As we approach the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, revisit the story of Doctor Who, the occasional series written for the 50th Anniversary, explaining the origins of the programme.

Episode 4 - An Unearthly Series - The Origins of a TV Legend: First published 25 Jul 2012

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Friday, 1 July 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Time Shadows (Credit: Pseudoscope Publishing)
Time Shadows is a new, unofficial, unauthorized Doctor Who short-story anthology raising money for the Enable Community Foundation

The anthology from Pseudoscope Publishing features all televised Doctors, across 25 stories, including a five-part framing story with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara.

Tipped off by a mysterious raven man, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara travel to Refuge, home of the last vestiges of life near the end of the universe. There, they discover an ancient, powerful Time Lord relic. No sooner does it activate, than new thoughts, new memories form in the Doctor’s mind: new adventures of all his past selves.

Someone or something is tampering with time, changing the destination of the TARDIS, and altering the Doctor’s past. He and Clara must travel into danger, into darkness to set things right.
The book is edited by Matt Grady with Samuel Gibb, with a foreword by Gary Russell.

It features stories by Violet Addison, John Anderson, David Black, Andrew Blair, Simon Blake, Christopher Colley, John Davies, Abel Diaz, R.P. Fox, Stephen Hatcher, Chris Heffernan, Ian Howden, Pete Kempshall, J.R. Loflin, Kevin Mason, Roger McCoy, David McLain, Christopher Olsen, John Peel, Stuart Roth, Dale Smith, David N. Smith, and Nick Walters.

Further details on Time Shadows, including ordering information, are available on the Pseudoscope Publishing website

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Saturday, 4 July 2015 - Reported by Marcus
The Temporal Logbook is a collection of short stories being released for charity by Pencil Tip Publishing

The Temporal Logbook

A Charity Short Story Collection

Twelve Doctors.

Twelve windows onto the universe. And the Doctor's life is the history of the universe.

The Temporal Logbook is the telling of that history.

From the myths of Ancient Greece to the depths of unknown space, from the life of Lewis Carroll to the horrors of the Black Death, The Temporal Logbook recounts some of the Doctor's most enthralling journeys during his first eleven incarnations, as told by a selection of Doctor Who fandom's best writers.

The TEMPORAL LOGBOOK features stories from Michael Baxter, J.E. Remy, Benjamin Pocock, Craig Charlesworth, Hannah Parry, Ian Larkin, Sarah Parry, Nick Mellish, Hamish Crawford, Paul Silvester, Michael Itig and Meg MacDonald.

Edited by Robert Mammone, Jez Strickley & Bob Furnell.

Cover designed by John Gordon.
All proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the Positive Living Society of British Columbia which is dedicated to empowering persons living with HIV/AIDS through mutual support and collective action.

The Temporal Logbook will retail at $16.95 CAD + postage and will be available for purchase from 15th July at

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Saturday, 25 April 2015 - Reported by Harry Ward
Tomorrow is the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon and some faces from the world of Doctor Who will be taking on the challenge. Jonathan Bailey, Mark Lewis Jones, Greg James and Lindsey Russell (current presenter of Blue Peter) will run the 26.2 miles for their chosen charities.

Details below on how to donate:

Jonathan Bailey - MND Scotland (fundrasing page)
Mark Lewis Jones - Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (donation page)
Greg James - Lord's Taverners (fundrasing page)
Lindsey Russell - Children in Need (donation page)

You can follow the marathon across the BBC from 8.30 tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015 - Reported by Harry Ward
This Sunday (19 April) will see The Big Care Sign-Up host an event to raise money for The Carers Centre, a charity based in LeicesterShire. As part of events there will be an auction of celebrity and entertainment memorabilia, including autographs from all 13 actors to have played the Doctor. Guests from Doctor Who will be John Levene (Sergeant Benton) and Matthew Dale (Big John, Robot Of Sherwood).

