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Monday, 17 October 2022 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella (Credit: Lovarzi)

Lovarzi has announced a new addition to their range of Doctor Who merchandise: the Seventh Doctor's umbrella!


The faithful replica of the Doctor’s question mark umbrella has a large 42-inch black canopy across a strong metal frame with fibreglass shaft and handle – making it strong enough to withstand the wind, rain, and snow of Ice World, Terra Alpha, or plain old Earth…

It comes with a specially designed sleeve emblazoned with red question marks, so it can stay safe and dry, perfect for collectors, cosplayers, casual fans, and everything in between.

The umbrella certainly came in handy: it saved him from a fall in Dragonfire; highlighted his enigmatic persona with that question mark handle; and showed off his cool side as he sauntered away from the Greatest Show in the Galaxy, calmly twirling his brolly beside him as the Psychic Circus exploded!



The Seventh Doctor Umbrella will be available to order from Lovarzi, and they have provided a mailing list for further infomation on its release, which includes a 5% off offer.



The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella (Credit: Lovarzi) The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella (Credit: Lovarzi)