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Sunday, 10 December 2023 - Reported by Marcus

The Giggle:  (Credit: BBC Studios (Alistair Heap))Reaction to the final Doctor Who special starring David Tennant as Doctor Number 14, The Giggle, is overwhelmingly positive with many praising the episode that saw the return of the Toymaker and the introduction of new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa.

The Evening Standard described the episode as one of the best ever

Social media satire, a killing spree to the Spice Girls and a Doctor literally coming apart at the seams... This was genuinely brilliant and thrillingly unpredictable TV

For the I it was a return to form for the series under Russel T Davies's leadership with Ncuti Gatwa showing the role of the Doctor is in safe hands

It has been a long time since Doctor Who has felt this exciting, this funny, this rich, this camp, this smart, this scary, this, well, sublime.  Ncuti Gatwa’s charismatic new Doctor, who made his debut tonight, suggests the future is bright for the sci-fi series.

Collider also paid tribute to the returning showrunner

The Giggle, is Davies at his best. This episode is both terrifying and hilarious. It's heart-pounding and emotional to watch the Doctor face his oldest adversary while he fights to protect the people of Earth that he can't help but love despite never being able to say the words

For The Telegraph the episode was a magical trip across the Whoniverse. 

This was always going to be a moving finale. It’s marvellous to have Tennant back – and we may see him again. But, as seen in that prolonged glimpse of Gatwa’s new Doctor, more exciting times really do seem to be afoot. Roll on Christmas Day.

For the Guardian, one standout performance was that of Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker, a character returning to the series after 57 years.

It was no surprise, though, that Neil Patrick Harris was a scene-stealing romp, revelling in silly accents, closeup card magic and imaginative cruelty.

Den of Geek lamented the departure of the Fourteenth Doctor, paying tribute to returning actor David Tennant.

The bursts of fury, the moments of melancholia, the hugging, the brainy specs… If this really is the last time Tennant ever dons the skinny suit, these three specials might be the most triumphant final appearance of any Doctor to date. 

And Games Radar paid tribute to Catherine Tate, returning as Donna Noble

Donna has also aged, but she's only grown warmer, wiser, and more determined. A scene where she faces off against one of the Toymaker's traps is laugh out loud funny as she unflappably deals with a monster in a wonderfully straightforward way.

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Doctor Who returns for a Christmas Day special and a new series in 2024

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