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Wednesday, 18 September 2002 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Could Doctor Who be back next year? That's the conflagration of rumors that have started after an interview with BBC1 chief Lorraine Heggessey, who spoke to Simon Mayo of Radio Five Live on Tuesday. "Doctor Who was a fantastic series," said Heggessey, "and I think we should be looking at ways to reinvent it. ... Discussions are going on at the moment, but they are in the very early stages. There is an awful lot to sort out, including copyright and so on, but, yes, it could be coming back. And tea-time on Saturdays would seem an appropriate place." Many online and print media in the UK have picked up the story as a confirmation that the show is coming back, but of course reading Ms. Heggessey's comments don't specifically make note that the show will be back, only that it's being considered. While this is more of the same we've come to expect since the cancellation, this is perhaps one of the brightest discussions about the show's future, as it seems that those high-up at the BBC are indeed interested. We'll bring you more detail as we get it. (Thanks to the over 40 emails we received this morning about the comments, and BBCi for some clarification.)

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