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Monday, 3 October 2016 - Reported by Marcus

Farsight Studios have released their digital recreation of the 1992 Doctor Who Pinball Machine.

The table has been released for iOS, Google Play, Steam (Mac/Windows), Mac App Store, Amazon and Ouya. The table is inspired by the TV series and features the original Doctor Who theme song, TARDIS, Doctors, companions, and villains from the series.

The digital version of the table was produced after a Kickstarter campaign raised over $56,000, enough to purchase the the licences allowing Farsight studios to develop the replica of the machine.

The innovative game, designed by Barry Oursler and Bill Pfutzenreuter, tasks the player with rescuing each of the original 7 Doctors from the Master, each one adding a new dimension to the ruleset. Multiball is played via a 3 level "Time Expander" mini playfield that raises up to reveal more targets, allowing players to defeat Davros and his Daleks and restore Earth's time to normal.

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