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Thursday, 7 January 2021 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 560 (Credit: Panini)

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 560 is now on sale celebrating 50 years of the Master

Highlights of the issue include:

  • The results of the World Cup of the Master – a Twitter tournament to decide the renegade Time Lord’s greatest stories.

  • Current Master Sacha Dhawan answers questions from the TARDIS Tin.

  • On set with Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson as they recreate some classic 1980s Doctor Who for the new Channel 4 drama It’s a Sin.

  • Olly Alexander, who stars in It’s a Sin, tells DWM about working with the Daleks.

  • Interviews with three of the actors who appeared in Resurrection of the Daleks: John Adam-Baker, Sneh Gupta and Nigel Tisdall.

  • Patrick Mulkern accompanies Katy Manning and John Levene on a return visit to Aldbourne, nearly 50 years after the filming of The Dæmons.

  • A solution to the mystery surrounding the 1973 episode that marked Roger Delgado’s final appearance as the Master.

  • An exclusive preview of the Season 8 Blu-ray box set.

  • DWM’s review of the New Year’s Day Special, Revolution of the Daleks. 

  • The Fact of Fiction analyses the 1999 Comic Relief Special The Curse of Fatal Death.

  • The DWM Christmas Quiz answers.

  • The second part of The White Dragon, a new comic-strip adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor.

  • Previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, The Blogs of Doom and more.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 560 is on sale from Thursday 7 January

£5.99 (UK)