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Saturday, 26 March 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
Doctor Who Bar A group of fans have started a new project based on the social networking and microblogging website, Twitter.

The Doctor Who Bar, which is not a physical bar, is the name of an online group that meets every Saturday at 7pm GMT to watch an episode of Doctor Who and discuss it live on Twitter using #DoctorWhoBar to tag their tweets.

The third meeting takes place this evening from 7pm GMT and the group will be watching fifth Doctor story, Earthshock, having voted for it in an online poll. The winner was announced at 6pm GMT. To join in you need press play on your DVD,VCR or computer at exactly 7.30pm GMT so you can all stay in synchronisation with the other viewers.

You can email the bar at for your full episode reviews and any other points of view you may wish to send. The best tweets, emails and comments will be displayed on the Doctor Who Bar website at the end of each week.