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Thursday, 6 April 2017 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Doctor Who Magazine issue 511 (bag) (Credit: DWM)
Doctor Who Magazine issue 511 (Credit: DWM)
The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out today, and focusses on the latest sidekick to enter the TARDIS!

Speaking of her début in the show, Pearl Mackie said:
Every day. I have about a million different emotions. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m full of anticipation, really. Probably the same as most of the fans. Also, we’re still filming at the moment – we’re wrapping up the series so I’m trying to fit in all those emotions between, like, learning my lines. Which is fun. And a bit mad.

Bill is very inquisitive, but she’s also very, very real and very human, so she does ask those kinds of questions – about him having two hearts, and where the toilet is in the TARDIS, and she says the TARDIS looks like a kitchen because it’s all shiny. She’s not, like, a sci-fi veteran. She likes sci-fi, but in her head it’s very ‘fi’; it’s completely fictional, and then she’s thrown into this amazing world where actually it’s all real and everything – anything – is possible. For something who’s human and 100% of this Earth, it’s completely mind-blowing.

Also inside this issue...
  • MEET THE TEAM FOR 2017! In his exclusive column, showrunner Steven Moffat introduces the team of writers for the 2017 series.
  • NEW SERIES PREVIEWS! Exclusive previews of the first three episodes of the new series: The Pilot, Smile, and Thin Ice, including interviews with the writers.
  • MEET THE PRODUCERS! We get the lowdown on the new series from Doctor Who’s two producers, Peter Bennett and Nikki Wilson.
  • DOORWAY TO HELL! Our brand-new comic strip reaches its climax in Part Four of Doorway to Hell, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.
  • THIS IS TERMINUS! This issue’s Fact of Fiction explores the 1983 story which sees the Doctor arrive on Terminus, where suffers from Lazar’s disease go to die...
  • THE CURSE OF THE BLACK SPOT! The Doctor, Amy and Rory board a seventeenth-century pirate ship, as the Time Team continue their mission to watch every episode of Doctor Who.
  • REVIEWS: DWM reviews the latest audio and DVD releases from the world of Doctor Who.
  • COMING SOON: Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.

PLUS! All the latest official news, competitions, the DWM crossword, and a FREE MASSIVE DOUBLE-SIDED POSTER!

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