As we approach the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, revisit the story of Doctor Who, the occasional series written for the 50th Anniversary, explaining the origins of the programme.

Episode 4 - An Unearthly Series - The Origins of a TV Legend: First published 25 Jul 2012

BAFTA Cymru nominationsBookmark and Share

Sunday, 8 April 2007 - Reported by Anthony Weight

icWales reports that Doctor Who and its BBC Three spin-off seriesTorchwood have between them earned 21 nominations at the BAFTA Cymru Awards. The awards, given by the Welsh branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, celebrate achievements by film and television productions produced in Wales. Doctor Who won the Best Drama Series category at the same ceremony last year, where the show also won several other categories including Best Director and an Oustanding Contribution to Network Television Award was given to Russell T Davies.

This year, both Doctor Who and Torchwood are nominated in the Drama Series category, with David Tennant andJohn Barrowman nominated for the Best Actor award and Billie Piper and Eve Myles both in the running in the Best Actress category.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Cardiff later this month.

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Doctor Who nominated for three HugosBookmark and Share

Thursday, 29 March 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson
The Stage and Paul Cornell are reporting the nominations for the Hugo Awards 2007. Doctor Who is nominated three times in the "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" category, which the programme won last year with The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

This year, the episodes nominated are Army of Ghosts/DoomsdayThe Girl in the Fireplace and School Reunion.

The other two nominations in this category are episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1.

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Bafta Craft Awards nominationsBookmark and Share

Monday, 26 March 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive

Last year's series of Doctor Who has been nominated twice in the Bafta Television Craft Awards.

Crispin Green is up for an honour in the Editing: Fiction/Entertainment category, while The Mill has been put forward for recognition in the Visual Effects section.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at The Dorchester hotel in London on April 22.

Last year, the show was nominated for four craft awards but didn't win any, although Mike Tucker, who was in charge of the model effects, was in the team that scooped the gong for Best Visual Effects for the BBC1 drama/documentary Hiroshima.

(Thanks to Neil Marsh.)

POSTSCRIPT: As well as Doctor Who being nominated, The Model Unit, run by Mike Tucker, is also in line for an award for its visual effects work on Krakatoa: The Last Days, while Neill Gorton is nominated, alongside Vanessa White, for make-up and hair design on The Catherine Tate Show.

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Friday Night RatingsBookmark and Share

Monday, 26 March 2007 - Reported by Marcus
The ratings for the Friday night repeats of Series Two came to a peak last week with the climax of the series, Doomsday, being watched by half a million people.

This was enough to make Doctor Who the fourth most watched programme on Multi Channel Television for the day.

Full details for the repeat run are shown below

Episode 1 : 02-Feb : 1931 - 309,000 - 2.0%
Episode 2 : 09-Feb : 1930 - 340,000 - 1.8%
Episode 3 : 09-Feb : 2016 - 409,000 - 2.1%
Episode 4 : 16-Feb : 1930 - 381,000 - 2.2%
Episode 5 : 16-Feb : 2016 - 322,000 - 1.8%
Episode 6 : 23-Feb : 1930 - 264,000 - 1.5%
Episode 7 : 23-Feb : 2016 - 412,000 - 2.3%
Episode 8 : 02-Mar : 1930 - 269,000 - 1.5%
Episode 9 : 02-Mar : 2016 - 396,000 - 1.5%
Episode 10 : 09-Mar : 1930 - 132,700 - 0.7%
Episode 11 : 16-Mar : 2015 - 152,800 - 0.8%
Episode 12 : 23-Mar : 1930 - 353,500 - 2.1%
Episode 13 : 23-Mar : 2015 - 503,300 - 2.9%

Overall the series averaged 330,000 viewers throughout its run.

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Canada: CBC Ratings UpdateBookmark and Share

Monday, 26 March 2007 - Reported by Mike Doran

Ratings are finally in for the final two episodes of Series Two on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. On Monday February 12th a total of 643 000 viewers tuned in to watch Army of Ghosts. Monday February 19th saw 458 000 viewers tuning in to watch the series finale Doomsday.

