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Monday, 13 January 2020 - Reported by Marcus
Spyfall: Ada Lovelace (Sylvie Briggs), Charles Babbage (Mark Dexter), The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) (Credit: BBC Studios (Ben Blackall))
The first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, Spyfall, had an official rating of 6.89 million viewers, according to figures released by the Broadcasting Research Audience Board, BARB. The conclusion of the story, shown four days later on BBC One had 6.07 million viewers.

The ratings were considerably higher than the initial overnight figure and makes the two episodes the 4th and 6th most watched on BBC Television for the week and the 8th and 16th across all television.

For Spyfall, Part One 6.70 million watched the episode on a conventional TV set. However the BARB 4-Screen Dashboard shows that an additional 101,000 watched on their PC, 49,000 watched on a Tablet device and 27,000 watched on a smartphone.

For Spyfall, Part Two 5.91 million watched the episode on a conventional TV set with an additional 85,000 watched on their PC, 46,000 watched on a Tablet device and 34,000 watched on a smartphone.

The ratings are down on the opening years of last season but are scoring higher than Series 10

Top for the week was the New Year Fireworks on BBC One getting 10.84 million watching, 2 million down on last year.

Each episode of Skyfall had an Appreciation Index score of 82

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