  • Album page signed by William Hartnell (First Doctor) and dedicated to Sylvia. Actress Wanda Hendrix has signed on the reverse.
  • Album page, signed by Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor), “Best wishes, Patrick Troughton”.
  • Vintage programme for the show "Lets Make a Night of It" at the Pier Pavilion in Worthing, signed on the first page by Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor). Good condition.
  • 10” x 8” full colour photo of the Fourth Doctor and Daleks signed by Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor). Good condition.
  • Full colour photo of signed by Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor) and dedicated to Brenda, “To Brenda, With best wishes, Peter Davison”.
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary First Day Cover, signed by Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott) and Katy Manning (Jo Grant)
  • Poster of The Witch Prime from The Minister of Chance, signed by Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor and The Witch Prime)
  • Poster artwork signed by Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor)
  • British Legion Poppy Appeal Cover, signed by Sir John Hurt (War Doctor).
  • Full colour signed photo of Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor).
  • Full colour signed photo of the Tenth Doctor, signed by David Tennant (Tenth Doctor). This autograph was signed in person at London BFI Doctor Who at 50 Season on Sunday 29th September 2013.
  • London Art programme signed by Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (as Jenna-Louise Coleman) (Clara Oswald) during the filming of The Day of The Doctor in Trafalgar Square. Unique sketches and doodles by Pete Worrall.
  • Full colour photo taken at time of Peter Capaldi’s reveal as the Twelfth Doctor, signed and dated with the words “All the Best from Peter Capaldi, 23 Nov 2013 50 Years of Dr. Who!!”, the day of its 50th Anniversary. The celebratory episode, The Day of The Doctor, also marked Capaldi’s brief first appearance in the role.
The full list of items up for auction and how to submit a bid can be found on The Big Care Sign-Up website.

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Saturday, 7 February 2015 - Reported by Marcus
A Bedford charity is raising money for the homeless, by organising a Doctor Who Convention, with a special discount for readers of Doctor Who News.

Bedford Who Charity Con is being held on Saturday 11th April, to raise funds for Bedford Foodbank, who provide emergency food for local people in crisis. The organisers do not make money from the event; once costs are covered, all the money raised goes to the Foodbank.

Confirmed guests – subject to work commitments – are Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred, Anneke Wills, John Leeson, Terry Molloy, Mike Tucker, Paul Cornell, and Doctor Who’s choreographer Ailsa Berk, who will be leading an Alien Movement Workshop. As choreographer, Berk is responsible for teaching movement to the actors playing the aliens. If you want to learn how to stomp like Cybermen, lollop like scarecrows, lurch like Other Dave when he’s possessed by the Vashta Nerada, or frighten the neighbours by adopting the pose of a Weeping Angel, then this is for you. There’ll also be on stage interviews with the guests, who’ll also be signing autographs and BAFTA award-winning Mike Tucker will be doing a presentation on the special effects in Doctor Who. Plus there’ll be the chance to mingle with the Daleks and other aliens.

Prices are £40 for adults, £20 for those aged 14-18 and £12 for under 14s. Family tickets are available. If you tell the organisers you read about the convention on Doctor Who News you'll receive a 10% discount on these prices.

You can order tickets from the convention website

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Saturday, 20 December 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Paddington Who? by Peter Capaldi (Credit: London & Partners)The Paddington Who? statue designed by Peter Capaldi is currently available to bid on in an auction by Christies in aid of the NSPCC and ChildLine. The auction runs until just after 3:00pm on the 7th January, and at the time of writing is at £2,800.

The auction notes report:
Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor Who in the hit BBC TV series, also stars in the new Paddington movie as Mr Curry. He has combined the bear with The Doctor to create a thrilling marmalade-eating time traveller. Has there ever been a more intrepid, daring and sure-to-find-trouble combination? One word of warning though: beware of the Dalek on his back!

The TARDIS is known to transport The Doctor and his companions through time and space on the TV series, so where better for Paddington Who to end up than right where time begins and ends each day: on the Prime Meridian line? From here there are a number of ways to explore the world’s history, and possibly its future, with attractions to enjoy such as the Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum and Queen’s House. Just make sure you pack enough sandwiches under your hat before you leave home.

The statue is still available to view outside the Peter Harrison Planetarium at the Greenwich Royal Observatory until 4:30pm on the 30th December.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014 - Reported by Marcus
Peter Capaldi's Celebrity School Report and Signed Photo is being auctioned for Cecily's Fund, a charity that works to provide orphans and vulnerable children and young people in Zambia with access to education.

The unique school report is handwritten and signed by Peter Capaldi on behalf of Dr Who. It grades the Doctor on subjects including history (exceptionally good) and Dalek fighting (A+). The report also includes a doodle of a Dalek and comes with a signed photo of Capaldi.

