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Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The special effects company MillTV will be handling the visual effects for the new Doctor Who series, the team announced on its website today. The following is MillTV's statement about the confirmation of their work:
MillTv, longform arm of Europe's only Oscar-winning visual effects company, The Mill, has been confirmed by the BBC as the contractor for visual effects on the 2005 series of Dr Who. MillTv will provide high-end visual effects and graphics for all 13x45-minute episodes for BBC1.

"It's a privilege - and a responsibility - to be asked to work on such an iconic project," says Dave Throssell, head of MillTv. "It will be a tough job because it will demand feature film effects on a TV schedule."

MillTv understands it has to create effects capable of bedazzling a demanding generation with high-expectations stemming from the sophistication of films like The Matrix and Lord of the Rings:

"Effects that were seen as ground-breaking when Dr Who first aired obviously won't cut it with today's audience," says Throssell. "But thanks to a pedigree that includes the Oscar-winning effects produced by The Mill for Ridley Scott's Gladiator, we have a proven track record of creating seminal effects and graphics. MillTv is more than capable of delivering the high-standards necessary to update Dr Who."

MillTv has developed a strong relationship with Dr Who producer, Phil Collinson. Throssell and Collinson recently completed another effects-driven primetime BBC drama in February called Sea of Souls. Other 2004 MillTv projects include First Olympians (BBC, July 04), D-Day (BBC June 04), Dragons Alive (BBC, March 04), The Nile (BBC, February 04) and Men of Iron (Channel 4, February 04).

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