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Sunday, 27 November 2016 - Reported by Marcus

The Television Director Ken Grieve has died at the age of 74

For Doctor Who Ken Grieve directed the first story of Season 17, Destiny of the Daleks, which saw the reintroduction of the Daleks to the series, after a gap of four years, and the return of Davros. It was the last script wirtten by Dalek creator Terry Nation, altough the story was heavily rewritten by Script Editor Douglas Adams.

Ken Grieve was born in Edinburgh in 1942.

After training as a cameraman, he moved into directing, working on episodes of the soap opera Coronation Street, with 42 episodes to his credit. He directed the location film footage of Manchester used in the Coronation Street opening titles used between 1976 and 1990, which included the first Corrie cat.

As well as Doctor Who his credits include The XYY Man, Buccaneer, Crown Court, Game, Set, and Match, Bergerac, Bugs, Peak Practice, The Bill and the Casualty episode Stormy Weather.

He taught at the National Film School and the Manchester Film School.

Kenneth Grieve died peacefully, on Tuesday, November 15 after a long illness. He is survived by his long-term partner Jane, his four children and three grandchildren.