Other reports are also available including items from Hugh Bonneville, Bill Nighy and Joanna Lumley.

The auction on ebay closes on 4th July.

Meanwhile Capaldi has joined Hollywood star Brad Pitt as a trustee of The Mackintosh Appeal, raising money to help the The Glasgow School of Art recover from a serious fire which damaged The Mackintosh Building at the heart of the school campus, in May.

Capaldi is a former student of the art school.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014 - Reported by Marcus
Tenth Planet Events are holding a special event and auction to raise money for Denville Hall, a home for elderly members of the theatrical profession.

Items in the auction range from several signed Big Finish scripts and Doctor Who posters through to a a private dinner for ten with Lalla Ward and her husband Richard Dawkins, and the chance to spend a day with Big Finish.

The Auction is now available online until midnight (BST) on August 8th 2014.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
Short stories are being sought for an unofficial Doctor Who anthology that will raise money for charity.

The Vancouver-based outfit Pencil Tip Publishing is bringing out The Temporal Logbook, featuring original Doctor Who fiction by new and upcoming writers. The stories will involve the first 11 Doctors - by this it means as portrayed by William Hartnell through to Matt Smith and not including The War Doctor - in a series of adventures across space and time. All proceeds will go to the Positive Living Society of British Columbia, which is dedicated to empowering people who have HIV/Aids.
It's been said that Doctor Who has one of the most flexible formats in television drama. With the basic premise of an alien who travels throughout space and time in a box that is bigger inside than out, and which is disguised as a 1960s police public call box, it can't get much simpler than that. One week the show can be a gothic horror, the next it can be a comedic satire, while the next it could be a base-under-siege thriller – the possibilities are endless.
The deadline for submissions is midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday 28th June. They should be between 3,000 and 7,500 words, in English, and not have been published elsewhere already. Stories should be sent for consideration via e-mail to The same address can be used for queries as well.

Authors must submit just one story at a time, and must also include a covering letter that includes their full name, age, e-mail address, home address, story word count, and story title. In addition, people should include a brief biography about themselves as well as their publishing history plus any other relevant information.

Full submission guidelines are detailed here, and the FAQs page is here.

The Temporal Logbook will feature one story per Doctor, and the successful authors will each receive one complimentary copy of it. Pencil Tip says that it is "tentatively aiming" to publish the book in late-2014.

Yesterday, it was announced that the editors of the compendium will be Rob Mammone, Bob Furnell and Jez Strickley.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
A book that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the era of the Seventh Doctor is to be brought out in July 2014 by Miwk Publishing, with the authors' profits going to the Alzheimer's Society.

Wallowing In Our Own Weltschmerz is being written by Andy Davidson, Chris Orton, Andrew Orton, Steven Duckworth, Robert Hammond and Matthew West – a fanzine collection of writers known as "Auton" – with the cover designed by Andrew Orton.

Doctor Who is now in its 51st year and enjoying its 12th/13th/14th/latest of many actors to take on the lead role. Every era is different, each actor brings their own style to the role, each producer and script editor makes their mark and probably Sylvester McCoy's era is one of the most divisive among fandom. It's a dynamic three years blowing cobwebs off the memory of recent cancellation. The Doctor and the series develop over 47 episodes until finally, sadly, just as things are on the up, the show is cancelled again. The Auton guide to the stories behind the Seventh Doctor's era answers all the questions fans haven't been asking:
  • Cleaning Robots: What can you actually clean with a drill and a saw blade? We tried.
  • Who built the Rani's lair? How long did it take?
  • Harry's 70+ – How old is his wife if she's having twins in a few weeks?
  • Why is the Psychic Circus so-called?
  • Why do Rezzies eat Kangs when they've got a ready supply of teacakes, crumpets, muffin, basil and fresh cream?
  • Now that we have a "Special Weapons" Dalek, should we relabel all the other Daleks?
  • And how did Delta fit into Mel's dress?
We worry about these things so you don't have to. It's been a long time since Auton visited Doctor Who. Aided by the illustrations of Andy X Cable, it's time to get it out of our system.

Build high for happiness.
"Auton" dates back to 1989 and since then has produced "nineteen and a half" fanzines and two books.

(Editor's note: "Weltschmerz" is German for "world-weariness".)

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