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Wednesday, 9 March 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Here's a recap of some of the reviews in the newspapers of the first episode (with no spoilers):

The Times: "It's a funny feeling. When the dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum starts, and the new-look title sequence begins, the hairs on your arms stand up, and a smile fixes itself, rictus-like, to your face. This warm feeling alone is enough to transport you blithely through the first five minutes of the new Doctor Who before any critical faculties kick in. And when they do, you realise that you're enjoying yourself."

Manchester Online: "This is a bold restating of what Doctor Who was always about - scaring the kids and entertaining families on a Saturday night. Old series monsters the Autons - recreating the famous shop window breakout of their 1970 debut - keep the show in touch with its past, while the energentic direction and decent special effects show off its new coat of paint cheerfully. To coin a phrase - he's back, and it's about time."

The Daily Express: "So much of the BBC's shiny new Doctor Who has been lovingly assembled according to a clear philosophy of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. ... But it comes at a souped-up pace and delights in showing off the results of the huge resources of budget and talent that have been thrown at a programme whose sets were once only out-wobbled by those of Crossroads. Between [Eccleston and Piper] they are a revelation. ... To be successful Doctor Who needs to look brilliant, crack along with never a dull moment, and excite and amuse in equal measure. By the look of the first episode it will do that in spades."

The Sun: "The new Who doesn't wear a scarf or fancy coat - but from the start Eccleston is outstanding. And the script from Queer as Folk writer Russell T Davies is sparky, witty and will please even the most ardent fans."

This Is London: "As a fan I really hope this new series succeeds. It's lively, wellfilmed and the special effects are up to scratch. There is humour, a vital ingredient if the new series is to be a success. ... We can only hope that Christopher Eccleston really does represent a return to form as the best Doctor since the golden days of Pertwee and Tom Baker. A children's programme it might be, but played for laughs, never."

Daily Telegraph: "The first Doctor Who series for 16 years could give the BBC a much-needed hit for its ailing Saturday night schedules if the verdict of critics, fans and children is correct."

The Guardian: "It is unfair to review a restaurant on opening night, but an event as important as the return of Doctor Who after a hiatus of 15 years (not counting the ill-fated 1996 US TV movie co-production, to which BBC executives have the same regard Stalin had for Trotsky) is of such importance to millions of fans around the world that instant judgments are required. The good Doctor is most definitely back... and many traditionalists are going to greet this radical new version with utter dismay. ... As a diehard Who fan, I will watch all the remaining episodes wishing, hopefully not totally in vain, that they had laid off the Ritalin."

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