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Saturday, 5 November 2022 - Reported by Marcus
The Doctor Who Project

The Doctor Who Project (TDWP) is looking for original Doctor Who short stories for one of their two-story ranges – The Eleventh Doctor Adventures & Brief Encounters.

The Eleventh Doctor Adventures centres on the continuing adventures of the Eleventh Doctor and his current travelling companion Maggie Weitz, while Brief Encounters feature Doctors 1-7.

TDWP is a group of fan writers, artists, and editors who work together to bring an original collection of Doctor Who fiction for the reading enjoyment of fellow fans.

Stories are based on the original 1963-89 television series.

Stories are published in free downloadable PDF documents in a novel-like layout along with specially designed covers. The fiction is published and written by fans for fans.

If you’d like to submit a story idea or get a copy of the submission guidelines. Email TDWP at:

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Friday, 25 March 2022 - Reported by Marcus
Data Extract 251 (Credit: Doctor Who Club of Australia)Data Extract 250 (Credit: Doctor Who Club of Australia)

Data Extract, the magazine publication of the Doctor Who Club of Australia has reached its 250th issue.

The double issue 250/251 includes an exclusive interview with Katy Manning on her long connection to Australia while Pete McTighe goes behind the scenes on the short films made for the Blu-ray collection releases.

The magazine has a tribute to Louise Pajo (Gia Kelly from The Seeds of Death), written by her in her final days

Inside a look at the real world Future Library with artist Katie Paterson, and Data Extract founder Dallas Jones looking at DE history and his own fandom origins,. Aldo Craig Land’s comic as past companions team up to take on the Master,

UK correspondent Bel Bailey-Melouney goes behind the scenes of Time Fracture and tours the filming locations of Flux, while Dom Kelly looks back over series 11 and 12 to bring an exploration of the Thirteenth Doctor.

Tim Darby counts down tales of Gallifrey and Roger Reynolds introduces us to the Doctor's neighbour at 78 Totters Lane.

Data Extract is a subscription publication through the Doctor Who Club of Australia 

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Monday, 25 October 2021 - Reported by Marcus
TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 3 (Credit: DWAS)
The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has published the latest edition of its features-based magazine 'TARDIS'.
The title was re-launched in 2020 and so far has helped to raise funds for 'Mermaids' (supporting transgender children and their families) and 'MIND' (which helps adults with mental health issues).  
Issue 3 supports DAVSS, a domestic abuse charity of which Louise Jameson is patron. The magazine has 64 colour A4 pages and contents include:
  • Louise Jameson writes about her time playing companion Leela
  • We hear from K9’s co-creator Bob Baker, and voice actor John Leeson in exclusive interviews
  • In Missing in Action we take an in-depth look at The Myth Makers, with many details previously unexplored. This bumper 15,000-word feature includes an analysis of the camera scripts and audience research reports, viewers’ memories, Keys of Marinus director John Gorrie’s recollections of actor James ‘Troilus’ Lynn, close-up photos of the original Trojan Horse model, and a look at some of the serial’s supporting artistes
  • In an extensive feature we examine the history of Doctor Who in Germany, from its original out-of-order broadcasts in the Eighties to its lavish special edition Blu-rays
  • We go behind the scenes of The Stones of Blood in a fascinating set report by Kevin Jon Davies, previously printed in Tardis in 1979. Includes a new introduction and Kevin’s original photos
  • Actor Edmund Pegge recalls his trip to Titan Base in The Invisible Enemy, and shares details of his autobiography
  • Doctor Who historian Andrew Pixley reveals his favourite way of watching the series in How to Watch Doctor Who
  • We uncover the whereabouts of the TV Movie TARDIS Console and speak to its owner and restorer
  • Curiosities from the Space Museum examines merchandise and tie-ins released alongside the TV Movie
  • The New Adventurers tackle the second New Adventure Timewrym: Exodus and Terrance Dicks discusses the writing of the novel in an in-depth archive interview
  • Blake’s Who?! A look at Doctor Who’s ‘sister’ show Blake’s 7
  • The novelisations of Castrovalva and The Invisible Enemy go under the microscope in Target Audience
  • We hear what The Daemons means to one fan, and what life was like living in Aldbourne
  • The creators of Cutaway Comics discuss the return of Omega and the Kangs
  • Writer Don Houghton talks Inferno and The Mind of Evil in an archive Tardis interview
  • Paul Magrs goes back to 1996 and a cold queue outside HMV, in his column
  • An Unconventional Pilgrimage encounters Monoids, War Machines and Daleks in a look back at Season 3
  • Colin Howard discusses his cover for The Armageddon Factor VHS
  • Nigel Robinson returns for another round of fiendish quiz questions
The magazine costs £9-99 including UK delivery (Europe £12-99 and Worldwide £14-99) and can be bought from the DWAS Shop at - it is also available at the DWAS eBay store at

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Sunday, 22 August 2021 - Reported by Marcus
Vworp Vworp - Cover AVworp Vworp - Cover BVworp Vworp - Cover C

The long-awaited fourth issue of acclaimed Doctor Who comics and artwork fanzine Vworp Vworp! will be released in September.

