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Monday, 23 January 2017 - Reported by Marcus
Pseudoscope Publishing is seeking submissions for the upcoming Time Shadows 2 short-story anthology to raise money for for charity.

Time Shadows 2 follows 2016’s successful Time Shadows which has already raised nearly $900 for the Enable Community Foundation. The book is edited by Stephen Hatcher (Time Shadows, Myth Makers, Short Trips), with Associate Editors Matt Grady (Time Shadows, Myth Makers, Short Trips) and John Davies (Time Shadows, Celestial Toyroom, Blake’s Heaven)
Time Shadows 2 Doctor Who short-story anthology

Over 2,000 years, the Doctor has worn many faces and led many lives. He has confronted some of the most dangerous creatures in the universe, and fought the demons that lurk within his own soul. Some fights he was won. Others have left his hearts broken.

The Doctor has held the Key to Time in his hands, and wielded a weapon that ended billions of lives in a single Moment. But he has also stopped to comfort a crying child, argued the virtue of a well-prepared meal, fallen in love, and experienced cities made of song.

An impossible man living an impossible life, running away from responsibility and into danger.

The stories of Time Shadows 2 will explore the past actions and future consequences of the Doctor, his friends and his enemies, and reflect on how they lived to fight another day.
The deadline for outlines for Time Shadows 2 is February 28, 2017. Submission guidelines available at the Pseudoscope Publishing website

Commissioned writers will receive a printed contributor’s copy of the anthology.