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Wednesday, 7 December 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Space Helmet for a Cow II (Credit: Mad Norwegian Press)Mad Norwegian Press have published the second volume of Space Helmet for a Cow - The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who, and Doctor Who News is pleased to offer readers an exclusive extract from the book.

In Space Helmet for a Cow 2, award-winning writer Paul Kirkley (Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Times, SFX) continues his witty and irreverent history of Doctor Who, from the wilderness years of the 1990s – when the 30th anniversary special was so bad, it didn’t even go straight to video – to its triumphant 50th birthday celebrations, when every single person in the world sat down to watch Doctor Who together. (Except Christopher Eccleston, who was busy.)

From Hugo Award-winning publisher Mad Norwegian Press, it’s the book that answers such burning questions as: Did Benny and Bjorn from Abba really plan a Torchwood musical called Weevil Rock You? Which Doctors shared a bed? Did Blue Peter and Sad Tony eventually find love? How did David Tennant become his own son-in-law? And was there really a sequel to Carnival of Monsters at Wembley Arena, or did we dream it?

Thanks to Mad Norwegian Press Doctor Who News is able to offer a free download of a complete section of the book, dealing with the years 1990-2003. At 25,000+ words, this is a comprehensive guide to Doctor Who’s “wilderness years” - with jokes - that also works as a standalone read in itself.

The full version of Space Helmet for a Cow 2: The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who (1990-2013) can be purchased from Amazon. UK US CA DE