This 172-page issue focuses on the Doctor’s strange adventures in TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action.

Trods, Daleks, Ugrakks, Quarks, The Pied Piper, Cybermen, Kleptons... For 15 years, Doctor Who fought them all with the help of his plucky grandchildren John and Gillian, and more familiar faces like Jamie, Liz, Sarah Jane, Leela and, of course, Santa Claus! We celebrate the weird and often wonderful TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action strips, and the equally colourful characters behind them.

This issue, lavishly illustrated with original artwork and never-before-seen photos, includes:

  • Interviews with artists Bill Mevin, Harry Lindfield and Martin Asbury

  • Celebrate of the lives of the late artist's John Canning, Neville Main, Gerry Haylock and Frank Langford, written with the full cooperation of their families

  • Scripters Roger Noel Cook and David Motton write about their Doctor Who work

  • Profiles of the strip’s other writers, artists and editors, including Tom Woodman, Alan Fennell, Dennis Hooper, Patrick Williams and Dick Millington

  • Brand new comic strips: the First Doctor, John and Gillian must avert The Trod Invasion of Earth  (written by Steve Lyons and drawn by Shawn Van Briesen), the Second Doctor faces the Return of the Piper (by Tim Quinn and Paul Cowan) and there’s trouble for the Third Doctor, in the epic Revenge of the Ugrakks (by George Mann and Paul Cooke)

  • The creation of Doctor Who Magazine’s homage to TV Comic, The Land of Happy Endings

  • Memories of growing up with the comics, and designing a competition-winning monster

Also in this issue:

  • Two of its three artists discuss the making of the much-loved book Doctor Who and the Daleks Omnibus, released through Marks & Spencer in 1976

  • Collecting original Doctor Who artwork

  • The life of prolific illustrator John Woods, who worked on many Dalek and Doctor Who books in the 1960s

  • ... and much more!

Plus, these exciting FREE GIFTS:

  • ‘Sugar Pats’, an authentic 1960s Doctor Who/TV Comic-themed cereal packet

  • A set of thrilling TV Comic stickers for your favourite cardigan


Vworp Vworp - p44-45Vworp Vworp - p32-33Vworp Vworp - p58-59


Order Vworp Vworp! issue 4, price £9.99, from now.


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Data Extract Turns FortyBookmark and Share

Friday, 13 November 2020 - Reported by Marcus
Data Extract (Credit: DWCA)

The newsletter of the Doctor Who Club of Australia, Data Extract, turns forty this month. 


The magazine was first published on November 24th 1980 under the title of the Australasian Doctor Who Newsletter. It wasn't until issue 23 in July-August 1983 that the titled changed to Data Extract following a competition for readers to come up with a catchy name. The winner was Kevin Smedley of Sunbury who came up with the name Australasian Who's Who. Although declared the winner and receiving a lifetime subscription to the newsletter, the name wasn't used as the editor, Dallas Jones decided to use his own idea and call the magazine Data Extract.


The headline is the first edition was Tom Baker Quits announcing the departure of the longest-serving actor to play the role of The Doctor.  

The next three issues of Data Extract (247, 248 and 249) will include a plethora of features celebrating this 40-year milestone, including recollections from past editors and articles about the history of the publication.

Issue 247, due for release next week, looks at Christopher Eccleston's return to the role of the Doctor, interviews Thomas Crawford on his Satellite 5 fan productions and goes behind the scenes with Brand Manager Edward Russell on recreating the Beatles Abbey Road cover with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and two Daleks.

There is also a report on a  Who themed wedding, a count down the best honeymoon locations in the Whoniverse, a hunt for Campsie's missing TARDIS library and a discussion of the conspiracy of The Curator with the Boffin.

Readers can also check out the Lockdown Season with UK correspondent Bel Bailey-Melouney, discover the origins of the Doctor's dark side in War of the Valeyard and launch the first part of the Jason Towers comic 'Old Sixie versus the Bridge of Doom', telling the true tale of how the DWCA forced Colin Baker to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

If you aren't a current member of the DWCA you can subscribe online

Data Extract (Credit: DWCA)Data Extract (Credit: DWCA)

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Friday, 2 October 2020 - Reported by Marcus
The latest edition of the Fanzine Peladon has just been released. 
Issue 10 looks at the criticism received by recent series of Doctor Who and asks why it has become so toxic. 
The fanzine also talks to writer Andrew Harrison about his memories of growing up with Who while Steve O'Brien explores some of the many Wha-Ifs in Doctor Who’s 57-year history,
The first issue of Peladon was published in Jan 1985 and so it's been going, on and off, for 35 years now. It is believed to be the UK's longest-running fanzine outside of those published by the DWAS.
The A5 fanzine is available for £2 by emailing

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