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Saturday, 7 March 2020 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Hero Collector has launched the newest entries in its range of Doctor Who Chibi merchandise: fun pin badges and socks, decorated with chibi-style Doctor Who art.

Hero Collector designs, manufacturers, and publishers of high-quality collectables from across the worlds of pop culture. They already offer pin badges for each incarnation of The Doctor, from William Hartnell's first incarnation to Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. Now the darker side of the Doctor’s adventures is coming out to play, with almost a dozen iconic monsters captured as chibi-style metal pin badges!

Fans can collect a relentless Cyberman, reptilian Ice Warrior, diminutive Sontaran, wide-eyed Slitheen, terrifying Weeping Angel, ominous Ood, cold-hearted Snowman, an eerie Silent, and three different designs of Dalek.

These badges can be collected individually or as part of three new box sets, collecting Classic Doctors, Modern Doctors, and Monsters. Each design makes a perfect addition to any outfit – even better than a decorative stick of celery…

Plus, fans looking to add a little menace to their footwear can grab three new pairs of Doctor Who Chibi socks – the Cybermen, Daleks, or Weeping Angels decorate these sinister socks, which are 80% cotton and equal parts scary and soft!

These new Chibi Pin Badges and Chibi Monster Socks are all available exclusively on the Hero Collector webstore.

Pin Badges retail at £5.99, or £34.99 in a3 seven-badge box set. Socks retail at £4.99, or £11.99 in a three-pair set.

Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )
Doctor Who Chibi  (Credit: Hero Collector )