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Thursday, 24 November 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Warlord Games have released details on their new range of Doctor Who minatures and the game Into The Time Vortex:

Last year we announced that Warlord Games had secured the licence to produce a miniatures game based on the BBC’s enormously popular TV series, Doctor Who. Since then we’ve been tirelessly researching episodes both old and new, sculpting miniatures and working back and forth with the BBC to ensure the results are completely authentic.

Our licence covers not just the latest series of Doctor Who but encompasses all of the Doctors, their companions and their foes, spanning more than fifty years - so look out for long scarves and jelly babies as well as Sonic Sunglasses!

The first releases are now available, with lots more on the way. The models are high quality pewter castings, officially approved by the BBC. Our forthcoming range will also include plastic Daleks, Cybermen and UNIT troopers, as well as many more pewter figures.


  • Warlord Games: Tenth Doctor and Companions (Credit: Warlord Games)10th Doctor and Companions five figure pewter set
    Consisting of: The 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott
    Warlord Games: Tenth Doctor and Companions (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)
  • Warlord Games: Twelfth Doctor and Companions (Credit: Warlord Games)12th Doctor and Companions five figure pewter set
    Consisting of: The 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Strax, Jenny and Madame Vastra
    Warlord Games: Twelfth Doctor and Companions (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)
  • Warlord Games: Judoon (Credit: Warlord Games)Judoon three figure pewter set
    Warlord Games: Judoon (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)
  • Warlord Games: The Silence (Credit: Warlord Games)The Silence three figure pewter set
    Warlord Games: The Silence (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)
  • Warlord Games: Zygons (Credit: Warlord Games)Zygon two figure pewter set
    Warlord Games: Zygons (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)


Our first game, Into The time Vortex, will be released in early 2017 and will feature Daleks V Cybermen. The Doctor and his various companions all have a role in setting the scenario, objectives and the special rules for the game. Additional releases introduce many of the Doctor’s foes and allies, each with their own unique characteristics.

The gameplay allows for three different levels of play, ranging from the harsh environment of the Battle, through the world of the Adventure and finally allowing you to take part in an Episode. Each level of play has its own challenges, as dictated by eight scenarios that come with the game. The Doctor and his companions all have key roles in the scenarios and have their own rules that add to the experience. The rules booklets are simple to use. The basic game uses Battle cards that can be played to enhance your own plans or thwart those of your enemies. There are also clearly laid out Faction Recruitment cards that detail the forces being used, their individual weapons and abilities, plus generic and character specific Adventure cards that may be used to create more advanced versions of the game. In addition, a set of Event cards can be found in the box, providing the means to weld all the aspects of the game together and take part in the type of adventures that make the TV programme what it is.

Warlord Games: Cybermen figures (Credit: Warlord Games)The initial release consists of everything you need to play, including specially created plastic miniatures of two of The Doctor’s iconic foes, the Daleks and the Cybermen. There are 12 ‘snap fit’ miniatures for each of these factions, plus the Cybermen sprue includes six Cybernates that can aid their larger brethren. Of course, no Doctor Who based game is complete without The Doctor himself, so you will also find a miniature of the 12th Doctor, ready to take part in the action.

One boxed set, three ways to play! But that’s not all, as there are a number of further releases planned which will add more miniatures, cards and opportunities to gain victory over your opponent. New factions, Companions and additional Doctors will become available over time, so the game can keep growing, as will your collection of finely crafted pewter and plastic heroes and villains.

More details can be found via the dedicated Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex website.


  • Warlord Games: Cybermen Collectors Set (cover) (Credit: Warlord Games)Cyberman ten figure pewter set. This release, to mark the 50th Anniversary of The Cybermen, will feature 10 key designs from over the years.
  • The Ninth Doctor and Companions pewter set
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Companions pewter set
  • Voyage of the Damned Pewter set
  • The Dominators pewter set
  • The Vervoids pewter set
  • The Ogrons pewter set
  • Cybermen plastic boxed set
  • Daleks plastic boxed set


To be in with a chance to win a set of the first five releases courtesy of Warlord Games, simply answer the following question:
Name the televised Doctor Who episode which featured an all-out battle between the Daleks and the Cybermen.
Please send your answers along with your name, address and where you heard about the competition (news site, news app, other website, etc.) to comp-warlordgames@doctorwhonews.net with the subject "Pest Control". The competition is open worldwide, closing date 11th December 2016. Only one entry per household will be accepted.

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