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Tuesday, 8 March 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The eighth week of production on Torchwood saw a couple of new guest stars join the show, which was mainly based at the Warner Brothers sets for the week, though the cast did get out and about at airy heights of the US Bank Tower and the subterranean depths of a ... parking garage! The end of the week also saw a publicity shoot for the show take place.

Cast name-checked this week included John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, and Lauren Ambrose, though others of course worked throughout the week, including guest stars Christopher Thomas Howell (The Outsiders, Criminal Minds, Southland, The Amazing Spider Man) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Desperate Housewives, Transformers Prime).

Writer John Fay was interviewed by the Liverpool Daily Post on Wednesday, during which he answered a number of questions about the new series:
  • How many eps? Just the one. Episode Nine of ten.
  • I can tell you a lot of my ep is set in Wales, and has already been shot.
  • Russell and Julie Gardner remain in charge, so I think it'll still have the same basic tone. There are more American characters in it, so obviously it'll probably feel more American.
  • (on Russell as a re-writer) Ep 2 of COE is all mine I think. He moved a bit of his ep 5 onto the back of my Ep 4, and wrote an extra scene between the PM and his adviser, but that was pretty much it. I can't speak for the new series yet because I haven't seen it. With RTD it's not a problem. Apart from anything else, he's a great writer and he's the boss. I have been re-written by some lesser writers in the past though. And that does piss you off!
  • Russell's been putting the arm on me to represent Torchwood at something called Kapow! in London. In ongoing discussions with Mrs Fay......
  • I keep getting a "what's your favourite Torchwood character box" flashing up on my screen and poor old Rhys is in last place on 0%! For the record - he's my favourite! So that breaks his duck!

We're also very pleased to be able to include one of Bill Pullman's own photos, taken during production on the new series.

This features both him and John Barrowman in costume as Oswald Danes and Captain Jack respectively, and has been provided to us courtesy of

Finally, another member of the cast who filmed earlier in the schedule was named by the After Elton website; actor Dillon Casey (pictured right with John Barrowman courtesy of Shawna Trpcic back in Week Five filming) is playing the character of Brad. Casey has recently been seen as Noah in The Vampire Diaries.

Times cited within reports below are in Los Angeles local time, except where indicated


Another week and another early start, for costume designer Shawna Trpcic, who later on discussed aspects of Captain Jack's new jacket:
06:20 Torchwood at 4:12 am. Funny thing is I woke up before my alarm. :-)
now I'm yawning and eating too much trying to stay alert. :-)
06:23 what is CJ coat Y u chose fabric?
Wool w/ tiny bit of cashmere to keep it soft with goodBody.
11:29 Thought JB was allergic to wool?
Old Coat was cotton - the wool im using is thin and
super soft no allergic reactions.
12:41 costume was made of moleskin to simulate wool as JB allergic
does it qualify as cotton?

i suppose might b an UK/US word thing
19:59 Can't wait to see our captain in NEW hero coat!
I wonder if he wears the silver aeroplane cufflinks this series too?

Other Twitter-chat for the day included:
07:54 ST Ice cold but sunny & clear beautiful
rained for 10hours during fri night shoot :-/
09:02 AS Week 8 of Torchwood aka 80s revival week!
19:13 MC Abby singer! For those of you who don't know that means the
second to the last shot is up.
19:19 MC Wrap
21:21 AS @trpcic lol Ralph? DWtS!!! That's amazing! Watching fo sho!
80s revival week rules! I'm so rocking legwarmers this week.


Back out and about, filming at two locations; a parking garage at 524 South Flower St, just around the corner from the major shoot at the US Bank Tower - the tallest building in Los Angeles! - and several photos from Shawna Trpcic and Michael Colbert showed off its views across the city!

Michael Colbert
(via Twitpic)
The view today. "Heroes" fans might note Kirby plaza where the orange thing is.

