he has become a popular icon on the Internet. This will be one of his first television roles.

On Wednesday the BBC Production Office reported that Greg Nicotero was on board to build an alien for the show - the first indication that there is more to the mysterious 'immortality' that pervades the 'Miracle Day' than meets the eye!

Tweets over the next couple of days:
15 18:17 KO  Beautiful LA evening off out for a burger and beers with @natiejay.
16 10:32 WK Finished Shooting Torchwood in L.A. and its a buuuuzzz. I feel this is my
best role since Nedry. Your in for a treat folks! watch this space
16 12:02 NS Working background on Torchwood today.
But we talk about Doctor Who, not Torchwood.
16 16:03 AF Torchwood tomorrow!
17 01:03 AF Ah, but you shall not see me for I be but a stand-in. :)
16 18:50 KO Been down Venice Beach today! Crazy place.
16 20:11 ST Crazy busy day Started on location two hours away
Raced back to WB for fitting with JB,new ep to break down, budget meetings
I <3 my job :-)
16 20:13 ST Late call tomorrow so I get to drive my kids to school. Bonus :-)
16 20:52 BBC Looks like tomorrow is the start of our late night shooting.
Team Torchwood, nocturnal entertainment like you've never seen before...

Back in Week Five, Shawna Trpcic posted this photo via Twitpic of a 'mystery man' posing alongside herself and John Barrowman. Filming on the day (11th February) had revolved around a bar, with the storyline reported of Jack picking up a barman for the evening. The man of mystery has now been revealed as actor Dillon Casey, who talked about his experiences with Torchwood and John Barrowman in his blogging video:

Living in LA With Dillon Casey! Episode 7: Gay Day! (via Funny or Die)

As reported above, night shoots were on the way, with schedules indicating long production days of 09:00-04:00 (17th) and 09:00-05:00 (18th), the final evening this week assuming its usual 'Fraturday' designation!
17 21:45 ST  Moulin rouge inspiration 
17 22:48 ST A visiting DP asked us to cover red soles of shoes huh...
Any one know why NOT!
17 23:25 JE Production meeting in the morning. So it's time to put what's left
of the pies back in the fridge and close my eyes. Z!
18 09:43 ST Concept meeting with @JaneEspenson and the dept heads
for episode 8. This show is amazing!!
18 12:01 AS Tree trimming outside my hotel room at 8am (on the morning
I get to sleep in) makes me not a very happy camper. Happy Friday!

After late nights, it's early calls for next week!
19 07:37 ST  Monday call for 3 of my crew is 4:30am @ location 2 hours away
rest of us in at 6:42am we r shooting in rain possibly laced w/ radiation :-/
19 07:37 ST Love my job though. :-)

Monday 21st March

Monday saw filming return (according to schedules) to Angels Gate Park, with Brad Bell filming his first scene and rumours of Greg Nicotero's creation being on set too!

"Arriving at location. So pretty!" - Jane Espenson, via Twitpic
06:08 BB Long drive. Rain. Aliens.
06:28 JE Arriving at location. So pretty!
06:41 JE Luckily, California is not playing
the role of Wales today.
07:47 JE Rumors of more rain on the way.
But right now, #torchwood set is dry
and dramatic. And cheeky.
09:07 JE Torchwood shooting going so well.
Ep 5 hits hard.
10:06 JE Pouring rain can't dampen
our torchthusiasm!
10:39 AS Omfg... Seriously, miserable does not
begin to describe this.
11:08 BB The set is incredible! ...and drenched.
Shot my scene with @Mekhi_Phifer.
Awesomely nice dude.
Chatting w/ Alexa Havins.
Trying to stay dry.
11:13 BB You're gonna DIE for the new season!
It's unreal!
So excited for the fans & as a fan,
I'm quite excited to see it myself!
11:26 BB Already asked what I could share.
"The fans are gonna wanna know!"
Answer: Top Secret.
Gotta wait til summer...
13:06 ST Wow @JaneEspenson LOVE!! The rewrites on episode 7. Really really love it.
Wow. Powerful stuff!
13:12 JE Thank you much @Trpcic ! The last polish was the work of RTD,
and it put the frosting on it. I'm so proud of it!

Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday was another quiet day, believed again to be the park; meanwhile, plans for the next photoshoot for Captain Jack were also unveiled ...

10:29 KO  Just been for a run around the park. Great way to start the day. 
16:43 BBC We can't say who yet but we're prepping for some serious publicity for
tomorrow's shoot. We're finally all back on the lot!
18:07 JE We are sharing the writing credit on episode ten.
It's still very much his baby-- he'll do all the final writing on it.
18:10 ST One crew working 5am to 5pm one crew working 3pm to 3am.
And a promo shoot with Captain Jack headed for a TV near you. Busy costume dept :-)

Wednesday 23rd March

Today it was reported that filming would be taking place at the Alexandria Hotel, though the famous iconic site may have been used for the Captain Jack promotional shoot mentioned on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Jane Espenson further elaborated on Russell T Davies's importance to the show:
12:46 Torchwood does not require prepping with Doctor Who. 
13:37 Jane Espenson: It's Russell's show. I'm just riding on top and enjoying the breeze!
14:14 Worry not. Original producers with hands firmly on wheel. Feels like same show.

And of course, todsy was when Starz unveiled the launch date for Miracle Day for the United States - 107 days and counting!

Thursday 24th - Friday 25th March

Production Meeting, BBC, via
Back to the backlot it seems, and at least Kai Owen sounded happy: "On set today with some fine WELSH talent."

Meanwhile, production meetings continued apace:
13:35 BBC Production meeting for Episode 7
happening upstairs! @JaneEspenson it
sounds fun up there what's happening??
13:54 JE @BBC_Torchwood it IS fun! Ironing out
all the production details
for eps 7 and 8.
14:16 BBC A look inside our production meeting!
#Torchwood. Going to set, will
report with more news soon.
Plenty of faces to recognise around that table!
Onto Friday, and two views from Torchwoodland, courtesy of Shawna Trpcic:

View outside torchwood offices misty California morning.
Photo: Shawna Trpcic, via Twitpic

Sunset near the Torchwood set.
Photo: Shawna Trpcic, via Twitpic

08:08 All TW offices are in "houses" that are used on lot as sets. 
14:06 Wow running like wild today, 2 units costumes in every one.
Background as well as actors all new. My cutter/fitter is going crazy Sew sew sew
21:18 1st and 2nd units still shooting. Been here since 6:30 I'm starting to drag :-)
waiting to move on to next big scene to establish new looks
00:18 JB is awesome!!
00:21 Still going @Team_Barrowman just encouraged the crew got applause

And after a long night, Kai Owen sums up:
23:12 Good night/morning. X

Key to initials: AF - Allyson Floyd (stand-in); AS - Alana Stone (fashion designer); BB - Brad Bell; BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); CF - Chrissie Fit; JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KO - Kai Owen (Rhys); NS - Nick Salter; SBA - SB Arts TV; ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer); WK - Wayne Knight

For Week 12, Cris D'Annunzio reported that he would have a guest role on the series. And Kai Owen has suggested that next week he'll be joined by his 'partner in crime', Tom Price:
18:55 @pricetom looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday mate.

And finally, to whet our appetites:
"Monday morning beautiful sunny day. All is peaceful as we shoot and continue to prep biggest ep yet ..."

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