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Tuesday, 30 August 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon

The UK television website Off The Telly has published two new Doctor Who-themed interviews. Writer and broadcasterAndrew Collins, who was featured as a commentator on the "Doctor Who Confidential" documentary series, haswritten about his experience of working in a Big Finish play: "It was calming for my non-actorly nerves to get to Stockwell first, follow those instructions through the blue gate, get my bearings and chat to Toby (BBC experience has taught me always to make friends with studio engineers!) You are greeted with tea, coffee, water, wooden fruit bowls piled high with miniature chocolate bars and Wotsits, and a Travel Connect Four for longueurs. Although the green room itself - positioned in the bowels of the modest studio complex - has more air conditioning ducts than actual room, the oppressive piping gives it a Doctor Who space-station feel." Also,Gary Russell of Big Finish enjoys a very revealinginterview with Graham Kibble-White in which he discusses Big Finish's current state of affairs, the effect of the new series and fandom as a whole: "It's good for them to have [Big Finish] on their merchandise list, every month there's a brand new Doctor Who CD audio drama with original cast. Every month there's a Doctor Who book. Every month there's something new from whoever the new toy licensees are. It shows their bosses upstairs that Doctor Who is a viable license." Read each interview at the website. (Thanks to Stuart Ian Burns, Graham Kibble-White)

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