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Sunday, 27 December 2009 - Reported by Marcus
The BBC has uploaded an exclusive clip from Part Two of The End of Time onto the official website. You are strongly advised not to click on the link if you have not seen Part One as it contains major spoilers from the end of Part One. The clip is only available on the official site in the UK.

David Tennant has spoken of his love for Doctor Who and how it lead him to choose acting for a career. Speaking on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio Four, to be broadcast Sunday morning, he tells how it was watching Jon Pertwee in the role as a child, that made him want to go into the profession. He also tells of meeting Tom Baker while Baker was playing the fourth Doctor.

Various papers have reported the UK ratings for Christmas day with The Times describing the figures as disappointing for the BBC, while the Guardian concentrated on the BBC's dominance of the chart. The Mirror focused on EastEnders, but describes The End of Time as terrific, while The Star discribed the Christmas audiences for BBC One as huge.

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