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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 - Reported by Marcus
Class - Ep4 - Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Ram (FADY ELSAYED), April (SOPHIE HOPKINS) (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgeway)Class Episode Three, Nightvisiting, had an audience of 0.84 million viewers for its debut on BBC One, according the unofficial overnight figures, a share of 9% of the total TV audience.

Although the ratings are slightly down on last week, the series did managed to rate higher than the other four main channels, with Newsnight on BBC Two getting 0.67 million and Through the Keyhole on ITV getting 0.61 million.

Episode Four, Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart, which followed at 11.30pm had an audience of 0.28 million, a share of 5.1%. This episode was beaten by Tattoo Fixers on Channel 4 with 0.45 million and by Celebrity Big Brother on Five, with 0.42 million.

Class has been available on the BBC Three online channel since October. Last weeks transmission of Episodes 1 and 2 had Audience Appreciations figure of 70 and 71 respectivally.

Official consolidated figures will be available in two weeks time.

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