No ratings were available for Fear Her which was broadcast back on February 5th.

(With thanks to Rod Mammitzsch and DWIN)

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Script up for auctionBookmark and Share

Monday, 19 March 2007 - Reported by Marcus
David Tennant's script from the Series Two episode The Satan Pit is being auctioned for charity on Wednesday 28th March.

The script has been signed by Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies, and all proceeds will go to the PTA of a primary school supported by Tennant.

The auction will take place at the John Nicholson Auction Rooms in Surrey.

There is a reserve price of 1,000 pounds on this item. The lot number is 421.


John Nicholson Auctioneers
The Auction Rooms,
Midhurst Road
GU27 3HA


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Canada: Fear Her Delayed One Week on CBCBookmark and Share

Monday, 29 January 2007 - Reported by Mike Doran
The broadcast of the David Tennant episode Fear Her originally scheduled for tonight on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is being delayed one week due to the broadcast of a live event. The broadcast of Ken Dryden's Jersey Retirement Ceremony live from Montreal conflicts with Doctor Who's time slot in Atlantic Canada and if it runs longer than scheduled could also affect the broadcast of the show in Quebec and Ontario. Due to this conflict the CBC will air a repeat of New Earth this evening. Fear Her will now air on February 5th.

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Canada: CBC Ratings UpdateBookmark and Share

Friday, 26 January 2007 - Reported by Mike Doran
Doctor Who returned to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday January 15th, 2007 with the broadcast of The Satan Pit at 8:00pm. Up against The Golden Globe Awards and night two of the season premiere of24 a total of 516 000 viewers tuned in to watch the return of the series after a Christmas break. This was down slightly from the season high 536 000 who watched The Impossible Planet back on December 5th, 2006.

Monday January 22nd, 2007 saw a total of 388 000 viewers tuning into the CBC to watch Love & Monsters. Competition for Doctor Who varies by timezone but included the return of Prison BreakCorner Gas24 and the premiere of the second half of the first series of Heroes.

(With thanks to Rod Mammitzsch and DWIN)

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The Doctor and Ardal in CanadaBookmark and Share

Saturday, 20 January 2007 - Reported by DWNP Archive
The Ottawa Citizen takes an extensive look at the release of Series Two on DVD in Canada.

In his piece, Chris Knight explains why exactly the show has appealed to the Canadian frame of mind.

The article concludes by looking at the DVD release in Canada of the first season of BBC sitcom My Hero, starring Ardal O'Hanlon, who plays the character Brannigan in episode three of Series Three.

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BBC Online Drama Awards - clean sweep for Dr WhoBookmark and Share

Monday, 15 January 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson

The results have been published for the BBC website's Best Drama Awards for 2006. The awards have been comprehensively won by Doctor Who, where it won each category with a clear majority of votes cast. The site features quotes from voters and video clips. The votes are revealed over a number of pages, but are summarised below.

Best Drama:

1: Doctor Who (31.33%)
2: Robin Hood (19.38%)
3: Jane Eyre (12.08%)
4: Life on Mars (6.37%)
5: Holby City (5.29%)

Best Actor:

1: David Tennant (39.96%)
2: Jonas Armstrong (13.25%)
3: Toby Stephens (10.49%)
4: Richard Armitage (4.97%)
5: John Simm (3.09%)

Best Actress:

1: Billie Piper (42.74%)
2: Ruth Wilson (16.01%)
3: Lucy Griffiths (11.03%)
4: Amanda Mealing (5.65%)
5: Lacey Turner (2.69%)

Favourite Moment:

1: Rose's exit [Doctor Who] (27.25%)
2: Jane and Rochester's Reunion [Jane Eyre] (4.11%)
3: Daleks v Cybermen [Doctor Who] (4.08%)
4: Ruth's exit [Spooks] (2.49%)
5: Robin hears Marian accepting Guy's proposal [Robin Hood] (2.05%)

Best Drama Website:

1: Doctor Who (36.90%)
2: Robin Hood (18.17%)
3: Spooks (6.79%)
4: EastEnders (6.70%)
5: Torchwood (6.45%)

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