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Thursday, 29 July 2004 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
A headline in today's Western Mail (also picked up in the Daily Star, the Scottish Daily Record and others) notes that Billie Piper has taken a new flat in Cardiff to be close to the production, and has a celebrity neighbor: musician Charlotte Church. "The new Dr Who star has swapped her Tardis for a plush รบ250,000 flat next door to the singer," says the article. Friends have told the various papers that Church, who is 18, "can hardly believe it and can't wait to see Billie when she moves in." Ah, the paparazzi already begins...

Another article in the Manchester Evening News called "Darker side of Dr Who" notes that "Christopher Eccleston is bringing a no-nonsense attitude to his new role as Dr Who. The actor, originally from Little Hulton, has swapped the cult timelord's dandy scarves and hats for a slick leather jacket and sharp black clothes." The Doctor apparently has what is called a "complete wardrobe makeover," and looks more "undercover detective" than a Time Lord. The article also interviews the now-familiar guy charging ahead with his Dalek campaign (again?) and mentions the show's past 'fashion history'.

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