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Monday, 28 October 2019 - Reported by Marcus
The Unofficial Master Annual (Credit: Terraqueous Distributors)
A new fan production, celebrating the Doctor's greatest enemy, The Master, is planned by Terraqueous Distributors

The Master is the Anti-hero. Sometimes saving people, not because of compassion or moral values, but because it suits whatever agenda he has.

Of course, he can also be the villain - he's very good at that, and remember that meddlesome Doctor isn't around - and that's when villains come out on top.

The cover is a tribute to the original William Hartnell annual, recreated by artist Paul Cooke. Terraqueos said:
With the cover, we wanted to make it clear that the Doctor isn't around - this is not his annual. Fans of the classic annuals will notice that there are a few empty spaces, those spaces will be filled by characters from the stories within the annual, as the project progresses.
If you would like to contribute to the unofficial Master annual, please visit the Terraqueous Distributors facebook group for information on how you can contribute.