Michael Colbert
(via Twitpic)
Another view

Shawna Trpcic
(via Twitpic)
Never seen LA like this :-)

Shawna Trpcic
(via Twitpic)
Top of historic mens club in downtown

Shawna Trpcic, via Plixi

Michael Colbert, via Twitpic
"TW-Spy!" today reveals John and Eve's comfy chairs, and an intriguing logo that promises "from better to best"! Meanwhile, the cast and crew go wobbly at the knees with guest star Ernie Hudson filming scenes alongside John Barrowman!

09:08 ST  TV crews work sooooo hard we have units all over this
morning have not stopped running and my crew
are literary out of breath!!
09:47 MC Poop on a stick! It's only 9:45!
15:26 ST Publicity photos for Torchwood on the way
Shooting this weekend with 7 members of the cast :-)
15:37 ST John said his undercover pants were a bit tight but
he likes them. I told him Im famous for
"Captain Tight Pants" gotta keep up tradition

Wednesday - Friday

Wednesday saw filming continue with two units, though it wasn't clear if this was back at the US Bank Tower or elsewhere; production was to return to the Warner Brothers lot for the rest of the week, though it would seem that adjacent activities would cause quite some excitement!
02 23:58 DC  Shooting #y&r and #torchwood next week.... Busy busy. 
02 21:58 AF Shooting #Torchwood back at good 'ol WB tomorrow. ^_^ |
02 22:28 ST I am soooo exhausted but gotta tell you working on torchwood is such a
luv fest I am very happy two units today shopping and early fit in am
03 13:05 AF Having now read the latest script, I take that back! :D
03 15:41 AS Note: This is not Torchwood but J. Edgar is shooting on the lot near us.
Looking for Leo!
03 16:09 BBC Just spent a lovely afternoon with some of our fellow UK crew.
We're also still floating on the Ernie Hudson cloud, the rumors are true.
03 17:15 JE It is almost all written, yes! All episodes but last one are in
the pipeline at some stage. No word on next season yet.
03 17:56 ST Clint Eastwood and Leo dicaprio r here -
squeeeel in amazing Hoover era costumes
03 21:01 ST Don't jump ship on us from Torchwood to a fancy movie set, please!
Never! I have never giggled & blushed so much! Like teenage luv
04 16:08 AF More "Torchwood" (@ Warner Bros. Pictures)
04 17:39 BBC Eve Myles wants everyone to make her a promise,
HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! That seems manageable right?
04 17:39 AF Conan O'Brien and Leo DiCaprio are somewhere on this lot.
When am I going to conveniently happen across them?? ;D
04 17:46 AF I realized that one of the two main Torchwood stages is right
next door to Two and a Half Men. Ground 0 for recent Hollywood drama! :P
04 17:48 BBC Also, we're prepping for a photo shoot this Saturday.
Publicity stills, can't wait!
04 19:51 ST All packed & prepared for first PR shoot w/ the cast. Yay!!
Crew shooting into the weeee hours then up for Morning shoot.
Pray all sleep well
04 23:17 BBC We've got Bill and Lauren on this late night of shooting.
The lot is empty... Mission #2 - Private Party on the
"Two and A Half Men" set!
05 01:25 BBC Mission #2, FAIL. We're having too much fun on our own set.
Such a great cast and crew. Good Morning Everyone!
05 01:35 AF Yet another Happy Fraturday to all! ;)

Key to initials: AF - Allyson Floyd (stand-in); AS - Alana Stone (fashion designer); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); DC - Daryl Crittenden; JE - Jane Espenson (writer); MC - Michael Colbert (electrician); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer)

Saturday saw press and publicity shots being taken for the show; this is believed to have taken place at the Willow Studios, which provide a number of standing sets (bars, restaurants, apartments) suitable for filming and photo-shoots! As Shawna Trpcic reports:
As soon as I'm allowed I'll link u to the photos. 
You all will be very happy they are the most SEXY PR photos I've seen.
Torchwood ROCKS!!!

Week Nine kicks off with the cast and crew off to the seaside!
"Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah
On a blanket with my Torchwood is where I'll be"